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I’ve only started blogging recently and is still quite new at it. But now that I’m part of the blogosphere, I have no regrets. I’ve met so many great people, bloggers and readers alike, which is why I’m always thankful whenever I get to participate in blogger events such as the recently concluded Bloggers United Bazaar. To the people who were able to drop by, thank you! You made all the stress, painful heels (my feet have just recovered haha), heat and all the other hasslepuffs worth it! I still can’t believe it whenever girls (and boys) approach me to say I’ve inspired them. Never have I thought in a million years that I can one day serve as an inspiration to someone I haven’t met and personally known. I still can’t believe it actually, false humility aside. On a lighter note, most popular comment goes to “you’re soooo tall!!!”, runner-up is “you’re prettier in person!” In short, I shall tell my lovely household help (who I fondly call “Erlindol”, a play I made on her name, Erlinda. It’s my term of endearment for her haha!) that she should make me look pretty and tall in pictures! Haha! (Erlindol, galingan mo!)

Anyway, enough of my nonsense. For those who weren’t able to go, there’s always a next time. I can’t wait to meet you! For now, enjoy the photos! :)

Photo stolen (yes stolen haha) from Patricia. Kuya from Malayan Plaza Hotel undoubtedly having a hard time managing just half of the stuff I brought to sell. Kuya, I’m so sorry I brought my whole house!

Photo (not stolen) from Raleene. This is me with just a few of the shoes I was selling. This was taken early afternoon and more than half the shoes were already sold. Yay!

You see the girl holding the plastic bags? Meet Erlinda a.k.a. Erlindol/Tenderloin/Tibs (the term of endearment our other household help gave her)/my amazing Lookbook photographer. The other busy bee beside her in a floral top is my sister, Charlotte a.k.a. the brains behind Coexist/my financial adviser/my no.1 supporter.

Shoppers at my booth. Yay! I was selling clothes for 3 for P150, 3 for P250 and 3 for P500. Crazy cheap! Kudos to whoever got AX, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Club Marc and other branded goodies hidden under the huge pile of clothes! I told you, patience is key!

Cute buyer (with a cute outfit on too) with our ribbon headbands. :) Check out her background: lots of shoppers in our booth! Woohoo!

My lovely booth partner, Laureen. Sorry for taking up so much space!

Our neighbor Kryz. :) Cutee patuteeee!

Another neighbor, Raleene, who is also 1/2 of  The Walkie Talkies. You made me cry with your Bruno Mars rendition!

Some more neighbors, 3 of the Gondo Girls: Tricia, Dominique and Feanne. I really thought they formed a band. I only found out that day that it was an April fool’s joke! Goodness. I’m so gullible.

(L-R): Laureen, Kryz, Raleene, me, Patricia. (Photo by Nikki Ruiz)

The amazing home-baked goodies from Sophie’s Mom! They sell everything from cookies, to cupcakes to cakes to mochi icecream and mochi truffles! Would you believe this is the work of 13 and 16 year old girls? And this is their first bazaar EVER! Those 2 will go far! (Photo from Sophie’s Mom)

Kryz, Laureen and I going gaga over the mochi truffles. (Photo from Sophie’s Mom)

Bloggers United cookies from Sophie’s Mom. Ordered a dozen of their mochi icecream. I’m ordering some more! Maybe some of their cookies too! Thank you Sophia and Steffi Ramos! :) (Photo from Sophie’s Mom)

Memories from the event! The photo on the left is a gift from my reader, Toni. Thank you so so so much. I was really touched that you made this for me. It’s people like you who inspire me to keep blogging. I hope you get a high grade for your project! The photo on the right is a photo of Laureen, Kryz and I at the Close-up booth. I love these girls!

To the Bloggers United team, Aisa, Melai and Ana, you girls rock! I hope we have a part 2!

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  1. Tasha D.

    I wish we’ll get MORE photos from the BU3 bazaar tomorrow! Document everything that’s going to happen! MORE as in like 200 photos! haha! :P

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