Forever Young

This might be the reason why I always get mistaken for an 18 year old.

Coexist “Wendy” dress

I’ve always been fond of this dress. I think, among all our RTW designs, this is one of the most under-appreciated ones. Most people shy away from it because they feel it’s too cutesy, but I think it’s quite charming really–the peter pan collar, the big black buttons, the unique print. There’s something old school about it, ala 50s.

If you want one, you’re in luck because we still have a few left and they’re currently on sale. We’re selling them at P950 only.

Thundersmack Shop peace connector ring

For more connector rings like mine, visit Thundersmack Shop’s Facebook Page and Tumblr.

Holic Accessories cord bracelets

Candie’s shoes

Hype this look on here.

6 Responses to “Forever Young”
  1. Yeoo

    Cute!! I like the dress and the shoes. I want to take home the shoes. Hehe

  2. Steph Sison

    Oh my, You only look like 18 here.. No kidding.. Forever young talaga..

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