It’s All About Mango

So I had a shoot for Sense and Style Magazine last week and look what i decided to wear–Mango! At that time, I didn’t know Mango had an ongoing contest for Lookbook bloggers. Lucky me! Since I’m already in Mango, I might as well try my luck. I’m practically wearing Mango everyday, especially now that I’m doing, not one, but two Mango projects. I really hope I get chosen. How cool would that be? That someone (or two, *wink wink*) from our country gets in? It would be an honor to show Barcelona what we have to offer! Decked out in no less than Mango, of course! It would be a dream come true–classic girl from a small town kind of story. And did I mention that the winner gets to donate $10,000 to her chosen charity too? It would help a lot of our country’s less fortunate, especially those that got affected by the recent typhoon. And I heard another one is on its way. Imagine what $10,000 can do.

Mango sheer top | Coexist shorts

Aldo necklace

H&M stacked rings | SM Accessories crystal ring and gold pearl ring

Brian Atwood shoes

HELP ME WIN BY HYPING THIS LOOK ON LOOKBOOK.NU HERE. If you don’t have a Lookbook account, help me spread the word please? Twitter? Facebook? :) Out of love? :)

I know it’s a long shot, but at least I gave it a try. :)

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