Afternoon Tea

I’m probably off to an afternoon tea with the ladies or to a meeting with Blair Waldorf, whichever suits your fancy. Haha!

The Ramp cape | Nectar dress  

Topshop shoes

This ensemble can easily look boring and old but with the right mix of colors, it can look young and fresh as well.

SM Accessories old rose-colored necklaces (2)

Marc Jacobs clutch | Mia Casa pink bracelet (left) | Extreme Finds bracelets (right) | Gifts Ahoy pink ring

Prada pink sunnies

Putting your hair up in a neat ponytail keeps your look clean and simple.

Goody pony pouf

If you’ve got thin and fine hair like mine, pony pouf from Goody is your friend. Just follow the instructions on its box and you can easily add volume to your ponytail.

Hype this look on here.

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5 Responses to “Afternoon Tea”
  1. Rachelle

    Hi Ms. Camille! this question is out of the topic but can i still ask it?
    I really just want to know your opinion to which you think is best to wear in a lunch out with your special someone and his family. a dress or blouse and jeans? thank you so much!
    More power to you! God bless!♥ :)

    • itscamilleco

      Depends where it is :) I think your boyfriend will know best what his family prefers. I personally prefer Sunday dresses :)

      • Rachelle

        thank you so much Ms. Camille!!!
        it really helps me! I’m actually a fan of dress too! thank you again!!!more power to you!
        (my reply is bit late though thanks a lot :) )

  2. Tasha D.

    you look so Madam here! haha! lavet! Do you shave your legs? or did you get laser hair removal? Probably it’s all just natural that you don’t have much hair on your legs and arms?

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