December 8, 2011, day before my trip to Cebu:

Kryz to me: “Cams, no blogger wear tomorrow, okay? Super chill and casual only!”

Me: “Yes, I’m in college girl attire.”

Kryz and I savor moments like this when Laureen isn’t around because she’s always in heels. If we don’t dress up, we risk ending up looking like her P.A. haha!

So anyway, meet 16 year old Camille. (How I wish I really am sweet 16!)

Goody spin pins (hair)

Topshop sweater | Pinkaholic denim shorts with hearts and pearls I River Island belt

Basic Bags Manila yellow satchel | Holic Accessories bracelets | Gifts Ahoy headphones ring | Michael Kors watch

Tutum shoes

Hype this look on here.

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  1. Steph Sison

    I thought I’ll see you in your bikini.. :) I’ll read every entries til I reach your very first post.

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