High Contrast

Cardigans have a tendency to look too dropped on some people, especially if you have narrow shoulders. So if you see a cardigan with shoulder pads, even thin ones like my leopard-print cardigan, grab them!

The Closet Goddess leopard cardigan | Korean Rose striped sheer top | H&M leather shorts

Zara belt

Mia Casa necklace

Love Eyecandy orange bangles | Forever 21 printed bangles

Gifts Ahoy ring

Givenchy bag

From Hong Kong socks | Michael Antonio wedges

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For this look, I played around with contrasting pieces. And when it comes to high contrast, black and white is number 1. To push the look further, I added some brights in between. Of course, I made sure there’s a touch of orange everywhere (bag, shoes, accessories). As you can see, my addiction to the color hasn’t died down yet. It probably won’t happen any time soon!

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  1. Areej Lu & Kim Silva

    Hi, Camille! My mate, Kimberly Silva, loves you so much! And she’s influenced me. :DDD WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Why are you freaking gorgeous? Give us some of ur skin please. Lol. Take care! Keep on posting! :D

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