Off Duty

Finally, after months and months of waiting, my crochet dress from Emma O. Clothing has finally arrived. This isn’t your ordinary crochet dress. All of Emma O. Clothing’s crochet items are handmade in South Africa. The sales from these items help families in both South Africa and Zimbabwe. Isn’t that wonderful? This isn’t just about fashion. With every item you buy from Emma O. Clothing, you get to help an underprivileged kid go to school and make a brighter future. Emma O. Clothing kind of reminds me of our local Rags2Riches and the well-known brand TOMS. It makes me feel so happy that more and more people are doing their part to help. Do your part as well! Emma O. Clothing ships worldwide so you can take part in this great endeavor too! Help a little kid or two why don’t you! :)

As part of Emma’s efforts to spread the word, I’ve been seeing quite a lot of support from fellow bloggers. A lot of them have been rocking their crochet pieces so I’m sure you can already see how versatile these crochet pieces can be. Here’s another way to style a crochet dress.

A little bit raw and undone–that’s what I was going for. I wanted to show you just how easy crochet dresses are, even when dressed down. It doesn’t always have to be bohemian or flower child-inspired, there are countless ways to style them!

The stylist in me hates that I forgot my aviator sunnies at home. Sigh. It would’ve looked great with this ensemble! Can you imagine it? :)

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SM Accessories necklace | Goody elastic and pins

Emma O. Clothing crochet dress Luvlicious (Japan) jacket

Five By Five leather cuff H&M bead bracelets | SM Accessories ring and cream bangle

Mulberry bag

Tutum Shop boots


124 Responses to “Off Duty”
  1. Jaztine R.

    hi ms camille!
    love the outfit.. i fell in love with the shoes and very interested to buy one.. just wanted to ask if the Tutum shoes have good quality materials and can be trusted to last?
    tnx! God bless u in your endeavors.. :D

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Jaztine! Well, so far, mine are still in good condition :)

      • Jaztine R.

        kinda stars trucked here.. my fashionista icon just replied.. hehe tnk u ms camille!

  2. Paula Aquino

    I love the way you ‘styled’ it. It’s so sophisticated and not the usual boho look with matching headbands & ripped shorts. haha. genius!

  3. Dindin

    Awwe. I love that jacket. Looks perfect with the crochet dress. :*

  4. jaybel

    wow, never seen a crochet dress styled like this… you are certainly the best :)

  5. Christine

    I love this crochet dress, Ms Camille! and the combination with green jacket and the earthy tone arm candy looks so stylish & laid back! love this outfit! and I can totally imagine this outfit with aviator sunnies! stylish! <3

  6. Isa Reynoso

    OMG! I LOVE the way you styled your crochet dress <3 That jacket is so edgy and I love how it complemented the dress well. In love with your bag and shoes too! :) You always have something new to share as a fashion blogger. Your style is very versatile! <3

  7. Charleen

    tangkad nyo po talaga! :”) ganda as always ms. Camille. :D

  8. ann

    hi there ms.camille.
    i just want to ask how did you buy through luvlicious? i really love the jacket and hopefully can get one too.. :) thanks.

    • itscamilleco

      I got it from their branch in Sogo, Hong Kong :) Long time ago though!

  9. Dheya Suzuki

    this outfit is my ideal one. haha. =)) I like it a lot.

  10. Kaye

    Hi camille! I love this crochet dress on you. It suits you well. What brand and shade of lipstick did you use?

  11. Krys

    The crochet detailing is really beautiful, I can see why you like it. I also like that you styled it with a jacket that has some harder metal detailing in it, it’s a nice contrast without being too out of place. Thanks for sharing and hope you’ve had a lovely week! xx

  12. Sophia

    Awesome!! It has never came to my me that crotchet dresses can be paired like that! I usually do it with cardigan and ballerina flats which gets boring after awhile. Thank you for the tip Ms Camille!

    Hurray for fashion retailers that strive to help the underprivileged and the environment!;) Love your shoes btw!

  13. Corinne

    One of my favourite looks from you so far. Everything just looks so easy. :)

  14. Hannah

    I loooooove all of your outfits so much. <3 And you are very beautiful. More power to you Ate Camille! :)

  15. Mark U

    This is quite a treat. Seeing you dressed down and so casual… And yes, Ray-Ban Aviators would have won this over. And it’s nice to know that fashion houses helping directly under privileged families directly are still making breakthroughs apart from the usual headlines of sweat shops in Philippines, China and other 3rd world countries.

    Maybe I should pick one up for my friend. :)

  16. tia

    I love how you made wearing a crochet dress look “rugged”, for want of a better term. Hehe. :) ‘Cos there are just days went I don’t want to dress girly girl. :)

  17. vernice gabriel

    that outfit is gorg! the toughness of the jacket with the very girly feel of the crochet dress. your aviators wouldve made it per-fect-ion. :))

  18. Trinity

    Wowwww! So nice! Is this the same brand of dress that Kryz Uy has?! Pardon me but I love your blogs! =)))

  19. panyang

    Eeeeh. I LOVE THIS! The jacket, the dress, the SHOES! Everything’s so pretty. :)

  20. christina

    hi miss camille may i know what size did u buy for the dress?the dress is so perfect on you
    thanks a lot

  21. Sandra Tan

    Hi, Ate Camille! I adore you so much!! I’m just wondering, why didn’t you study Fine Arts? Were you good in drawing so you didn’t have to study? If no, how did you learn to draw? :) xoxo

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Sandra! I was already okay but I learned proper fashion illustration at SoFA :)

  22. Issa

    yes! bagay na bagay with aviator sunnies! sayang… but still, you are so pretty with or without the sunnies!

  23. jhay-cee

    I LOVE the dress. <3333
    crochet dress is one of my favorite, but sometimes be careful lang baka matastas lalo na sa paglalaba. hehehe. (^_^)
    love the shoes too. your look punk.
    by the way, in your 2nd and 3rd photo, you look like Boom, one of the member of K-pop group 2ne1.

    – prettyness ate camille. xoxo

  24. Pobi

    One of my favorite outfits last few weeks. Beautiful colors and great climate of photos.

  25. Rose Cruz

    The bag matches shoes combination never fails. I want to steal them both from you. Plus the crochet dress. For how much does it costs?

  26. - Justin -

    *ding* it’s been a while since the last time you wore flats.. looks so great on you!! Off Duty reminds me of Robbie’s blog.. haha.. :D


    – Justin –

    P.S.: first comment! Hooray!

  27. Molly

    I’m crying out loud because of envy (in a positive way :p)! :)) I love everything. Most especially the boots ( i thought it was a brogue) and sling bag .

  28. Tasha D.

    oooh sayang nga! I can imagine it with your aviator sunnies! Is it Ray Ban? Love how you styled this dress. For me, you definitely wore that dress best!

  29. itscamilleco

    Thank you! I got it from their branch in Sogo, Hong Kong :)

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