Stylista x Pantene: Sleek Perfection

You guessed it! Time for another Stylista x Pantene look with Pantene hair expert Alex Carbonell. This time, the A/W 2012 runway hair trend we’re interpreting is called sleek perfection. It is described as part sci-fi, part Parisian chic. What a combination, right? It’s supposed to give the impression that the hair is aerodynamic and moving at an incredibly high speed.

Oooookay then, let’s get started! Honestly speaking, when I first read the description for this hair trend, I really could not imagine it. I mean, when you think “sci-fi”, you think out of this world, extraordinary and probably a little weird. And then there’s the Parisian chic part, which is all about being classic, elegant and simple. How in the world is Alex going to merge this 2 together? Well, he did. I can totally imagine Zoe Saldana in this hairstyle for Startrek. Or how about the Jetsons, Paris edition?

Want to recreat this look? Here’s how!

Step 1: Split your hair into 3 sections like this with most of your hair in the center section.

Step 2:  Pull the center section up into a tight ponytail. Make sure you pull it up as high and as tight as you can.

Step 3: After securing your ponytail with an elastic, get one of the remaining sections of your hair and wrap it around the elastic. Secure it with a pin.

Step 4: Do the same with the remaining section and secure it with a pin as well. Make sure you pay attention to the way you wrap your hair around the elastic. The swirl you create from it sort of adds to the sci-fi feel.

Voila! Sleek perfection! Now, you have to bear in mind that the most crucial point here is to make your ponytail as high and as tight as possible. You really have to pull your hair up to the best of your ability. This may be painful for some of you because of all that tugging at the roots. It may even cause hairfall especially when you are pinning and tying your hair. To prevent this, make sure you use Pantene Hair Fall control. Stronger hair =  less hairfall!

Now that we got my hairstyle covered, let’s move on to my part sci-fi, part Parisian chic outfit. Here’s how I interpreted sleek perfection.

My take: simple silhouette but bold cuts. The strong shoulders and the unique cut on my skirt modernized my Parisian chic black and white ensemble. It’s not your usual sci-fi-inspired outfit, but who says you can’t make sci-fi wearable? Let’s just say, I’m a trooper going to a disco in Paris? Yes? Pwede? Pwede!

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Topshop dress worn as top

From Bazaar earrings

SM Accessories cuff with diamonds | The Ramp leather cuff | Mango black/gold ring | SM Accessories gold ring

H&M skirt

Mango heels

ZARA belt

I love how Alex and my interpretations match so well. Take note that for all the Stylista x Pantene looks we did, we had no idea what the other had in mind. We went in blind! So far, so good! All his hair interpretations match my outfits so well! I hope you can see by now how your hair really affects your entire look so don’t take your hair for granted.

85 Responses to “Stylista x Pantene: Sleek Perfection”
  1. clarisacamile

    oh ..the sci-fi thing, i love i t:) i wonder if i wear will not be as pretty as you are in wearing that attire..actually even simple things really works on you..LOVE IT TLAGA..pwede? PWEDE! :))

  2. Zarah

    Funny! Your entire look is so elegant/sci-fi-ish but the background doesn’t match well =)))
    LOVE the hair!! <3

    • itscamilleco

      Yes! We were running out of time and it was getting late already so we had to make do :(

  3. Ruby Gozos

    HI Camille! :) I envy your belt!! I’ve been eyeing that since the 1st time(i think!) you post that! May i know where’d you buy it? I just love how you look so sophisticated in all your outfit post! :) You really give justice to fashion! xoxo

  4. Mark U

    Storm Trooper Camille.. Oh Jeebus.. Please, you’re tickling my nerdy imagination far too much. But I think the outfit would be more Star Trekky thatn Star Wars. Just throw on a pair of boots on and you’ve got the complete ensemble. =D

    Also can’t help but notice that your top blogs ranking on the bottom says “911”

    • itscamilleco

      I agree! :) Topblogs? Meh, they always fail. It’s just not updating. There are even days they don’t count my hits at all. I’ll probably remove it soon :)

  5. Jo

    Is that a gold belt? Or part of the dress? Huuu how do you manage to make scifi look good…@_@

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you! I never thought I could rock this hair style :)

  6. Tasha D.

    Where did you shoot this? Doesn’t seem like one of the usual places you go to.You probably got a lot of stares when you walked into that building haha!

    • itscamilleco

      Market Market :) We were made up there and since we were shooting a lot of outfits, it was already getting pretty late so we had to shoot indoors. :) It’s okay. It’s for Pantene so we had a professional team there so at least people knew it was for a shoot :)

  7. panyang

    Wow. It really affects the entire look. Now I know. Haha :) Your skirt’s a stunner! :)

  8. Lulai

    A mix of classic & modern :) I love how you pulled it off Ms. Camille! :)

  9. Trisha

    I love the skirt =))) We don’t have H&M here in Manila, right? I heard that it’s going to open? Is that true =))

  10. Issa

    the hair and the outfit really matched! ang galing! :) pwede talaga! :)…

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