Space Age

Here’s the last of my outfits for my ad for SM Mall Of Asia. Care for a little silver anyone? Actually, in this case, how about silver from head to toe? All these silver make me look a little like I belong in the space age, except without the out of this world, Lady Gaga-esque styling.

So what made me come up with this all-silver ensemble? I don’t know really. I’m not in the proper mindset right now to come up with a good enough reason to make you go “ooooohhh” and “aaaahhhhhh”. Haha! Sometimes, a girl wears what she wears just because. Meh.

To tell you the truth, I was kinda getting sleepy already by the time I was pre-styling this 3rd outfit so I just grabbed whatever were on top of the pile of clothes in my closet and prayed to dear God that they work. Luckily, whatever I managed to grab in my closet matched. Good thing they’re all in different shades of silver too so my look doesn’t look flat. I especially love the shiny detachable collar I’m wearing. It definitely stands out from the rest. The skirt I have on here is a favorite as well. I’ve been collecting a lot of circle skirts like this lately. I think I prefer them more now than skirts that are shirred at the waist. In my opinion, they don’t feel as “tween” as shirred skirts. Plus, they highlight my waist pretty well without having to wear skintight/bodycon skirts.

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Dorothy Perkins top

Flatterbuy detachable collar

Forever 21 bracelets | SM Accessories ring

ZARA shoes

Topshop skirt

96 Responses to “Space Age”
  1. Yssa

    Whoa! I’m soooo in love with you Ate Camille! Why so stunning? :)) Ingget much! :P

  2. Mark U

    So shiny and shimmery… I’m getting Star Wars and Star Trek vibes so much, I’m geeking out

  3. Nadine

    Hi Miss Camille! Love the outfit! Keep up the great work and keep on moving forward! Have an awesome future! :)

  4. Rose Cruz

    I love how the color of your hair is contrast to your outfit. You’re a goddess of fashion for the nth time.

  5. Sophia

    Since you are about versatility (pardon me if I’m wrong!), how do you decide what’s good to buy and what’s not?:)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Sophia! Whatever I like. It’s all about what I like and what I find attractive. :) No rules!

  6. Chels

    All silver yet doesn’t look monotonous. So nice!

    And btw, third photo: WOW legs! Sana ganyan din legs ko. Haha!

  7. Catherine

    Thank goodness for this blog of yours! Just the perfect outfit for my baccalaureate mass! We’re required kasi to wear white/light colors. :) Sana meron pa nito sa mga pinagbilhan mo. Oh, btw… I saw your SM AD on 9gag just now! Hahaha! Wala lang COOL B-)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Catherine! Cool beans! 9Gag! :) I think there’s a high chance the skirt will still be available :)

  8. Neil

    Hi ate camille! (if it’s ok to call you that)! Haha, you’re really amazing, you’re someone who makes everything she wears, extraordinary! Kahit sobrang weird pa yung susuotin mo, you always managed to make look stylish when you wear it out! Inspired! :))

    -Neil :))

  9. clarisacamile

    silver + camille co = angel in heaven :)
    you’re such a good model and a designer to yourself :)

  10. hazel guibani

    I love your outfit! :) ♥ You’re my inspiration Ms. Camille! Thanks for existing. :) Stay humble and sweet as ever. :) ♥

  11. roxmd

    Aside from your exemplary fashion statement, you’ve got a very good make up artist too! Would you mind telling who they are? :) thanks!

  12. panyang

    What a cute detachable collar! What shops do you prefer in buying such collars? :)

  13. Tasha D.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I don’t know why but this look reminds me of Amanda Seyfried in the movie, “In Time” haha! If you have seen it, this outfit will perfectly blend in in that movie’s setting. I love how mid rise heels still look good on you! I find it unflattering kasi to other girls eh.

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