Don’t I look so ladylike? Chiffon and tulle in pastel colors with a little sequins and pearls here and there. I felt like twirling around like a little ballerina!

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WAGW tulle skirt

Eazy Fashion pleated chiffon top with sequined collar

Love Eyecandy necklace (top) | Mia Casa necklace (bottom)

Chanel bag | Eazy Fashion connector ring | Forever 21 pearl bracelet | Cole Vintage bracelet

Sugarfree shoes

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179 Responses to “Lady”
  1. Molly

    Perfect! You gave me an idea what will I dress to my mom for the upcoming wedding she’ll attend to :) Thanks

  2. Danica

    By far, this is my favorite look of yours, Miss Camille. Sobrang perfect lahat ng element. Hindi nakakasawang titigan. :)

  3. Alexa Y.

    I absolutely ADORE this look – it’s totally something I’d wear as well! I love how feminine it is, and the sparkles are so pretty.

  4. Ara

    Wow. I love the outfit! ♥

    btw, Ms Camille, I really wonder what does your closet looks like… or maybe you got a room for all your clothes? :)

  5. Sophia

    This look is so sweet:) I love it!

    Thanks for giving me the confidence to flaunt my hips! I’m slim too with large hips and I always feel super insecure about it but you look good in your clothes!:D

  6. Kris

    Hi camille i really love your
    Blog.. I have a question do you think this outfit can pass for a formal event?? Super love your outfit and Im planning to copy it hehe.. I was invited for a wedding and I’m
    Not in the mood to wear long gown.. You think I
    Can get away with this outfit? i already ordered the top from
    Eazy fashion.. And another question
    Is the top a little loose Im a bit worried coz im
    Not as slim
    As you are? Thanks in advance and you really are my style icon

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Kris! Yes it is so I think it’ll still fit you :) As for the wedding, I don’t think this can pass for formal. Formal wear usually calls for gowns :)

  7. Charisse Roa

    Absolutely gorgeous! ;) I also have a skirt which looks like a tulle skirt, what are the other top/s that can go with it? It’s dark brown with black dots in it. Hope you can help me! Thanks, Miss Camille ;)

      • Charisse Roa

        Black corset? Wow! I haven’t tried wearing corsets so this MUST be my first try. Hihii. I think I’ll look sexy in it. Haha! But thank you for the wonderful suggestion! ;)

  8. Kristel

    You’re so beautiful, Ms. Camille. The dress is so elegant plus paired it a very pretty shoes. PERFECT!

  9. gladys

    (Speechless na ako. Don’t have nothing to say anymore!) :))

    Simply ‘like’.

  10. kriii31

    I love dress Ate Camille ;))
    by the way from your previous posts i just loved how you do your bun
    how do you do it anyway ? Your hair buns are so simple yet elegant.
    But when i my hair buns they FAIL :(.

  11. Ghel

    … And how can we not love/like you, u replied in every comments :)
    Thanks again. Would really love to meet u. U’re such an inspiration.

    Ghel. :)

  12. Sonja

    Hi! This outfit is featured in my weekly blog post about my favorite bloggers outfits. You can see the post on my blog! XX

  13. Evgenia

    So nice to see someone try on a ladylike look! it is something that remains underestimated these days, which is a shame as you show how lovely one can look! Not to mention the bag, of course, it is a scene-stealer.

  14. Joy

    Perfect look camille!! The shoes skirt blouse and even the make up goes well with the overall look..nakaka inspire ka!!

  15. Mark U

    Fabulous as always but I can’t help but be curious where this was shot? Rockwell Grove in Ortigas?

  16. Anna Patricia G. Ladiana

    naiinis ako talaga “BAKIT ANG GANDA MO?” :)) I love u Camille! <3

  17. mimi

    love everything about this outfit :). When it’s all about pastel it reminds me of the word innocence and i feel that when I’m wearing this colors,but it’s just my opinion :).

  18. Nassira

    Wow that outfit is amazing, just so lovely.
    you have great taste and personality.
    keep the looks coming you are truly a fashion inspiration!

  19. Mica

    i so love the ensemble. (sophisticadang ballerina lang ang peg..) you will never go wrong talaga with pastel colors for as long as you have the right oufits to match! so, so love the post!

  20. Jen P

    ANG SHOES!!! <3 How high yan Ms. Camille?
    You look soooo demure! Always pretty :D also super chinese in the first photo! :p

  21. Karen

    very sweet and ladylike indeed! love it as always! hope you get to go to NYFW.. will definitely vote for you as I did when you were vying to be Mango’s IT girl

  22. Catherine

    I have already voted you :) Wish you’ll win, I think you deserve it :)

  23. Tasha D.

    If you wore this look together with your Zara metallic heels (the white one), this outfit will totally remind me of Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 collection! You can totally strut down the runway wearing that with the audience still convinced that what you’re wearing is really part of the collection! haha! Love this look from head to…ankle. Chos! I don’t really like the shoes that much. Like I said, I’d prefer this look with your Zara shoes, Brian Atwood or maybe your white Giuseppe Zanotti heels! How dare I question your style…last time I checked my name is Tasha not Rachel Zoe. haha! I just wonder, why did you not choose to wear those instead? Maybe you’re reserving your signature heels for special occasions no?

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha okay lang yan, we’re all entitled to our own opinion :) I wanted to be comfortable so these shoes were perfect :) Thank you Tasha!

  24. Ghel


    i’ve been stalking your blog eversince. i really love how you dressed-up! it’s superb! love to meet you girl :)

    huge fan,

  25. Jade Lapuz

    Hi Camille! I know this sounds weird, but I have a 12year old cousin named Grazielle who was a big fan of yours. Please greet her just by replying Hi or Hello and her name so she can read it here. I’ll wait for it! Just a little request that can make someone smile. :-)

  26. Andrea

    You’re a true lady,Camille.I love your lipstick and the outfit is truly mindblowing!Absolutely gorgeous.

  27. Kate Cheng

    Hi Ms. Camille! :) You look so beautiful here! I love you outfit, it’s very elegant! :)) and your heels, to die for! :)

  28. Sonja

    You look so incredibly lovely! I love every piece in your outfit! But holy damn, how I want your purse!

  29. Lauren

    Wow, the dress is lovely and I adore the bag and shoes!



  30. Princess

    I love your outfit Ms. Camille! I really admire your chic style. Whenever I miss a day reading your blog it feels incomplete! Haha. You’re always reminding me one thing with your posts: Choose classic pieces as they are timeless. Never goes out of style whenever, wherever. :)

  31. flowrsie

    everything here is so nice! (from make-up to shoes) keep inspiring camille…

  32. Tin

    once again wow ms.camille :) you have always been like my style icon & style idol if you will :)

  33. Chai Chen

    If there’s a HEART button here too, I’d LOVE it here and everywhere else. :)
    This look blows me away like whooaaaa! You’re so pretty here. I love how you played with the colors … pale yet still girlie! So feminine! So lady-like indeed! :)

    Good luck still for the NYFW entry! If I can LOVE that entry more, I would. :p


  34. Jillian Myka

    I love your outfit, from head to toe.. I already pressed the “Love” button a few days ago.I hope you win and go to New York Fashion Week. Godbless!:)

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