It’s Not About The Money Money Money

Great fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t always have to be the Chanels, Pradas, Diors, Balenciagas, Celines and so on and so forth. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like it, especially if that will only run your bank account dry. If you think great fashion is synonymous to luxury brands, then I think you have to open your mind up a little bit more. Remember, you can’t buy style. In case you haven’t checked, great style doesn’t come with a price tag. (Ooooooh snap!)

I, for one, love mixing high and low brands. I think it makes the process of coming up with ensembles much more fun and interesting. Let me clarify though that I have nothing against wearing expensive garb from head to toe. But at the same time, I don’t think wearing affordable brands from head to toe is any less fashionable either. In fact, all the items I’m wearing here are super affordable! Some of which will become even more affordable come the great 3-day sale happening this September 14-16 at SM Mall Of Asia.

Yes, you read that right! SM Mall Of Asia will be on sale again!!! Your favorite brands, including the ones I’m wearing here, will be on sale for up to 70% off!!! It’s affordable luxury at its finest!

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SM Accessories floppy hat

Apple & Eve pearl collar necklace

Apple & Eve top

Apple & Eve ring

SM Parisian wedges

Apple & Eve trousers

See you at the sale!! :)

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  1. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    Yeah!. I really do love your insights about Fashion. style doesn’t have to be expensive, and I think not all expensive things look stylish…^^ I think most of the affordable ones have unique and fun style.

  2. Joana

    ate Camille Im confused on how to wear collar accesories … akala ko po sa mga mejo low cut yung sa neck part lng na shirt or dress babagay

  3. Raxelle

    hi ms. camille, i just want to say, i really love your style! subscribed already to your blog, so i could get updated on your posts..i don’t wanna miss any for a day! keep on! =)

  4. Janica

    OH! Are you wearing a red-orangey lipstick? It looks great on you!(Red or combine with any other color really looks great. Tried and tested!) You look more sophisticated and empowering feminine power. :) And it looks the same color on your hat and shoes? But more on the shoes. I wonder. :D

  5. mimi

    Well said.Love the peplum top.I’ve been trying to get a peplum top or dress but still can’t afford one :)Hope to get it before its out of date :))))). i saw some of the comment that they send you an email,can i do that too please and how? :)

    • Tina

      Hi Camille – I hope it’s ok to reply to mimi’s comment.

      Hi Mimi – I’ve found affordable peplum tops in The Ramp Crossings, Glorietta. Price ranges from 400 to 800 pesos only. Inexpensive yet stylish. You might want to check them out :) I am in no way related to the store, I just love to shop there ;)

  6. gladys

    Got to visit the SM here in Cebu to see if there’s a sale..:))
    Love your outfit Miss Camille. And I was a little surprise that the collar/necklace is separate from the top. You are amazing!

  7. Katherine Fernandez

    I totally LOVE the whole ensemble. The top that could give a peplum-trousers look (?? if there’s a thing as that) and the floppy hat channeling the “Donya look” with a beautiful/modern wedge.:) keep shining, Ms. Camille! Blessings!♥♥

  8. Lauren

    Hi Camille,

    Totally unrelated to this post, but I was planning on a Givenchy Pandora in medium, can i know if the bag is sort of hard to use or not? It’s tooo unique to resist! :)

    • Macy

      Hi Lauren,

      I second Camille’s comment. You’ll love the style as well as its functionality. It’s a definite go-to bag that I almost had to stop myself from overusing mine! :)

  9. Bella

    HI camille. You look as beautiful as ever.
    I was just wondering since you have very long and slim legs, what size is your pants?
    I guess 26 or 27?
    I envy your legs, they go on forever.

  10. Nina

    Hi camille, been reading your blogs, very inspring:) Before I start working i usually check your blog, for me its a source of relieve from stress:) Hoping to read your next blog..

  11. Marj

    Hi Ms Camille! I’m a big fan of your blog since last year pa and I must say you have come a long long way. It’s my first time to comment though. I wanna say ALL YOUR LOOK POSTS are beautiful! Keep on inspiring us! :) I WISH I could see you on MOA.

  12. Julie

    These pieces are all from SM?! WOW / Btw, what lipstick were you wearing here! You could pull-off tangerine well!

  13. Charisse Roa

    When I saw this look on, I never thought it’s you.. maybe because you weren’t using a pink lippie here. Hihii. But I agree on what you said about the brands, you can always buy something not so pricey but still look stunning or chic on it. It’s all about on how you dress and carry yourself to make your outfit stand-out :) Haaay, I always learn something new with fashion – thank you, Miss Camille! ;) AND oh! I sooooo LOVE your look! <333

  14. ice

    hi ms camille,

    like the outfit from hat to shoes! can i ask what is the color of your hair and where did you have it colored? tnx.

  15. Itchy Edgy

    Love your dotted shirt! You are right..Great fashion doesn’t have to be expensive! I love to shop in Mall of Asia… I’ve been there last year. It’s so big there!! You look Gorgeous! Love your blog and your style! Have a great day Xx

  16. jessyyeddy

    Hi Camille,

    Super love the clothes! I honestly thought your collar necklace was from Topshop! I bet it’s a better deal! You deserve a place in Vogue! :)

  17. Dana

    I totally agree with you Ms. Camille. Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs but I love experimenting with them, plus each of the clothes have their own story to it since it was once worn by someone. :D

  18. Anmari

    I agree with you dear, you cant buy style. I even thought your shoes is a branded one. I’m surprised to find out its Parisian. I used to buy Parisian shoes when I was back home in PI. Theyre stylish and affordable. I also don’t discriminate brands, I mix and match some of my Pradas & Guccis with even tiangge or ukay-ukay finds and theyre perfect. it’s just a matter of styling it.
    Love this post. I always look forward for your new posts!

  19. Palm

    are these polkadots? I always find royal blue and red-orange combi so cool.. Love this outfit.

  20. jevey anne resco

    I remembered Taylor Swift wearing that kind of hat and believe me if i say you look like her in that kind of outfit! :) (Hope I don’t sound bolera here hahaha ’cause I’m really not *wink* hahaha). By the way, do you have your new location of CoExist in Makati or a new branch? I wanna drop by there as soon as I’m not busy. Thanks po! :)

  21. Nessa

    I’ve been wanting to buy white jeans.. But I can’t find a good-fitting one because I’m so petite. Almost everything that I’m trying on are maluwag even if the tag said it’s small. I hope I could find them in SM MOA :)

    As usual, pretty and classy look, Cams :)

  22. imwideawake

    good to hear these from you, Ms. Camille esp. since most of the time, your outfit consists of luxury brands. it would be interesting if you post more outfits like this – affordable outfits. because honestly, every time i look into your blog, parang feeling ko hindi ko masabayan ang kind of fashion you don.

  23. Mica

    ang ganda ng seg-way mu teh…

    “In fact, all the items I’m wearing here are super affordable! Some of which will become even more affordable come the great 3-day sale happening this September 14-16 at SM Mall Of Asia.”

    —kung maka endorse, WAGAS! :-) hihihi ambassador ka nga talaga!

  24. Joo

    You look good! I actually love “cheap” cloths! It always makes me happy when I find something nice for good price :) My fav dress cost 15 euros and I have had it for over 5 years, still loving it!

    • itscamilleco

      I was able to get sandals for 5 euros back in France!! :) And I still love them too!

  25. MrsB

    hi, camille! lovely ensemble as usual :) was wondering what brand and color your lippie is? :)

  26. Meysie

    Like your statement “Great fashion doesn’t have to be expensive” :)
    U’re so pretty, whatever u wear. Really love your blog. I just can’t stop opening all your post. haha. Keep going and keep inspiring :D

  27. Matthee

    Hi ms. Camille! Your thighs look fat especially in the first photo. hihi. But even then, you’re still stunning as ever. ;))

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha! I love that you did not hold back in saying that my thighs look fat! :) Thanks anyway Matthee!

  28. jevey anne

    I remember Taylor Swift wearing that kind of hat and believe me if I say you look like her in this kind of outfit! I also love the wedge shoes! I might buy it soon! Hahahha.

  29. Ara

    The top is cute especially that you added the collar necklace. I really like collar necklaces. I have a few collar necklaces but I don’t know when to wear them xD. So now, they’re just relaxin’ in a small box :)

  30. Stacy

    I am so agree with about the style!
    Yes, maybe fashion is about money (often actually), but style is about only a taste!

  31. Nicole A.

    Hi Ate Camille! Or do you prefer Miss Camille? ;;) I hate how you always look pretty. I’m so jelly. I wanna be like you!!

  32. Mark U

    Floppy hat is floppy..

    Cute how your lipstick matches your hat and shoes.

    And I know where I will be staying away from next weekend.. XD

  33. Tasha D.

    “In case you haven’t checked, great style doesn’t come with a price tag.” — I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. That is so true. Yung iba nga diyan super in head to toe designer items na pero nababansagan paring “worst dressed” eh. Talagang you can’t buy style….unless you can afford the services of Rachel Zoe. CHOS! haha! :D Bottomline, nasa pagdadala lang yan.

  34. Kate Cheng

    Cute Wedge and top dots everywhere! :D Where can you find the store of parisian? :)

  35. leeya

    i love the color combi. looks neat and fresh. you are like a doll miss camille. :)

  36. Dan Urmaza

    Well, you’re right. But what keeps luxury brands different from others is their quality. Not because they have big prices doesn’t mean they’re of low quality though they are not that stylish. They are expensive because a lot of effort was put into one piece of garment. Say for example, Zara compared to Bench. Zara has impenetrable buttondowns and are very durable. That’s why they are bit too pricey. Bench has low prices because as usual, it is a local and sometimes, their stitches are uneven. You know, you pay for time and style, and not for style only. :D

    • itscamilleco

      I think it’s case to case. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when it’s affordable, the quality isn’t there. It’s not always the case. :) Same goes for expensive items. That doesn’t really guarantee quality 100% of the time. :) Again, case to case. :)

  37. Trisha

    I really love that “collar”! HEHE I bought a peplum top today HEHE la lang =)))

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