Blog Giveaway: ASTARS (CLOSED)

I told you it’s raining giveaways on my blog! It seems like there’s no stopping the gift-giving spirit. This time though, all of you will be happy. This giveaway is international. WOOT!

Before anything else, let me fill you in on the Italian-Californian brand ASTARS. It’s part of the renowned Alpinestars group and is the brainchild of designer Denise Focil. ASTARS is actually no stranger to a lot of Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Molly Sims, January Jones and Alessandra Ambrosio among others. So if you win this giveaway, you’re in good company!

So what’s up for grabs? This beautiful knit jacket with draped shawl. It’s called the Lana jacket. I personally chose this from ASTARS’ fall/winter collection because I love how snug and comfortable it looks. It’s perfect for the Christmas breeze that’s about to come.

I love that it has pockets too! I know they may not matter to some of you but I just love pockets, especially when I’m feeling a little cold. I can hide my freezing hands inside them!

Do you love this jacket as much as I do? Here’s how you can join:

  1. Follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin’. If you don’t have these accounts, it’s easy to make one!
  2. LIKE ASTARS on Facebook.
  3. Sign up for the ASTARS newsletter here.
  4. Tweet this: ”I want to win that ASTARS jacket on! #ItsCamilleCoGiveaways”
  5. Leave a comment below with your name, Facebook name and Twitter name.

Deadline for entries is on December 11 at 11:59 PM. Again, this contest is open worldwide so everyone can join. Please be reminded to refrain from submitting multiple entries. The winner will be chosen via and announced below on the comments section.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk more about my outfit. Since my jacket was so cuddle-weather worthy, I felt wearing something just as laid-back. You know how old clothes tend to feel more comfortable because of the many times you’ve worn and washed them? There’s just something about them that makes them feel so warm and homey.

But just to avoid looking too homey, I injected a few elements of blue. Remember my bowler hat here? I got it in blue as well. Har har. It matches my latest blue suede shoes well, don’t they? So that’s a tip for you right there. If you want to shake things up a bit, awaken senses with color!

SM Accessories hatTopshop shirt

Celine vintage bag | ASTARS jacket

Thank god for mom and her old bags. I love vintage hand-me-downs!

Forever 21 skirt

Call It Spring shoes

I really am a sucker for androgynous-looking footwear… except maybe creepers.

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584 Responses to “Blog Giveaway: ASTARS (CLOSED)”
  1. Katrina Joyce Leal

    I love that giveaway item! But I’m unfortunate to win. :(( Pick another, Ms. Camille!

  2. itscamilleco

    Congratulations to Darlene Cu for winning this giveaway! I sent you a DM on Twitter! :)

    • darlene

      Hi. Im sorry to be a bother but i didnt receive any DM or email regarding the size. Again, i am so sorry if i am a burden to you. Thanks again! :)

  3. Ashia Feir

    Name : Ashia Cassandra Feir
    Facebook : Ashia Feir
    Twitter : Ashia Feir

    Love your shoes btw :)

  4. mary bernadette vargas

    Facebook : Mary Bernadette Rala Vargas

    Twitter: @queermexoxo

  5. Cyrill

    Maria Cyrill Madi

    FB: Cyrill Madi
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    I really like that jacket! :)

  6. PAMELA montecalvo

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    twitter: @PhamMonte

  7. Teresa Jane Ramirez

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  14. sarah garcia

    Name: Sarah Mae Garcia
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    hi Camille you’re so lovely always. I really like the way you dress. :)

  15. jasmine gagarin

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  16. Maggie Ly

    Name: Maggie
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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario
    Ghirlie Marie Joyce Kilario

  21. Coleen Lee

    FB: Coleen Lee
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    I want to win the ASTARS JACKET :) I love you ate Camille! <3 We have the same hairstyle ;) Light blonde w/ bangz. Take care. :)

  22. Sielita Oller

    Sielita Oller

    facebook: Sielita Ann Oller
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  23. Kat Cagalpin

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    Your style is very effortless camille! Love it! :)

  24. Alyssa Albaira

    Name: Alyssa Mae Albaira
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  25. Nikki M. Hipolito

    I so love how you mix and match things up!!! You give me lots of idea for my creative shoot for my college yearbook. Thanks a lot. love the shoes and that bowler hat —so blue :)

    Name: Nikki M. Hipolito
    Facebook name: Nikki Hipolito
    Twitter name: @_nikkihipolito

  26. Rouanne Carizze Nervato

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  31. Marissa Poon

    Marissa Poon

    love the outfit <3

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  39. Roxanne Atienza

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  40. Concepcion Lea Aquino

    I love your style specially those jackets and blazers that you mix and match with other clothes.. Its like belonging in your fashion world and help me feel pretty.. I really wish to win it to add to my minimal collection.. It will be a best gift this Christmas.. Continue inspiring others specially me through your fashion that anyone can belong..

  41. ro

    name; Roxanne Atienza
    facebookname; Roxanne Atienza

    godbless miss camille ♥;)

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  55. Kellie Rose Wilson

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love this jacket!

    I completed all the required steps:

    Name: Kellie Rose Wilson
    Facebook-Kellie Rose Wilson


  56. Mary Anne

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    i loooove your shoes! ♥

  67. Jennelyn M. Isagra

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    Hello Camille! You are so pretty. Always smile!

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  70. Milen Ferrer

    Hi Camille! I really love how you made this look sooo simple and fresh yet edgy! Love those shoes (I’m kinda fan of androgynous-looking shoes, too!). Oh well I just love everything on you! Been checking your blog since last year (but I just got the guts to comment in here) and I must say your outfits and styling just get better and better! I’m officially your fan! It’s like everything you touch turns gold! Like Camille’s touch :) Just keep up the good work! :))

    • itscamilleco

      Awww thank you! You can call me Midas then haha kidding :) I’m happy you finally left a comment here! :)

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    ~i so love your shoes with that matching hat too.. n_n

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  76. Patricia Aynne

    Patricia Aynne Duran
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    Love the soft colors, fabrics, and textures pared with accessories in bold saturated blues! Perfect look, effortless and comfortable.

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  88. Gillian Liboon

    Gillian Nicole Liboon
    Gillian Nicole Liboon (

    OMG WHAT A LOVELY JACKET, I HAVE TO HAVE THAT! :D (Can you include your shirt din? Hahahaha, joke :3) Looking chic as always! :)

  89. Anna Valentino

    Hi Ms. Camille, I’ve been reading your blog almost a week and I really find time to finished all of this. I’m really so happy that I’ve finished all of this. :) I really enjoy reading everything about your blog. You are very blessed and so pretty. I hope you will be forever so loving and friendly. Thank You also for sharing your blog to all of us. God Bless and more power. Stay damn gorgeous :)

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    Joreina Blanco
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    Love the jacket, Ms. Camille! I might purchase that kind of jacket for the upcoming season.

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  95. Camille

    My name is Camille Joyce Chua 16 years of age :)
    My facebook name is Camille Joyce Chua
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    I really like all of your entire outfit, although people have different styles i still think yours is simply pretty and elegant, it looks as if it wasn’t too hard to dress up, needless to say its superb :)

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  100. caizelle infeliz

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  101. Charisse Roa

    This outfit is clean and simple but you look great! Your shoes are suede, right? I have one that’s almost the same but it’s a pair of boots and the color’s red :) Anyhow, as for the accounts (Facebook and Twitter), is it okay if the accounts are private? Thank you, Miss Camille! :)

  102. Stephanie Jagualing

    name:Stephanie Dayne Jagualing
    facebookname:Stephanie Jagualing

    i really love the way you dress up your style is simply amazing ms. camille i love you soo much ! i hope i can win ! :)

  103. Vanni Yeth

    May nagsabi na ba sayong magka peg kayo ni Princess Velasco? Terno kasi bangs nyo! :D Anyways, I love the blue accent! *u*

  104. Vanni Yeth

    Vanni Yeth A. Loquellano
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  105. Junnavi Racaza

    Name: Junnavi Racaza
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    Lovely outfit :) you look gorgeous, as always :)

  106. Colt Nava

    Waaaaa I LOVE LOVE LOVE the knit jacket! This is soooo perfect for my hk trip sa january! Hindi ba pwede na whoever will post the best comment, or send a cute photo with your theme ang manalo? haha.. I’m so unlucky kasi sa mga giveaways pag thru ang gamit eh :(

  107. Tricia G. Ladiana

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  110. Apple

    Name: Annabelle de Castro
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    Gorgeous as ever! You’re so pretty even in person! :)

  111. ish

    love this look, ! the vest is amazing and i love the blue shoes and hat
    xx ish

  112. Cecilie

    Name: Cecilie Louise Troelsen
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  113. Joyce Ann P. Aguilar

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    Name: Ma. Judiel Cleto
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    I love this outfit, perfect! So beautiful :)

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  121. Abigail Sarah D. Vilbar
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  122. Mariel Delos Santos

    Name: Mariel Delos Santos
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    P.S. I always love your outfit Ms. Camille! But this one seems really comfortable & fasyoooown! :)

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  126. Jackie Lynn Divinagracia

    Name: Jackie Divinagracia
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    Camille, just curious, what camera do u use for your outfit shots? :)

  127. Audrey

    Your shots are very well taken, Ate Camille! Who take your photos, btw?
    Oh, your outfit makes you look younger! :P

  128. judylyn ramos

    Facebook name: Judylyn Ramos
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    I really want to win this giveaway:) haha. I love you Camille <3

  129. Everlyn Figuracion

    Everlyn Figuracion

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    *hope I win. :)

  130. Nikka Merro

    Name: Anna Kattrina A. Merro
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  131. Thea

    hi Camille! i really love your styles and outfits everyday. I’m a constant reader of your blog. And I would like to win your blog giveaway. :) this is my first try. I hope I will win :D FB name: Thea Cezar Cahandab twitter name: TLCyang

  132. Lorraine Carla Laplap

    Lorraine Carla Laplap
    FB: Lorraine Carla Laplap

  133. Tasha D.

    hooray to the “except maybe creepers” haha! I hate those shoes! -_- flatforms too kasi kahit medyo may girly designs naman siya, still same shape parin as creepers! pinapahaba kasi nila yung itsura ng feet naten eh! for me, only a handful can pull off flatforms and it requires excellent styling! bet ko yung color palette ng clothes mo here! parang natapunan ng kape/niluma lang ng panahon ang colors! haha!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahahaha niluma/tinapunan ng kape! Correct! :) Thanks Tasha! I agree, they really make our feet look longer. Quite challenging to pull off!

  134. Betty B.

    Hi there, lovely outfit! I love the colours and the details like your bracelets.
    So I did all you requested, you can find me on Twitter as: thebettyboing and on Facebook as: Benedetta Betty Barucco :)
    Oh my name’s the one on facebook, too.

  135. Pauline Evangelista

    Pauline Evangelista

    FB name: Pauline Evangelista
    twitter name: @popoyen

  136. Mikha

    Name: Mikha Diaz
    Facebook: – Mikha Diaz
    Twitter: @mmvdiaz – Mikha :)

  137. Sephie Rojas

    I super love the bowler hats SM Accessories offered! I even wore my black bowler hat for one of my White’s Hot outfits :3 It kinda sucks that they don’t sell them anymore :( Even those other cutesy classic hats with the ribbon (like the ones Mayo Wo wears a lot)? They’re gone! D’: <///3 Gone too soon, I hafta say. And they look so adorable when worn with "Fall-Winter" clothes too :'(

  138. rechelle ann magnaye

    Rechelle Ann Magnaye
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  139. Joy Dianne Gumatay

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    ame, Facebook name and Twitter name.

    Name: Juleanne Inamac
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