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Who here has worn a pair of Kickers shoes at least once in their lives? If you’re a 90s kid, I’m sure Kickers is a familiar brand to you. I, for one, was a Kickers kid back in the day. I went to school in Kickers for YEARS! Just hearing its name brings back so many good memories. I can’t help but get nostalgic.

A few weeks back, I got invited to an event featuring Kickers and Bauhaus. It was for the official launch of their collaboration. At first, I couldn’t quite picture the two together. I mean try to understand, Kickers to me has always been my school shoes– not exactly urban and edgy like how I view Bauhaus. I first got acquainted with Bauhaus way way back in Hong Kong. I was still so young then but seeing their stores all over Hong Kong woke up the curious cat in me so I decided to go in one of their branches one day. Of course, the sales people there were probably wondering what this pacutie-patootie kid was doing there. On the contrary, I actually quickly gained an appreciation for their leather goods.

If you don’t know Bauhaus, allow me to introduce the brand to you. Bauhaus was established back in 1991 and it houses excitingly fresh and hip brands such as 80/20, Salad, Tough and Cheap Monday. As you can probably already tell from the brands they offer and from the photos I posted here, Bauhaus features mostly urban street wear that has a lot of flavor and character. Its design aesthetic is always strong, edgy and modern–mixing relaxed and simple silhouettes with vibrant prints and rich colors.

Whenever I enter a Bauhaus store, the items that I check out are always the leather goods. They have the best leather jackets in the world!

Don’t believe me? How pretty are these leather jackets from Tough? I’m lusting over that pink one!

This leather jacket is pretty cool. It comes with a detachable hood.

Leather trench coat, anyone?

If leather isn’t your thing, Tough also has a full range of clothing inspired by the theme “Sweet Military” for Fall/Winter. Of course, what urban street fashion brand does not have its own version of a plaid shirt? You’re not rocker chic without plaid!

Tough is also famous for its jeans. I like how Tough jeans always have that worn out look. They add more character, at least in my opinion.

Aside from Tough, Bauhaus also has Cheap Monday to fulfill all your denim needs. If you want sexy jeans, get Cheap Monday! They cling to your legs like there’s no tomorrow which is why I love them!

If you’re looking for something a little bit girly, Bauhaus also has Salad. Salad’s Fall/Winter collection is inspired by “Swan Lake”. It’s interesting how the brand was able to combine urban street fashion and elements inspired by ballet. Who would’ve thought they can go together?

Spot Alice!

Salad’s collection has a lot of embroideries like this. Most of which are mixed with tassels, beads & bow designs to give that feel of a ballet performance.

My personal favorite from Salad are their leather wallets and pouches. Although I usually prefer their tan leather goods, these are a refreshing change–pouches for your phones in yummy and vibrant colors. I got one in orange.

Now that you’re fully acquainted with Bauhaus and its many brands, it’s time for the main event! Back to what I was talking about earlier–the Bauhaus + Kickers collaboration.

Tada!!!! Yes, these are Kickers! It’s not the same school-shoes-Kickers I’ve known and loved for years. Look at them! Little did I know that Kickers had these up its sleeves. Apparently, the brand is a product of cultural revolutions back in the 1970s and 80s which explains its youthful street aesthetic. Now I understand why this collaboration with Bauhaus makes sense. They practically have the same design philosophy. I just had to erase that Kickers that the 9-year-old me used to know and embrace the cool and energetic Kickers that it really is.

I went gaga over the brown boots with mustard laces. When I tried them on, I was surprised at how light they are!! Leave it to Kickers to produce quality shoes that are both fashionable and functional.

The Bauhaus + Kickers shoes are exclusively available at Bauhaus outlets only. Drop by their branches at Trinoma, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Alabang Town Center, and Abreeza.

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  1. anne

    Hi camille, the moment i saw this leather jacket with hood i knew this would be a perfect gift for my hubby. So, i was wondering if you could give me the price of this? thanks so much.

    • Camille Co

      Oh dear, I don’t remember. I saw these a long time ago! I’m so sorry!

  2. jenny m.

    hi camille! Just started reading your blogs this morning ang it’s keeping me busy all day!I am really enjoying this!.haha..Good thing it’s a sunday!haha.:)
    Love the boots!We’re going to korea by march next year and I just think they’re perfect!

    • itscamilleco

      This isn’t a branch. This was the launch so it was held at Rocket Room :) I listed the branches there on my entry though :)

  3. Jearvin Aragones

    How much is the pricing of the leather jacket? Third pic :D and the shoes na din po =)

      • kimdulaybaquiran

        Hi miss Camille, would there be other way for me to avail this cool KICKER shoe? I’m in Baguio City right now and I think droppin’ by at Trinoma, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Alabang Town Center, and Abreeza would be quite difficult in my part. Thank You po! Good day! :D

        • itscamilleco

          Oh no! Hmmm I’m not sure. How about going on the Kickers Philippines’ FB page. :) Maybe you can inquire there :)

  4. Coleen

    Aaaahhhhhhh!! Kickers!!! I didn’t know you used to wear Kickers back then. I also used to wear Kickers back when I was in my grade school years! :) I love Kickers because of their style and their quality!!!

  5. Angel

    I love the kickers .. may i know its prize?
    also the cheap monday and salad jeans ..

  6. aby

    how i wish it’s cold here in the philippines, i want to wear those furry sweaters.. nice post ms. camille love your blog as always. :)

    btw,i have my blog giveaway!:) Here and Here! :)

  7. Mark U

    Fancy. :) Oh how, I remember my kickers. They were the only school shoes that lasted me an entire school year!! hahaha

    But the Bauhaus here in HK has WAA~AY more brands on their shelves. I wish they find their way to Manila too. :)

  8. Sephie Rojas

    I love Salad’s collection! The girly-girl inside of me is ecstatic with their designs :) And I love the gray Kickers with the red laces, and the one beside it (is it orange or light brown?) I feel like I could wear it for Spring/Summer 2013 :>

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