Basic Instinct

It’s back to basics once again. This is what I call corporate chic styled in a minimalist way. It’s the classic black and white combination. Practically anyone can pull this off! It’s as easy as batting your pretty little lashes. :)

I’ve always wanted wide trousers. As I’ve said before, Mango always has the best collection of pants/trousers. I prefer them over other brands because they’re usually long enough for me to wear heels with. Wide trousers in particular are so hard to find in other stores. Whenever I find the perfect pair, they’re either too thin or too short. With Mango, they always fit right.

So many pleats going on!

Since it’s Christmas season already, I know a lot of you are looking for party outfits. Party dresses and formal wear are usually our go-to outfits but for some corporate parties, I think this is a good look. Of course if the dress code is formal, then it’s a little too simple for that. But otherwise, an outfit like this can actually work. All you have to do is accessorize. The right accessories can make your outfit party-worthy. In my case, it’s gold accessories again. (You know me!)

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Mango top

Mango belt

Mango rings

Mango heels

Mango pants

And you know what Christmas parties entail right? Christmas gifts! While looking for your holiday party outfit at Mango, here are a few more items that I think are perfect gifts for your colleague, mom, sister or friend!

Drop by Mango‘s branches to see the rest of their fall/winter collection!

124 Responses to “Basic Instinct”
  1. Isa Reynoso

    I love the whole outfit! <3 it's so crisp, basic and simple but still super chic and classy! I adore how you accessorized with gold! :)

  2. Lance

    i am just curious.. i hope it’s ok with you.. will you dye your hair black or a really dark shade of brown? i have never seen you with that hair color.. ^_^

  3. Hannah

    Hi, Camille!

    I absolutely love your blog. I was wondering what camera you use for your photos. Do you post-process them after? And what mode do you use? :)

    Thanks a lot! More power! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Hannah! I use D7000 and edit the photos on Photoshop. Nothing fancy and super basic lang :) I use manual mode :)

  4. Palm

    I always love the corporate look.. And am into it almost everyday. This is something I can wear too, I guess.

  5. Jonaida Cayme

    i love the color combinations-white, black and gold look so classy! at bagay na bagay sayo, whatever you wear naman bumabagay pa rin sayo..: )
    I also love your hair! :)

  6. Nory Anne Carpio

    Hi Ms.Camille!
    I would like to ask a very irrelevant question, if it’s okay with you po. :)
    Why are you not on Pinoy Topblogs anymore? Just curious lang po. teehee. ;)

    • itscamilleco

      I removed it :) Just cleaned my layout a bit :) I have Google Analytics naman :)

      • Nory Anne Carpio

        I see. Kasi po I always check it to see if who’s the top fashion bloggers. And no!!! No Camille Co on the list?!? Pero okay lang po, you’ll always be number one in our hearts! (Naks naman! Ms. Janine Tugonon for Miss Universe lang ang peg! :D)

  7. Krystal Cordero

    You’re so pretty. :)) Uhm, YAH! What’s your Christmas outfit? :D

  8. Josephine

    Wow, that’s an extremely gorgeous outfit!
    I think you’ve just given me some fashionspiration (I know. I’m lame… -3-)

  9. Colt Nava

    I love your belt, Camille! Goes well with all the other hints of gold of your whole outfit! Lovely <3

    Random Q:
    Do you smoke?

  10. Bianx

    truly a mango lover! :) u look great.. simple yet very elegant! i think its better if you’ll put on a red lipstick.. (imagining) very sexy indeed! <3

  11. Gladys

    …Is the top you are wearing Miss a sheer one?

    The outfit is simple yet very striking!!
    You are over all mango! :)

      • Gladys

        …one more question..:))

        I love your lipstick here…what did you use?? kami ng mga friends ko talaga ay love na love ang mga ganitong kulay ng lipstick mo and the pale pink ones…Ang gandang tingnan eh.

        • itscamilleco

          Thanks Gladys! I mixed MAC’s What A Blast with a wine color from Estee Lauder :)

  12. Anelle

    I haven’t been able to visit your blog for a while but I’m glad that when I did, I came to this post! I love the wide leg pants, they are so chic! That blouse looks so billowy and my eyes instantly gravitated to those rings and belt. They are fantastic!

  13. Jayr Gutierrez

    The good thing about white & black , its so versatile. Like you can play with it with no limits. Black+white+gold=lakas maka mayaman ang dating! I heard that in liz uy! Hahaha I love the way you pose, bagay na bagay. May pa lakad lakad effect ka na(sideview version) hahaha ikaw na! Sana pupunta ka ng davao at magpa workshop about blogging ang photography. I have random question again, visitor ka ng isang fashion blog, ano yung unang papansinin mo, is it the quality of his/her photos or yung write-ups niya? Choose only one. Thank you in advance! Merry Christmas!

    • itscamilleco

      So true! I agree, it really is the best–white+black+gold. :)

      Haha! Thanks Jayr! :) Para maiba naman ang poses ko :) I like the visuals more. I’m creative kasi so I’m very visual :)

  14. Trisha

    Mango studded again =))) I also have outfits that are fully Mango =))) I love the pants! HEHE And I do agree that sometimes putting basics together makes a better outfit HEHE It’s what I do when I ran out of outfits to wear XD

  15. Elle

    Hi Ms. Camille!

    It’s my second comment!hahaha… :D your reply inspired me to comment more often…

    you looked taller here btw! kakainggit ung height mo… :( anyway, it’s relaxing to check ur blog after a hard day’s work… :)
    keep inspiring people… <3

  16. Tasha D.

    Oh God. I really, really LOVE this! Definitely one of your best looks since you’ve started blogging! And your belt! At 1st I thought it was a designer piece! This look is definitely serving some Midas’ Touch realness! haha! Gotta love gold accessories on black and white garments!

  17. inca

    Full on Mango…you could be one of their live mannequins in their store
    Just hold your pose..hehe ;)

  18. Mark U

    Kryptonite!! I’m a sucker for power suits/dresses and this is no exception!!

    Very clean cut corporate and still very stylish. I like how the pleats of the pants lend to the less accessorised look.

    The high waist line also accentuates your already statuesque height. :)

  19. haze

    Simply amazing! This is just so perfect for any corporate agendas. Effect! may pa emote emote p.

  20. Nelle

    Your outfit kind of says: “I mean business.” (in a very ladylike way) LOL :D I hope you have a Mango Giveaway soon. :)

  21. j9

    Stunning! I always love this ensemble. I love everything… your so pretty. <3 :-)

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