Peek-A-Boo + Donut Bun Hair Tutorial

When it comes to styling LBDs/little black dresses, it’s important to pay attention to the design. My little black dress is quite simple. No embellishments, no fancy fabric manipulation. There’s just a simple cut-out in front and a few lace panels.

Normally, I try to liven up my LBD by accessorizing with a statement necklace. But because there’s a cut-out on the chest area of this dress , a necklace would only cover it up or take attention away from it. So instead, I opted for a pair of statement earrings and color coordinated it with my clutch. Sometimes, all it takes is a little splash of color.

With a skirt like this, I just HAD to twirl.

Pinkbox donut bun and elastic | Goodydouble wear elastic

From Singapore earrings

Romwe dress

SM Accessories rings | R2R By Aranaz clutch

Call It Spring pumps

Whenever I wear statement earrings, I almost always put my hair up or to one side so that I can better show my earrings off. Since this is a simple LBD, I went for a sophisticated donut bun. I know a lot of you have been asking for a tutorial so here it is! Finally! This is a slightly different donut bun using Pinkbox accessories but I’m sure you’ll like it as well.

So first, tie your hair up in a ponytail. I’m using my Goody double wear elastic in silver.

Insert the Pinkbox donut bun like this.

Cover the Pinkbox donut bun with your hair like this. So basically, it’s like wrapping the donut bun.

Grab another elastic and tie your hair to secure your covered bun. This time I’m using an elastic from Pinkbox.


Gather the hair that’s left, twist it and wrap it around and under your bun to cover the second elastic.

Secure the end of the hair that you twisted with a pin and that’s it! You have your donut bun!

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115 Responses to “Peek-A-Boo + Donut Bun Hair Tutorial”
  1. Armyn Torres

    OMO! You really amaze me! thanks for the tutorial now I get it! :)

  2. Ashley

    Hi miss Camille. The black dress and those pair of high heels of yours are so fabulous. You’re so pretty too! And thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Jeryl

    Hi Camille I’m Jenna’s Sister Jeryl! Would You Mind Following Me On Instagram And Facebook? Thanks

  4. jham

    Hi camille! I love your dress!! Really wanted to try romwe pero hesitant ako umorder bka kc nd dumating/ kalorkee kunin sa customs >.<. haha! may I know how are your orders shipped? Is it by regular mail or by express? thank you!! :))

  5. maebs

    your very elegant. I always love you. yeheey! marunong na akong mag bun, thanks po sa tutorial :)

  6. Everlyn

    The black dress!!! <3 I died.

    You're so pretty with that dress miss camille ;)

  7. anne

    Hi! I found an LBD that is quite similar to yours, minus the cut-out in front and lace panels (it’s a halter dress na close sa neck area). How can I spice up the outfit? Hindi ba OA pag both may necklace and earrings? Thanks!

    • itscamilleco

      If the necklace is attention grabbing na, don’t wear the earrings. :) It might look too busy. :)

  8. YS

    Love the outfit :D Been reading your blog for quite a while :) you’re a major inspiration to me^^

  9. Chai Chen

    I want to do that perfect Donut Bun too haha! :)
    So pretty Camille! I’m looking for inspiration photos too for our Black & White themed Christmas party hohoho :)

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  10. Colt Nava

    Those are some killer shoes, Camille! If I wear super high heels like that I always tend to slouch and I end up looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame :/ So I envy girls who can walk straight wearing those death-on-a-stick they call shoes haha.. oh and I love the hair bun tutorial :D

  11. Elle

    simple yet elegant! This dress is perfect for our Christmas party !
    can’t seem to find the dress on their dress section tho D:

  12. Mark U

    That is one adorably cute LBD. :) …And then I see the hypodermic needle like stilettos.

    Kidding aside, wearing your hair in that bun and in that LBD, reminds me so much of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  13. Carina

    Wǒ ài nǐ zhème duō!! :*
    Huálì ♥

    did you understand what i said? :D i’m half chinese by the way, I studied chinese for 7 years already :) haha.

  14. Steph

    Camille, cant see your lates blogpost – Silver Bells. It says:

    Error 404 – Page not found!
    The page you are trying to reach does not exist, or has been moved. Please use the menus or the search box to find what you are looking for.

    Hope it’ll be fixed soon. I’m excited to see your latest post :D

  15. Vanni Yeth

    Yey! Thank you for the donut bun tutorial! At karapat-dapat kang i-clap2! :D

  16. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Yay! gorge dress!!I want to try that donut bun hair but I have so many “tutchang” haha alam mo yun?haha

    • itscamilleco

      Haha yes! At least it means your hair is still growing! :) Or just use hairspray :)

  17. Milen

    Love the dress and the earrings, Camille. It’s very sophisticated. I also love how you added colors to the palette to make the look not boring. Thanks for the tutorial too. Will definitely try the donut bun. :)

  18. Annabelle

    Beautiful dress!
    I need to buy a donut bun, I’m horrible with my hair but they look so easy to use! Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. Roxanne Atienza

    I love the simple but elegant black dress and the pouch
    and also the donut bun hair ;) ♥

      • Roxanne Atienza

        hi ate cams :), i just want to ask.. may dmet po kc ako n hotpink then its a half as in half :)
        i dont know what im gonna wear inner ehh is it a tube or like sando and how about the
        lower shorts or pants? i just want to show that to you :)

        hehehe godbless po :)

          • Roxanne Atienza

            \ Like this hehehe ;).. As in half po kc sya ehh
            i post it on my instagram. Hope you will see

            i’ll try tube and floral short ;)
            thank you po godbless ;)

  20. Sephie Rojas

    It’s kinda weird that I rarely see people use Purple as their palette for their accesories on any dominantly Black outfit. And based on your example, I have to say people should pair them up more often! :D Looking great! They’re perfect alternatives to the go-to Black + Red combo :3 And finally, now I know where I can get those thick scrunchies perfect for a good donut bun for myself! Thanks Achi Cams! :>

  21. Natalie

    Love the dress!! Is it still available in romwe? Try to find it on the dress section but can’t find it
    U really are fashionista:)

  22. Mhean

    Hi. Just want to ask you something. Ano kaya pwede mo maisuggest na outfit from your blog for our Christmas Party K-pop theme :) Hope I can get a reply from you. Thanks ;))

  23. jhay-cee

    Now I know who to do it na. Thanks Miss Cams. :-)
    I love the lace details of your LBD. Prettyness. :-)

    xoxo – jhaycee

  24. Charisse Roa

    I think wrapping your hair in a bun made this look more perfect! That dress is so lovely! I love the lace and the cut-out part :) Winner ang earrings mo, Miss Camille! ;)

  25. Katrina Joyce Leal

    Great tutorial! Sooo cuuute. Gonna try that one at school. :)

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