I really wish we have weather like that of Hong Kong’s here so that I can keep wearing my sweaters and stockings without sweating a bucket and people staring at me all weird. Pfft. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Here’s another one of my outfits from trip to Hong Kong a few weeks back.


Say hello to my reflector shorts! They really look like reflectors don’t they? I actually have these in both gold and silver. I can probably use them for my shoots, together with my reflector skirt. LOL! Who says you need fancy photography equipment when you have shorts and skirts that can double as reflectors? 2 birds, one stone! Haha!


I paired my shorts with this lovely knit sweater from The Ramp. The little gold touches on it subtly match my shorts without making me look like a walking gold mine. To edge my outfit up a bit, I accessorized my look with a chunky gold and black necklace mixed in with a daintier one.


I then finished my look off with 3 new purchases from this trip–my bag, boots and hat! :) Clearly, I was happy with my purchases–VERY VERY HAPPY. :) I’ve been searching for a hat like this one for so long already. And my boots? Hands down, my favorite boots so far.  And don’t get me started on this bag! I’ve been sporting this bag almost everyday since I got back. If you’re searching for a small travel-friendly bag, I definitely recommend this.


The wind kept blowing my hat away! No way that’s going to happen. I’m holding on to my hat foreverrrrrrrrr.


Cotton On hat


SM Accessories necklaces | The Ramp sweater


Choies gold shorts


Givenchy bag | The Ramp ring


Zara boots


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97 Responses to “Reflector”
  1. Chuls

    Hi Camille! I love this cold season outfit the most! I’m a Filipina living in China…:) I was wondering what you’re wearing under your beautiful sweater.? thanks

  2. Carina

    hi ate cams! i was in hongkong in dec 26 to jan 2! :) sayang di kita na abutan and kryz uy was in hongkong too when i went to disneyland she was there too but too bad i didnt saw her :( too bad too cuz i didnt saw you! :( how unlucky i am :(( huhuhu!

    • itscamilleco

      No naman! There are so many people in HK so mahirap talaga haha :)

  3. Macy Guido-Lee

    Hi Camille!

    Love the outfit! And the bag! Any chance that the bag’s on sale? Will be in HK in less than 2 weeks :)

    • itscamilleco

      I got it at Twist. When I went back during the holidays, they didn’t have it na :)

  4. judy

    Oh la la! You’re so gorgeous and sexy with your fab outfit. I like the sweater and boots. Oh-my, wish I can bought that.
    And because I adore you and this blog, I made the last photo as my desktop background on my laptop. XD Pretty!

  5. Tippy

    Love your knit top & lol on how you described your shorts although I didn’t really think about it that way until you mentioned it. Haha. I also enjoyed the HK weather and I love the freedom of being able to wear whatever to the point that I actually wanted to abuse it & wear reindeer antlers on Christmas day :P

  6. Colt Nava

    I love loose, comfy sweaters like this! I am soooo looking forward to your Hong Kong trip post because I know I can get some tips on where to shop. Well, I know where to shop but looking at your outfits I feel like you’re shopping in the most exclusive malls that only people with a super keen eye can spot them, I am so shocked and amazed that you shop at some of the most common and popular stores there! While I was reading your captions and you mention that you love love love the boots, I really couldn’t wait to see your credits, then TA DA! from Zara :D And your hat, I absolutely love it and it’s from cotton on! Can’t wait to check them out, I’ll link a pic if I’ll get one :D

    • itscamilleco

      I have so many secret shopping places in HK that I plan to keep secret hahaha :) Meanie!

  7. Michele

    I saw you in HK! You were in the Bazaar at Harbour City. Should’ve approached you for a picture! Haha but it was an honor to shop in the same place as one of my favorite bloggers. Love your style! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Michele! I didn’t go to Harbour city though :) Must be someone else! :)

  8. Tin Pua

    Oh ms. camille can you be anymore fabulous!?!?!?! you are just the most amazing blogger. I just love you’re style & how versatile you are… You are such an inspiration.. Hands down you are my fave blogger of all time!(no pambobola there!) HAPPY NEW YR MS.CO :)

  9. mk

    me; mama, kapag ako nagganto okay lang? (showed your picture here to her)
    mama: (laughs) nahiya ka naman lumabas

  10. maebs

    fab outfit. i love the first photo of you, it feels like your looking for someone. BTW, who took that photo of yours ate Camille? :) Happy New year!

  11. sweet_honeydew

    Omg, I love those gold stud boots and the gold and black chain necklaces are a perfect match with them! I’m sure you probably get this compliment a lot but you have such long slender legs Camille! It’s perfect for wearing stockings. I wish my legs were as long as yours! It sucks being short because it can make your legs look slightly more pudgy even they’re skinny. lol.

  12. Regina Belle

    Hi miss Camille :) I love your boots..bag..shorts..uhmm pretty much every single piece that you are wearing…:) you look lovely as always:)

  13. M

    Hi Miss Camille!!! :)
    What outfits can you suggest for Hong Kong on January 2013? It’s winter :) I’m really having a hard time in choosing what to pack? :( And where do you usually buy seaters/jackets/blazers? :) Thank you!!

    Love almost all of your outfits!! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks M! Try the international websites I feature here. If not, Zara :) I suggest layers of clothing. Make the most out of it!

  14. Sindy

    Hier in Finland where I live the weather is really cold. It’s snowing all the time (because it’s winter) and temperature can be nearly -20 degrees!!

    • itscamilleco

      I can just imagine! My uncle from Finland actually just came back to escape from the weather there! :)

  15. Lauren

    Gorgeous unfit, love the dark colours with light colours on the shorts, you look amazing as always


    Have a lovely New Year’s Eve tomorrow

  16. Tasha D.

    Akala ko Reynolds ang brand ng shorts mo. Very aluminum foil ang peg! haha! New Givenchy! Ganda! You got something from Chanel right? What is it? Sana may bonggang new heels ka din! :D

  17. Abby

    The “people staring at me all weird” part is so true. But that’s what you fashion bloggers are doing, slowly changing the way our culture perceives dressing up and standing out. :)

  18. Abba

    Jeez, hindi ko na alam kung pang ilang beses ko na toh pag comment, I feel like hindi complete yung pag read ko ng blog mo pag hindi ako nag ccomment ms. Camille. ALl I know is your so FAB! Drop Dead and Gorgeous. <3

  19. Trisha

    That half tuck in is a nice effect. I’ve been seeing that recently =))) HEHE Soooo cute when you said you’re going to hold on to your hat forever tehehehe. So pretty! =)))

  20. Charisse Roa

    Your top is a steal! AND those boots?! They’re full of swag! Love this outfit so much! Wish I can have this look too :)

  21. Sephie Rojas

    Those boots have got to be THE BEST rocker boots I’ve ever seen, in like, FOREVER! Haha! They’re totally Kick-Ass! XD Pwedeng-pwede sa “Bad Girl” Camille image mo, Achi! :D

  22. AJ Villaluz

    You are really my favourite fashion blogger :) You have such great style! I love it <3 And your hair is just so pretty? If you don't mind, what color is your hair? :3

    More power to you!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks AJ! :) I;m not sure what it is exactly because I just have it done at Park Jun Salon :) I just recently changed my color now though :)

  23. jasmin

    i loove the hat! me too i’ve been looking for the perfect hat for a long time. too bad i haven’t found it yet :(

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