Want to know why my photos are so freaking awesome?!!! It’s because Tricia took them! I’m so happy a professional photographer with lighting equipment was around to take them. I always love shooting with Tricia. Her photos are always so clean and pretty. These were taken right after our shoot for Miss Selfridge which took place at Heima’s LRI branch. I’m so excited for all of you to see the final output!

But since I can’t show you the photos from our shoot just yet, let me share with you what I wore behind the scenes first.

Funky!!!! With such a shiny skirt like this, who needs reflectors? Haha! But seriously, I’ve been searching for a shiny silver skirt like this for the longest time. It’s such a statement-making piece. I’ve been addicted to the color ever since I laid eyes on the Givenchy Antigona bag in mirror silver. (Someone give it to me pleeeeeeeaaaaase! Christmas is right around the corner. *Cough* *cough* LOL I know, I’ll just keep dreaming. TT)

Silver with denim is such a nice combination. It tones down the metallic color a tad bit and makes it more wearable.

Chictopia Shop denim jacket | Topshop studded corset | Market HQ silver skirt

This jacket actually reminds me of the 80s. It has that bulky thing going on. If you look at it’s design closely, it looks reworked as well which I find so charming.

Extreme Finds bracelets | Butingtings ring

To make the look even funkier, I added colorful arm candies and these Giuseppe Zanotti look-alike sneaker wedges.

Choies sneaker wedges

FINALLY, I have them! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PAIR! Excuse the random rabbit beside my feet haha! It’s just too cute! Actually everything in Heima is really cute. All the furniture and decors you see here are from Heima.

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169 Responses to “Blinding”
  1. MiKu

    you are such a great bloggerin…
    Love almost all your styles…..
    I’m a big fan of you
    love, MiKu

  2. Jill

    I LOOOOVE THIS LOOK! ❤❤❤ I love how the metallic skirt, denim jacket and colorful sneakers go so well together :D I am in awe right now :D Deymmm. Fashion inspired once again, thanks to you ate Camille :””> I’ll always be your fan! >:D<

  3. Janina Torres

    nice photos! love the vintage-y vibe hahaha. May I ask what was the camera settings to these photos? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Sorry I can’t help you with that because Tricia took these :)

  4. Mark U

    “…Givenchy Antigona bag in mirror silver…” *takes notes

    Meanwhile… cue music

    Loose, footloose kick off your Sunday shoes!!

  5. Kris J.

    I love your outfit here! Plus the “to-die-for” shoes. :) Super Cool!
    You look like Taylor Swift. :)) So Pretty!

  6. maebs

    the skirt captures my eyes :) love it! the sneakers rocks! its my first time to see you wearing those sneakers!

  7. ladyanne

    hello again Miss Cams! You probably wont remember me but I’m really one of your avid followers in terms of style and dreams I guess? haha anyway, Im the engineer who wants to persue fashion as a business as well. Im currently working on it and coming from a famous blogger like you, I just want to know what makes you buy in a ready to wear online shop? Big help, Thanks! Keep inspiring! =)

    • itscamilleco

      Wow! Engineering to fashion! Quite a big leap :) I look at the price, the selection, the quality and the service :)

  8. gladys

    WOW! I love the shoes a. . . . lot. . . . I want to have one!!!
    I love the combination of colors!! huhuhuhuhu

  9. Regine

    I love this outfit, especially the shoess! ~~oh, the colors~~ :D I also agree that Tricia is a good photographer and Heima’s furniture and decor is just so adorable. :>

  10. Nelle

    It seems like an outfit Patricia would wear, after all she is the stylist, hahaha :D It’s so cute, I love it! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha but she didn’t style this though. She styled for the shoot. This isn’t Miss Selfridge :)

  11. feliamille

    its nicceeeeeeee! and the quality of the picture, awesome! love your skin, really makinis! :)

  12. Kurizutin

    Big wow! You look stunning Ms. Camille! I really, really love the shoes! I love the combination of colors. I’m a lover of turquoise or something near that shade. Also, I hope to visit heima soon! I’m a fan of their furnitures!

  13. Nkenge

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! IM SO BUYING BUYING BUYING THOSE SHOES! Lol where in the world do u find these stuff?

  14. Christine Koay

    I love the silver skirt! it’s so… shinyyy~~ haha.. and I love the sofa too.. nice print.. the lighting equipment makes you look so fair.. I’m just curious, do you know how to speak/read/write chinese, Ms Camille? if you don’t mind me asking..

  15. Toni

    Hello, Miss Cams! I am going to Zac Efron’s fan convention tomorrow and I decided to wear a super glittery top na USA flag-inspired. What should I wear: pants, shorts, bandage skirt, etc? And what type of shoes din po? Thanks! :)

  16. Gena

    Hi Camille, just wanted to ask, how do you get the stuff you shipped from abroad? Do you have it sent straight like fedex or really go through the post office? Had too many bad experiences kasi being ripped off by post office customs so im scared!

    • itscamilleco

      Depends, sometimes straight to my home or I have to pick it up at the post office. :)

  17. Isa Reynoso

    Stunning photos! Great work by Tricia, as usual :) And great modelling, Camille! Love the whole funky outfit and of course, your shoes! <3

  18. Cillalois Marie

    Awesomeness! You look like a pro model. So cool, top bloggers in one project. I bet you guys were just like capturing your own outfit post while having this shoot. Congrats to you three. Cheers!

  19. Marj

    I would just like to ask, what do you recommend to wear in Spain during November season? :D

  20. gladys

    I am really drooling over the shoes!!! Goodness!! I love the color combination and everything!!
    This outfit really rocks! LOL

  21. jepi

    I super love your sneaker wedges!!! I want ’em! XD

    BTW I love this look on you, it’s so different from your usual girlishly-classy-and-sophisticated style:)

  22. Pat Hernandez

    I saw Patricia’s and Kryz’s looks wearing high-cut sneakers and I was about to ask you if you’ll wear them. Good thing I don’t need to ask anymore! Hehe. Your shoes are very colorful and I like it! You are just so pretty! :D
    Anyways, I read in a comment in your previous post that you’re not a fan of havaianas high. I’m just wondering, what do you think about Fitflops? Would you wear them?

  23. R.A. Cruz

    huwaaaww Camille. you look really amazing. your awesome ensemble and your awesome awesome hair are just perfect <3 is that your real hair color by the way? :p

  24. ANF

    Gosh, Giuseppe Zanotti (I think you made a typo on his name there hihi) is one of my favorite designers ever :) His shoes are to die for!

  25. Marj

    I really noticed the awesome quality of the photos. I admire Tricia g. and you also!! Love always. x

  26. Jaz

    Love your shoes and your skirt….and your lipstick!! I’m am so obsessed with red lips…brand and shade please?

  27. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Grabeh!Ang puti mo,Please give me some “kaputian” :/ And your right your look was so funky.I love your skirt alot!And of course I really more like your face and figure than your loutfit! hehe Omy!!please give me some kaputian ha?! :D ^^

  28. Rose

    Wow! indeed.. can I hired Tricia as my photographer on my wedding next year??? btw.. as always you rock those pieces very well! you look awesome and chic :D

  29. Kathrina Joy Nuque

    Hi Camille! Im the first one to comment here! :)

    The color is so fresh and young! I have been a follower of your blog since april 2012 and finally I was able to start my own too with tumblr. hope u can visit it. I also have my online store and hopefully u can model for it too..


    Mis Kath

  30. cathy

    Camille!! I absolutely love those sneakers! The whole look is so fun and youthful. (:

  31. Trisha

    I love all the pieces of your outfit!!!! Never thought silver will look good with a denim HEHE I’m just too scared to experiment! I know there’s no limit in fashion, but I’m just afraid to “break the rules”. HAHA Your look has a combination of cute and sexy and… I’m speechless HAHA It’s like formal na something. Usually metallics are worn on formal or special occasions, right? (What I thought. Sometimes my friends and family will ask why I’m dressed so well for a simple outing if I wear metallics or glitter kasi.) The red lipstick gives a “bad ass” touch. I don’t know if red lipstick will look good on me HEHE Sophisticated! =))

      • Trisha

        Sometimes my mom or maybe other people (before) would tell me this should go with this and that. Those kinds of rules? I guess? HEHE But it’s sooo different now! It’s awesome! =))

  32. Anonymous

    This is by far my most favorite of your outfits. Most notably the shoes and the very red lips that suit your beautiful skin.

    Love to Tricia as well.

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