Here’s another one of my outfits for SM Mall Of Asia’s End of Season Sale campaign.  I’m wearing green from head to toe which is why I was this close to naming this blog post “the grass is greener on the other side” or “green with envy” or better yet, “greet the world with a green”. No? You don’t like the last one? LOL! I figured. Aren’t you thankful I was in the right mind today and I didn’t go all corny on you guys?


Aaaaaaaaanyway, so it’s another print on print outfit! When you do print on prints like this, combine prints that have at least one similar color. In this case, I chose the color green. To reinforce it even more, I wore accessories in the color green as well.  This way,  it’s the color that stands out the most and makes everything look cohesive.


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Forever 21 beaded necklace | Online tassel necklace 


Diane Von Furstenberg top


Sabrina skirt SM Accessories green ring H&M aqua ring


SM Parisian shoes


If there’s one thing I miss about my old hair, it’s being able to curl it like this. But no big deal, I still love my shorter, almost-red hair!

116 Responses to “Green”
  1. Dheya Suzuki

    yay. Parisian shoes all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! haha. they’re so fab and comfy. do you have the pastel ones? I hope you do. it’ll surely look good on you. =)) back to your outfit, I sooo love it. (as always)

  2. Dannah

    Camille, you are sooooo GREEN! love it… Love the Curly locks… btw… I have a natural culr hair… hehe share lang. You are my idol talaga. =)

  3. Dona

    They say print-on-print hardly match but how the hell did you pull that off effortlessly??!!! Like waahhh! Maybe it goes with everything about you. Your passion for clothing, confidence, physique, and that ‘sosyal’ factor! =) Oh, bless you. Lol!

  4. Kay

    I so love your look! your outfit is so niceeee!! and and you’re so pretty to the world! ;))

  5. gladys

    Sana magkaroon din ng malalaking picture mo ang SM dito sa amin Miss para bongga…
    Ang nakita ko lang ay ang picture mo sa Accessories section na SPOTTED…Talagang sumigaw ako nang makita ko yung mukha mo. tuloy, gusto kong i.uwi ang . . . was that a tarp or poster? , na may mukha mo :)

    I love your outfit. Nakakawala ng sakit ng ulo…And your make-up, nakaka-intimidate…Really pretty..

  6. nelayish

    Wow! I love Parisian shoes too :D Very affordable and stylish! Emerald wedges:)

  7. Shannen

    Hi Camille! You look like a walking Barbie Doll esp. in the 2nd photo. hihi. I super love how you matched the green in this outfit! and I love your shoesies! :D

  8. Justine

    Hi Camille, just wanna say that u are so pretty!
    I wish i had flawless skin and long skinny legs like you :)

  9. Hanniel Eugenio

    simple yet you look elegant on that print to print combo… you always really did it great from print to print, from layering, color blocking, accessorizing, from simple to WOW, from plain to OMG, from cute to sexy…what more i can say.. your the “perfect combo queen”..^^ opppppsss… sorry if you don’t like being called that way..(like or unlike?) but yah you execute that well.. :D

  10. luisaforhappiness

    Ate Camille! I love your make up in this post! :) Your eyes are amazing! I love it <3

  11. Trisha

    I love your outfit! (as always =))) Shoes from Parisian, especially heels are sooo nice =))) There’s this pair of boots that I really wanna have TEHEHE

  12. camille rentoy

    OMG miss camille ! i super duper love your hair here? who did it or what salon? :) so gorgeous eh LOL

  13. Kaithleen

    love your shoes! ><
    may i ask for help, camille?
    im currently cramming, cause i still didn't prepare for my prom. and our theme is soiree of england. and its hard O_O

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Kaithleen! Hmmm how about a nice feminine dress? Like an English rose! :)

  14. Vina Guerrero

    omg! saw that shoes at sm parisian!! i was thinking twice if i will buy that! But because you wore it, i think i’m buying that na! haha! <3

  15. Krystel

    Hello Camille!!

    Good looking as always!! I cannot believe that I did see you in real flesh earlier this morning at the Cebu-Mactan International Airport!!! I kept asking my sister that we go near you and Patricia and your guy friend, but we’re just to shy!! I don’t think you can remember me, but I was the one who waved and said “HI” inside the blue multicab while you guys were waiting for your sundo.. hehehe.. I hope you guys enjoy Sinulog!! Pit Senyor! :)

  16. rhona

    Another cute blog!! I never find you corny or whatsoever that’s why I always read your blog =))

  17. francine

    Hi! Our prom’s coming up and there’s not much to choose from when it comes to shopping for a clutch here in Iloilo so I was thinking about buying online. Do you know of any good sites that sell them? Thank you :)

  18. Desiree

    i badly want this look!!!:) Hi camille. I got excited when i saw this post. i have a skirt which has similar print with your skirt. thanks to this post, i now have an idea on what to pair with that skirt. this post taught me that it’s alright to pair print-on-print.:)

  19. Mauriciostian

    wow the only blogger i know who rock print on print ;D are most of these pieces from Manila? People dress so boring here in Norway, and the stores are all the same. I want to visit Manila now ;D

  20. Anne

    Awesome! At first I thought it was a dress! :) Please post pictures of you in your new hair already! :)

  21. desiree

    Hi Camille. This post taught me that it’s perfectly alright to mix print-on-print. I have a skirt which print is mostly similar to yours. Thanx to this post, I now have an idea what to pair with my skirt. ♥

  22. haze

    Finally, I saw your full facial muscle glow! haha…I love how you mix and match the prints and color…tsk… your such a genius ate camille! Plus, you color outfit look like a peacock :) so wonderful!

  23. Christine

    No doubt ! Gorgeous :) BTW , Miss Camille , do you have gowns for rent ? Prom dress to be exact ?:) Price range please :)

    • itscamilleco

      Yes we do allow it. You can inquire through Clariss at 09175302776 :)

  24. Tasha D.

    Woah! In fairness to your heels! Di mukhang Parisian Lang! Bongga na talaga local brands natin!

  25. maebs

    you are so stunning ate Camille :) I always adore you when you mix print on print. :) yay! gusto ko rin pong mag enroll sa print on print 101 subject mo. LOL :)

  26. Daffodil

    Hi :) You’re so lovely, your dress is beautiful,and its color is perfect for year 2013
    Btw Camille Co, I need you help we have our Prom this coming week I had no idea what I’m gonna wear, :( please help me

  27. tati

    thank you Camille for wearing this tassel necklace again! you always look stunning and seems to me like you have a Phd in mixing prints with your outfits. :)

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