Old Rose


You know it! Whenever I’m in a maxi skirt, I twirl and sway like there’s no tomorrow. It’s my money shot. LOL. I’m so glad I found this maxi skirt when I went to Malaysia last year because it’s always so hard to find maxi skirts that are long enough to wear heels with.


If you want flowy skirts that won’t make your tummy seem big, instead of shirred skirts, go for pleated ones like this. Pleats are flat so they won’t make you lose your waist.


I paired my skirt with this beautiful top from Stylista. I love how dramatic my top looks. It’s actually jersey and leather combined. Too bad you can’t see it clearly here.


To add a little warmth to my look, I wore accessories in shades of rose. It’s a nice way to balance out the cool tones.

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SM Accessories necklaces (2)


SM Accessories bracelet and ring


YSL bag


Stylista.PH top | H&M belt


Zero To Ten skirt Giuseppe Zanotti heels

156 Responses to “Old Rose”
  1. mica

    you look fabulous, camille! anyway where is this place? <3

  2. Ma. Alaiza Agres

    Elegant and classy!! It makes you look lovely and refreshing wearing those maxi skirts.. hehe ,. Just wondering if height does matter when wearing maxi skirts? maybe it can make you look small? (for short girls) (●´◡`●)

  3. Athena

    Seriously love your bags. I mean, ugh, I don’t even. I just love them. And I think this is one of my favorite looks from you.

  4. Marelli

    Hi Camille. Why do you always look fabulous? Hehe. I just wanted to ask for your opinion, im thinking of wearing a blue maxie dress paired with a red blazer? Would that be fine? I mean i want to know it from a doll’s point of view. Thank u so much!! Kisses!

  5. Lizz

    Good day Ms. Camille! I was wondering if a chubby and not-so-tall girl like me could also wear maxi skirts? Will it suit me or not? I’ll be waiting for your expert opinion. Much love!

  6. Aerielle M. Nuestro

    I love maxi skirts but I still can’t find the perfect one. I love how it can make your outfit dramatic, romantic, flowy, easy breezy, just like flying. Lol. I hope I’d score one (or two) in HK. Hihi. I really love your looks Ms. Camille! Sophisticated, mature, romantic, and everything nice! <3

  7. My Darling

    Hi Miss Camille, I love your maxi skirt and I want to wear one too but I cant coz I’m short. Haha! I was worried coz the last time I checked, my comment on your post ‘Streets of Hong Kong’ wasnt posted yet. I was thinking that maybe you didn’t like it. But when I checked now, it’s there already! Yey! I was wondering if there are people who leave bad comments about you :c

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks! It just takes me some time to approve and go through the comments :) Lately, none naman :) Knock on wood!

  8. Nica

    Kulang na lang ng “Facundo, kolekthin ang lahat ng maxi skirt sa Malaysia, I need them in my life!” hahaha very donya and sophisticated =)

  9. Amanda

    Hi Camille! I love all of your outfits! They’re so beautiful. This one reminds me of a Southern Belle :3

    I’m going to Manila soon for a trip, and I really want to visit the SM Mall of Asia you talk so much about. Since I don’t have a lot of time there, I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers about which shops I MUST go to. I know the bigs ones, like Mango, TopShop, F21, but what about some of the more native shops? Fashion, food, anything is welcome!! Thank you sooo much.

    Beautiful as always!

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Amanda! If you want to go around MOA, most of the big local brands are available there like Bayo, Tomato, Bench, Celine, etc. :) Try walking around the Manila Bay area as well! :)

  10. mk

    parang Donyang-donya…madaame na madam …super richie rich girl and dating bcos of the accessories

  11. Valerie

    You went to Malaysia last year?! Oh, is it the one in Putrajaya? Haha I am from Malaysia too! When u come and visit again in Malaysia to let me know so we can meet! Haha :P come visit KL! The capital city of Malaysia

  12. Kaithleen

    woow.. *O*
    i simply love it. :O
    i wish i could wear clothes like those someday! :))

  13. CJ

    Modern interpretation of the Maria Clara dress back in the Spanish Era! Lovely!!! Question… Did you watch the premiere of The Carrie Diaries? Did you like it?

    • itscamilleco

      I think it’s promising so I’ll be watching the next episodes as well :) Thanks CJ! :)

  14. JaneyJane07

    Havey na Havey ng outfit. too bad i didn’t get a chance 2 see u when u were here in Cebu. Kainis on call kami kahit Sinulog.hehehe

  15. Corinne

    The top is just a tad too big for you; it overpowered your slim frame. But I love the accessories you chose for this outfit. :)

  16. gladys

    me:knock, knock:
    you: who’s there?
    me: fuschia.
    you: fuschia who?
    me: Andito na naman FUSHIA, si Miss Camille, with her maxi skirt…Hindi na isang balde lang ng pampatangkad ang iinumin ko. isang drum na talaga!
    Fushia, bow.

    Corny po ba? :D

    You look so pretty po here. Parang diwata lang na naligaw sa concret jungle..:))

  17. Ella R.

    parang sobrang sosyal pag may big floppy hat ka pa dito! :3 this is SO pretty and fabulous nonetheless!

  18. prance

    I love it when you wear flowy skirts/dresses! I can understand the twirling feeling you have when wearing them too!

  19. Anelle

    This outfit is a big bag of awesome! I love the rose color of the pearl necklaces as well as the blue-grey shade of the maxi skirt. I really love the color palette of this outfit, I really do!

  20. Carrizza

    You are so beautiful Camillleee!!! Madam na madam ang peg. Lovely!! :DDD

  21. Alvin

    Such a gorgeous styling! Eventhough I am a man, I am very much in love with that YSL’s bag! Ah!! Jelous* haha!

  22. Patrice Aliman

    It’s nice to meet you, Donya Camille. Haha. Ang yaman at ang matured ng dating!

  23. tiffany

    why so maganda?? hahaha….i love you ate camille…..ang ganda mo and i love your style same to ate laureen….

  24. Trishna

    You looked really taller when you wore that maxi skirt and syempre, pretty parin. Hihi. :)) Anyway, I’m a 13 year old girl and I want to have my legs and underarms waxed but Lay Bare, Strip, and other waxing salons won’t let me undergo the process. I also want to lose my upper lip hair or femstache. Can you suggest any product that I could use that isn’t that painful so that I could wax/remove the hair by myself? Thanks!

  25. Joy Dianne

    You look so sweet here Ms. Camille. I sooo love it. *YOUNG AND FREE* :DDD

  26. Kate

    you look so stunning! very regal!! ask ko lang po, paano po ma-achieve ang look na’to for girls with average height and normal body weight? i mean yung hindi skinny pero hindi rin naman po chubby.. thanks so much!! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Heels! :) You have to elongate your legs so high waist dapat and wear heels :)

  27. Ania

    wow ! you hace bautiful style ! I love your skirt and how you wear it with necklace and shirt. You have really good style and It’s class ! <3

  28. Vin

    Ang lakag makadonya ng outfit, ‘te! Ang gandaaaa!! :) Sana I could have guts to wear the same thing. Hehe! Feeling ko kasi hindi bagay sa skinny like me kasi whenever I try wearing loose, sinasabihan akong “mukha kang hanger” LOL! Any suggestion? :) Thanks!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha I’m skinny too but it’s okay :) Try wearing it with a belt :)

  29. Hannah

    Very beautiful, ate! Love your outfit, as usual! ;) Haha suuuuper duuper excited to see your blog post about Sinulog 2013!! Much love x

  30. Christine

    Never tried my hand with maxi skirts but after seeing this outfit I think, I should add it to my wardrobe. It has the right amount of girliness and sophistication perfect for those casual and conservative meetings. You look lovely!

  31. Colt Nava

    I love the Victorian vibe of the top! I love the whole ensemble but if you will allow me a request, I would love to see you wear this top again with a laced bib necklace — it will be a super Oh Em Gee moment for me!

  32. Tasha D.

    I like! SM accessories is the place to be when it comes to accessory shopping! Love those pieces on you! Very Boho Chic ang look na ‘to! Your bag looks mature din! At mukhang x10 ang pagiging mamahalin kasi I can see crocodile leather! LAVET!


    you are indeed gorgeous miss..you’re like ‘DYOSA’ in that dress..woot.woot

  34. Angel

    IM THE FIRST ONE TO COMMENT again hooray !!

    you look so beautiful :D !!

    love it ♥

  35. Elle

    You never fail to look elegant Camille!

    Btw, my sister saw you yesterday at Ayala Cebu with Ms. Patricia Prieto and she immiediately called me and said “OH MY GHAAADDD ATE, YOUR IDOL IS HERE! I SAW HER!!!!” hahaha…and while i was in the church in Manila that time I can’t help but scream and jump… too bad she was star struck she wasn’t able to take a photo of you… :( anyway, i hope u enjoyed Sinulog in cebu! :D was it ur first time? it’s my first time not being there coz of work…. :(

  36. abby

    wow! you look so glamorous here! btw, aren’t you wearing makeup? ultimate girl crush tlga! :P

  37. Nessa

    “It’s always so hard to find maxi skirts that are long enough to wear heels with.”

    This is really funny for me, because my dilemma is always the opposite. Maxi-skirts are always too long for me, even when wearing heels. Well, because I’m petite. These are the times when I envy your height. :)

    You look really pretty, Cams :)

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