Oh hello there, Minnie! Here’s what I wore to cap off my happy holiday trip to Hong Kong with my family. I’ve always loved sweaters and shirts that feature characters that I loved as a kid. Whenever I wear them, I just can’t help but feel chippy chirpy inside. I guess it’s the little kid in me. (WHY DO I HAVE TO AGE?! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!)


Shirts like this are always so easy to style. The quirky vibe they give off can make anything look fun and carefree. Since I wore this to the airport, I made sure the rest of what I’m wearing are as comfortable as my shirt. The last thing I need are frilly layers of clothing! I needed something I can easily move around in so a pair of pants are definitely preferred over skirts and dresses.


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H&M jeans


Channel earrings


Forever 21 sweater


Romwe jacket



AHHHHH! Finally! Let us all welcome Givenchy’s Antigona to the family. It may not be the silver one that I’ve been lusting over since forever but still. LOVE!!!


Zara boots

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  1. Irish Joy

    Ate Cam, Ate Cam, Hiii :) Shocks, I miss you already. Ate, I agree with what others are saying, even the most simple clothes, when you wear it, they became the most fascinating one. ❤ Nways, Ate who is your fave Disney cartoon charter? :) Mine is Cinderella! Haha!

  2. Callie

    Antigona bag !! < (Even if I check it like every day lol.)
    Love how you take time to respond to the comments. =3

  3. Dheya Suzuki

    awwww. soooooo cute naman your Minnie Mouse tee. :”))) will try this kind of outfit soon. will do it with Hello Kitty character tee. mehehe. :D

  4. Hanniel Eugenio

    hi.. sorry if always ended up commenting all your posts on a one same day…its just that i don’t always had the time to use the net..so if i got the time ill make sure to read all of your post..^^ anyway, its so nice to know that we share the same interest on minnie.. haha i even watch the old mickey and minnie movie episodes that i still manage to save on my laptop since i was a child.. its something that reminded your childhood that can somehow unstress you..right? well, aside from you being cute and that cute minnie shirt, i really love the sweater and the bag.. plus the color gives an additional plus points for me..^^

  5. Coleen

    Hi, Ate Camille! We had our exam for 3 days that’s why I wasn’t able to keep up with your posts. . Anyway, I missed your blog and of course, na-miss din kita. =) Pa-hug nga, Ate Camille! >:D< PS: You're so pretty!!!!!! AS USUAL! Ano pa nga bang bago? :D

  6. jessie

    I was in HK for Christmas too! :D although I’m from Canada, so I had a 16 hour flight back, meaning I was a total slob in sweatpants hahaha, and not nearly as stylish as you! :P
    I love the colour combo of your outfit!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha well you have to be comfortable inside the plane! I can’t blame you :)

  7. Paola

    Hi Ms Camille! Love the look! Just wondering, were you using a bun maker in your hair? If ever, what’s the brand? :)

  8. sweet_honeydew

    I love Minnie too. I just recently bought a new Mickey sweater from Forever21, lol! Ah, I don’t think I’ll ever grow up even when I am 50/60 years old, I’ll still be rocking my Minnie and Mickey sweaters! LOL. I think disney characters is something that we all grow up loving so it doesn’t really have an “age period” where we can wear them. Besides, I always want to be a kid at heart even if my body is aging by the days, lol! A youthful heart makes a youthful soul! =)


  9. Josephine

    Minnie! I love shirts like those! >w< Haha, Mickey and Minnie are favourites! ^^
    I also really love your jeans and that sweater!

  10. Joy Dianne

    OMG! Bakit kapag ikaw ang may suot, lahat ng simple nagiging bongga?! I love you Miss Camille. LOL :DDD

  11. Isa Reynoso

    super awesome airport outfit! I absolutely love this! :) You’re jacket’s too pretty and I love that you wore a Minnie Mouse sweater inside. Like you, I also love character designs! I’m a sucker for them <3

  12. Christine Koay

    You look chic here, Ms Camille! Love that Minnie sweater too! and that Givenchy bag is gorgeous! How I wish I can have long hair like you so I can do that top bun! my hair is still..growing.. sigh.. and I think everyone has a kid inside us.. I still love watching cartoon eventhough I’m 22+ this year.. and I watch cartoon with my mum.. haha.. =D

  13. Charisse Roa

    I’m lovin’ Minnie Mouse mooore! <3 This outfit looks comfy and perfect if you're traveling to another country! You really love Givenchy! I've seen you have a couple of bags from that brand. Classy! :)

  14. Danielle

    Hi Camille!

    I need your advice- I already have an orange pandora. Should I get.. an Antigona (I checked out one recently and even the small was heavy) or a Nightingale in black pebbled leather next? :) I’m leaning towards the Nightingale but I love how ‘clean cut’ the Antigona is! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Well the Nightingale can fit more stuff in but the Antigona is sooooo pretty :) I say Antigona!

  15. mie facunla

    hi camille!!! i always enjoy reading your blog especially your cute outfits and i saw on t.v that you and your friends are in etcetera on sunday.. its so nice to see you in our t.v screen.. :) thank you and godbless

  16. elaine g.

    i love it when you wear this kind of outfits because it is more wearable on me. hahahaha. but i still do love when you’re all dressed-up, its just that i wear jeans more :D

  17. Emmrose Villasfer

    nakakagulat naman ung first pic. you were looking at me! :D hahaha
    i love the bag! wooh!
    and I want to see your hair red. :P

  18. leighyahlein

    omg.. i love the pants… i woud go and get one..as in now na! minnie is ur fave cartoon character?

  19. MarielleSantos

    I love the outfit . It looks very comfy ! Ideal for long travels !! :))

  20. Alex McClain

    The jacket really does it for me with this look! Blue is my favorite color and it compliments the Minnie sweatshirt and bag perfectly. =) very cute.

  21. Anelle

    I love everything about this look! That handbag is to die for and I love the print of the pants! I really wanted a basic black leather jacket but this has convinced me to look for one with a pop of color.

  22. Colt Nava

    Love the jeans! It looked like leggings from afar but when you credited your boots, I can see clearly that they were indeed jeans :D oh and when I saw your little blogger typo [Channel earringsz] I kinda smiled cos it reminded me that Camille Co, businesswoman/fashion blogger/designer/stylist/model is also human like us “commoners” lol Love the whole look, Camille :D

  23. Erika Enriquez

    hi, you wrote ‘Channel earringsz’… and it seems like a typo?? *concerned fan* haha.
    btw, i love your bag :’) hays~

  24. JaneyJane07

    Love it! Bagets na bagets and peg mo here Camille. I want that bag kaso d ko lng afford.hehehe :)

  25. Nelayish

    I love your Givenchy Bag!! :) How I wish own even one Givenchy! Sobbing aside, you look cute with this Ms. Camille :) It makes me want to wear my Minnie Mouse t-shirt right now!

  26. mk

    testing my new gravatar..hello, the sweater looks like a shirt…if you didn’t put the details

  27. queen e

    i love it when you wear pants/leggings/tights! i take inspiration from your looks but i cant wear shorts/skirts/short dresses because of my scars..so i’m all perked up when you post looks that do not show bare legs!

  28. Nessa

    I love that you took your outfit shots in the airport :) And yes, that’s my question as well. WHY DO WE HAVE TO AGE? WHY?! T_T

  29. Coco

    Hi Camille! Well I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I must say I really like your style! I just admire the way you mix so many prints and colors and make it look so nice and classy! I’ve wanted to start a blog too, by whenever I see yours or other great blogs that I like to follow I just think “noooo… you can’t compete with those girls” ;) I think I don’t have enough self confidence!

    • itscamilleco

      But you don’t have to compete with anyone though. Make a blog for yourself :) It’ll be fun! :)

  30. your#1fan ^__^

    suuper love your outfit po ^___^
    and want to ask lang po what’s the best outfit to wear for me as a college girl student? lalo na po we are in atropical country..

  31. maebs

    you have a pretty outfit ate Cams. :) your bag is heaven!!!! I love it. it is beautiful :)

  32. gladys

    Nalalaway ako sa bag!!! Napatunganga ako ng matagal… Super ganda…
    Tsaka ang jacket, nakaka-inggit…(Sorry Lord. Bawal nga pala mainggit.)

    I love the shots…You are so maganda…I love your lipstick…

  33. MarielleSantos

    OMG ! Best outfit to wear on travels ! Comfy pants shirt and shoes !! And i love the jacket ! <3 definitely gonna use this idea on travelling next time ! :))) <3

  34. judy

    I love color blue, this is so cool! oooh.. I like everything, from bottom to top especially that beautiful model ^-^

  35. Tasha D.

    WAAAAAAH! (deep inside gusto ko gumamit ng bad wordssss sa sobrang ganda ng bagelya mo! Pero im obeserving the strict PG 13 rule in your bloggey! haha!) I loooove it! TRUE mas maganda nga yung chromed na givenchy antigona pero mukha kasi syang fingerprint magnet eh. Keri na din yan! Next target mo na yung Givenchy Antigona in crocodile leather!!!!! Woohoo! I love this look! So ganda din the jacket! ;)

  36. Jevey Anne R. Resco

    Sobrang galing nung pagkaka-mix and match ng outfit mo dito ate camille, ang simple lang nung shirt pero ang ganda nung kinalabasan :) High five ate! :)

    PS: Korean ka po ba talaga o chinese? Hahaha Mas mukha ka pong korean dito :) :’)

  37. Vanni Yeth

    You’ve been wearing that Zara shoes a lot in your trip in Hongkong ;) XOXO

  38. ish

    love the look, the pants are amazing and lovelovelove the bag <3
    xx ish

  39. Therese Chloe Kintanar

    Hi Camille! Just dropping by to say I LOVE your blog so much. Not only are you a great stylist, but also very amusing and bubbly!

    Love your shirt by the way! If you’re up for more, I know there are plenty of cartoon character shirts in SM GTW (I buy at SM Cebu).

    Stay pretty and bubbly! ^_^

  40. Joyce

    Oh myyy.. The bag! Quality! Hehehe. Camiiiille! More copper-dyed-hair photos please! Or should I say red? ;) *psyched!*

  41. yanney

    I love your pants :)

    btw, miss Camille, I would like to ask, how much do you usually pay for the tariff if you order your clothes online?

    I’m afraid of ordering from international online shops because of the tariff that I need to pay to the customs to get my package. (I don’t know if it’s super pricey..hehe)

    A little advice from the expert will help.. :)


  42. Sephie Rojas

    Love❤ for comfy tops with childhood cartoon characters on them! \:D/ Love x2 for the gorgeous royal blue accent of that lovely jacket :3 And Love, Love, LOOOOOVE that lustful Givenchy bag! It’s class in a form of a bag @o@ Simply gorgeous~ ❤❤❤

  43. Ronieliza Magsino

    OMG! I suuuuper love minnie,! this outfit is perfect! :)) especially the bag!

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