Streets Of Hong Kong


Well, actually, it’s just one street you’ll see here. But having “street of Hong Kong” for my blog title just doesn’t sound right. Haha!


This was the day my brother, sister and dad left for Manila. It was just my mom and me, roaming the streets of Hong Kong. Before going around Central, we made a not-so-quick pitstop here to take my outfit shots. Oh the pains we took just to get these simple shots! I’ve successfully taught my mom how to shoot with my Nikon dSLR when we first went to Barcelona together for Mango, so it really baffles me why she just can’t seem to get along with my tiny and much more user-friendly Olympus camera. But hey, there is still hope. I’m sure one day–maybe in a month or two, or maybe a year? Gasp, 10 years?! She will probably get the hang of it. Fingers crossed. (God, please heed my call.)


So here are the few decent shots we managed to take. I’m lucky my mom still tries her best even though she’s super confused with my camera all the time. You see my smile here? At the back of my mind, I was probably thinking to myself, “please let this be focused. Please, please, please!”


And then here, I was probably thinking to myself, “quick mom, take the photo before the old couple walks by.”


Then by the time we took this photo, I was probably already thinking, “I give up. There must be at least ONE or TWO shots we can use. Pwede na iyan!” LOL.


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Romwe hat Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell lash extensions


Forever 21 necklace


Romwe top


Romwe leather skirt


Givenchy bag


Zara flats


Romwe blazer

148 Responses to “Streets Of Hong Kong”
  1. Dheya Suzuki

    I was inspired by your leather skirt so I bought a leather short with the same color of your skirt. hihi. such a faaaaan. ;)

  2. Jaztine

    reading this really reminds me of my mom.. she’s not really into techie stuff especially in using cameras.. it would either be out of focus or blurred..

  3. Aerielle M. Nuestro

    I know the feeling of having your mom to take pictures… Lol. :) And I noticed, ROMWE all the way Ms. Camille! Hehe. And may I ask how to manage the settings of an Olympus camera (but not like yours,I don’t know what model I have but it’s the cheapest around P5k) to produce kahit 1/4 of how gorgeous and clear your pictures are? ‘Cause I really have difficulty on understanding and make ‘kalikot’ (LOL) to my cam.. :( Thanks Ms. Camille! <3

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Aerielle! Romwe is so nice kasi :) I’m no experts with camera so I really wouldn’t know. I’ve only used one Olympus camera. Try to check the ISO settings maybe?

  4. Abby Gonzales

    As always, you’re gorgeous! I think you and your mom nailed it! Beautiful shots ❤❤❤❤

  5. Rie Lao

    Hi Ms. Camille. I would just like to ask what the model of your Olympus cam is and what blog site you are using. Thank you :) God bless :D

  6. Chai Chen

    Ganda! Puro ROMWE ah halos hehehe. :p
    Haaay I’m so disappointed with them in their recent giveaway promotions – always finding excuses why they can’t give my prize kahit lahat qualified and winner na ako. Oh well … just airing! Sad :S

    About this outfit naman, super cool! Love the little vintage effect it has hehe. :) Good thing you were still able to capture some shots. Beautiful! :)

    ★♡ Step Up Movie Revolution! (^_^) ♡★
    Outfit Post: Step Up Dance Gear
    … how I loved to dance again!

    ❤ ~Chai

    • itscamilleco

      Oh really? That’s so sad. I’ve never had any bad experiences with them though :(

      Thanks Chai!

  7. kling

    do you have plans of coming here in Dubai?id love to shop with you. pretty please.

  8. Christine Koay

    Love this look, Ms Camille! So preppy.. your mum is good at taking your outfit shots! There’s always an improvement.. =)

  9. Krys

    Awe, cute and seems like you were able to get some good shots out of your mum! Hope you’ve been having a good week so far (:

  10. kristine

    Love the simplicity and elegance of this look! :>
    p.s. we went to hk too for Christmas! Sayang didn’t get to see you!

  11. Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    You’re cute and the shots are great, though. Love it how you and your mom came up with this. That’s my dilemma actually. I don’t have anyone to take decent shots of me. :D I’m not teaching my 13-year-old son. But it’s a struggle. Ha ha

  12. maebs

    hi there British School girl :) i love your bag, it is really beautiful just like you :)

  13. Driely Rodrigues

    Oi Camille, linda escolha de peças, o look ficou lindo!
    Amo a forma como consegue conversar as cores, texturas e todo o resultado final, parece tão simples e belo, é incrível!!!
    As fotos estão boas, sua mãe se saiu bem mesmo sem intimidade com a câmera.
    Bju Bju

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Driely! :) I can’t understand much Portugese though. Google translate! :)

  14. Charmaine

    Aahhh some hat..hat..HAT for winter must haves and stockings!..Im digging for the skirt too! outfit is always FAB!

  15. grace

    gosh. you always look so good in EVERYTHING. tsk. haha. by the way, my friends and I are going to HK this march. Weather forecasts say its gon’ be 16-24 degrees and humid by that time and I really am not sure of what to wear for that kind of weather. Web forums confuse me, :(. D’you have any suggestions on what clothes I could bring with? Are skater skirts and hoodies still appropriate? Thanks!!! ^.^

  16. Jevey Anne R. Resco

    This look is one of my favorites!! Super fan kasi ako ng mga ganyang blazer but I haven’t tried that one because I don’t think it looks good on a petite girl like me! hahahaha. :( And the leather skirt is so perfect, nag-blend lahat ng colors :) High five again, Ate! :)

  17. Vanni Yeth

    The photo session with your mom was a blast!! Good thing you made it through! :D Btw. I love the leather skirt! <3

  18. Alyzza

    You look like the girl version of Willy Wonka here! It must be the hat haha

  19. sweet_honeydew

    LOL your mom actually did a pretty good job. If it was my mom, everything will be out of focus in the picture and the picture will just come out all blurry. And not to mention my mom is pretty much blind without her glasses so there’s no way she will see what she is shooting. XD

  20. Celene

    I like this look! It’s been days already but I think I saw you in person last Friday at Greenbelt! I do hope it was you; got starstruck-ed that very moment! Cheers! :)

  21. jhay-cee

    Hahaha. your not the one experiencing like that Miss. My mom also struggling to handle a camera. :-) When the time she take my photos, omg. walang emote emote and no counting, capture lang ng capture. :-D even though your mom struggling to take your shot maayos pa din ah, may future! LOL. :-) btw, I love your outfit. <3

    xoxo – jhaycee

  22. Julia

    Are you ever worried that you dresses or skirt is too short and you’ll expose something? Because I always see you wearing these beautiful dresses where if I was wearing it, I would be praying for no wind to blow.

  23. Dona

    With that kind of outfit, you must be an heiress of the building in the background. =) And if you blend with the crowd, you’re a definite stand-out!

  24. Sara Shalabi

    hi camille :) i wanna walk on the streets of hongkong too!!!! haha i’m sure you had a good time there.
    and i wanna see a picture of you and your mom in one of your posts :) i bet magkamukha kayo both beauties :)

    take care, love lots! :*

  25. Alyzza

    Hahaha you’re funny! But seriously you look like the girl version of willy wonka here :D it must be because of the hat! Hihi

  26. Christine

    I love the look. I think your mom really worked hard getting those pictures. They came out alright! Hooray for supportive mothers. hehe

  27. Rica

    I know the feeling when you let your mom take your outfit shot, I’ve done that. haha, good thing your mom knows how to use the camera, so you can use all the shots she took. Mine was a tragic, haha! She doesn’t know how to take a full body shot and the angle itself, but still I love my mom:) hehe, , btw, excited to watch etc. this Sunday, 7:45 pm :) You would be featured together with Laureen &Tricia G right? Can’t wait to see it.:) ♥

  28. Trisha

    I love your outfit!!! HAHA I have a trench coat I seldom use since… you know… HAHA =))))

  29. elaine

    Amazing coordinate! Love the details on the necklace and shoes! All together a well structured outfit :)

  30. ish

    cute look, the leather skirt is perfect really feminine, and love the oversized blazer
    xx ish

  31. Tasha D.

    My favorite among all your HK looks! Actually, this is definitely in my top 5 from all your travel looks! :D Love your shoes too! More androgynous flats on Camille Co’s feet please! Super bet ko din ang featherweight leather!

  32. Carrizza

    Ang ganda mo lang girl! :) winner. My friends and teammates love you!! :DD

  33. judy

    At least your mom managed to take some good shots, lucky you to have her! ^-^ Nice skirt and top, lovely !

  34. Steph

    i give your mom a slow clap for these decent pix camille! *slow claps*
    btw, are you somehow related to debbie co (the stylist) and dior co (make-up artist)?

  35. Hanniel Eugenio

    we had same dilemma.. my mom rarely produce descent shots so i ended up with one or two photos that are up to editing.. anyway, the shots isn’t that bad, it was actually good for me.. besides your cuteness overload do the trick..^^

  36. Sephie Rojas

    You look so British Chic in this outfit, kinda like a modernized (and more posh version of) My Fair Lady look, haha! :D Props to your Mom for trying though; the photos look good in the end :) Maybe she can practice taking your outfit shots in Manila sometimes with your Olympus camera? Bloggers’ photographers usually get used to taking photos soon enough, haha :P

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Sephie! She’s always busy here :) Kawawa naman if I ask her to take my photos pa! :)

  37. Jen Mataya

    What unit of Olympus camera are these photos? Super nice! Parang DSLR! :) Stay pretty, Ms. Camille! :)

  38. rita

    hi ms. camille.. now am a fan of yours na.. the first time i saw you was on ig.. and the very first thing i noticed bout you was your gorgeous LEGS.. wow it looks like perfect… never noe that you are a blogger/fashion icon though, but now i noe na..and i am already subscribed to your blog… i am a probinsyana girl, you noe the typical probinsyanan kinda shy, afraid to dress (i mean, we are not the type who dress a lot, for short it’s not our forte) hope in the future you’ll feature a kind of theme that would encourage us to dress comfortably with not so expensive clothes. the type of making ourselves more beautiful, boosting our self esteem..thank you!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Rita! There are lot of probinsyana girls who are so fashionable! :) Wala sa brands yan :) Will do!

  39. Vina Guerrero

    haha! ang kulit mo talaga mag kwento that’s why i really love you and your blog! haha congrats to your mom for trying! the pictures were ok naman! :)

  40. Yen


    Smart cameras are out in the market, you can actually focused your pic after you took a photo. amazing diba? good bye expensive SLR cameras. hehehe

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