Look For The Girl With The Neon Pink Cap

I underestimated the cold weather in Hong Kong during the holidays last December and brought only a few thick clothes with me. I thought I could survive layering light clothes. Boy was I wrong!


After a few days in the city, I couldn’t bare it any longer so I had to find ways to keep warm. My solution? Wear the new clothes I just bought and pray to dear God they match the ones I brought from home. So which are the newbies? My buttondown, sweater and coat were all bought just a day before. Talk about spontaneous styling! It’s a good thing they match my houndstooth skirt from Choies quite well. I really wanted to wear this skirt. I find it so pretty with the little overlaps on it.


I think it’s safe to say that the overall theme here are bold contrasts–not just in prints but in colors as well. This is useful when traveling with a group, you know. At least my family can easily spot me when they get tired of waiting for me inside a store. LOL!


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H&M cap


Choies skirt


Celine bag

Celine seriously makes the best travel-friendly small bags. They look like they can’t store anything but they can actually pack a lot!


Zara shoes


H&M white buttondown shirt, striped sweater and tweed jacket

106 Responses to “Look For The Girl With The Neon Pink Cap”
  1. Kristine Andrea Baltar

    Hi Miss Camille Co :))) i really like the way you dressed up :* I’m inspired to you <'': mwaaaah:**

  2. jhay-cee

    Your so good combining prints. I love the tweed jacket it suits to your skirts . :-)

    xoxo – jhaycee

    p.s. cute neon cap. :-)

  3. April

    Hello Miss Camille. Ahhh! You’re my inspiration now. Check my blog (inspired by Camille Co) Hihi :D

  4. Lauren

    Really sweet outfit, I love the neon hat and clutch bag, and the stripe jumper! You look amazing


  5. Mary Beatrice M. Tuason

    Wow, you’re really good at mixing prints and color-blocking! I really wouldn’t have though of mixing ALL of those. I’m a bit scared :(

  6. Krys

    That’s what I’ve always wondered about HK – people say it’s cold, but it never -looks- as cold as they say? Or maybe that’s because I’m used to growing up to winters of snow, haha. I love how great all the prints look together and the casual feel to this look. Thanks for sharing! (:

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Krys! :) HK is definitely a piece of cake for you if you’re used to snow :)

  7. paulyn

    how lovely the prints u’ve mixed. before i dont used to wear tweed jackets, because i thought the cloth is itchy,but when i saw you wearing those i started wearing it and i was wrong, i love tweed jackets already, it really suits in my work (callcenter) hehe, coz its always cold. hehe. thanks for inspiring me! :)

  8. Gladys


    You are really, really pretty! I swear with all my heart and soul and sexy body!!!

    Your outfit is really very cute..:) Gusto kong arborin ang tweed jacket, skirt and cap mo..:))
    Arbort! Arbor! Arbor!! :D

  9. Steph

    one of the things im afraid to try is to wear print on print outfit :c i hope i can be as brave as you.
    what i did when i went to hk is, i just packed a few clothes then i wore the clothes i shopped :c so i can relate to you.
    don’t you get excited to wear the new stuff you bought? me, i do! i wear them the next day :)

  10. Marin

    The title of this blog post reminds me of Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved hehe

  11. Lucy

    Very nice!! Gling to HK in last week of Jan.. Can I survive wearing a skirt??? Haha! but i want!!

  12. Giana Madel

    I have a question not really related to the post but related to shopping:

    do you buy your designer bags online or offline (lol), [I mean you visit the actual store]?
    if you buy it online, what online stores would you recommend? (the ones you had actually purchased)

  13. Tasha D.

    Camille, may I know how often do you charge your new iphone 5? Mine kasi gets low batt easily eh. I charge it everyday tuloy. So sad. I expected that it will have a longer battery life.

  14. Isa Reynoso

    I must say, all your HK outfit posts are way toooo awesome for words! I love all of them! <3 Then again, come to think of it, there isn't any outfit of yours that I don't like. Your styling is the best, Camille! <3

    I'm enjoying all the pretty colors in this outfit and I'm super amazed with the way you layered everything! Looks super cohesive and chic. Sorry if I keep on gushing but everything's just way too pretty! :)

  15. Joreina Blanco

    Wow. such a resourceful blogger you are, Ms. Camille! You know exactly what to do when you go SOS when it comes to outfit.
    I’m so excited that you’re again featured on my favorite show- Etcetera, along with Ms. Laureen and Ms . Tricia!! I swear, I was so ecstatic when I saw the trailer of the brand new episode of etcetera. Yee!

  16. Sephie Rojas

    I love the chic and different design your skirt has! How I wish we had the same weather here as HK! Winter clothing is always a bliss to layer and style :”) On a brighter note, I heard H&M is coming to Manila soon! :D

  17. Colt Nava

    I love the tweed jacket, Camille! You look like you blend in with the locals, I prefer that rather than looking like a typical tourist. Gorgeous <3

  18. Melissa Denishka

    Nice outfit!! :) :D BTW Quick question. You usually buy clothes online right? What do you do if they don’t fit your perfectly? You get it altered right away? :D

  19. Inca

    I have a dilema whenever i like a certain piece i end up buying a whole outfit from head to toe just to match that piece..i just love how you throw everything in and they eventually go well together..that’s what you call talent ;)

  20. Reena

    Grabe~! ^^ If a person who’s good at tending plants is called a Green Thumb, ikaw naman you’re a Print Thumb kasi good ka with prints! hahaha Ang galing mo when it comes to mixing prints! I really learned a lot from you! :) Magic talaga! hehe. Parang modern version ni Nancy Drew and peg mo jan! Haaay… Sana yung weather dito sa Pinas katulad sa HK… :)

  21. Mark U

    Heard it got pretty cold up in HK after I left around mid December.

    Love how the teal peeks out from the checks. :) And that pink beanie is just adorable.

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