One Last Tour

Who’s gonna saaaaave the wooooooooorld, toniiiiiight? Swedish House Mafia, baby! Last January 16, I was lucky enough to score some VIP tickets to their concert here in Manila, thanks to my favorites, SM Accessories and Smart! I know that a lot of you wanted to watch as well but for some reason, couldn’t so I figured why not share the experience with you?


We arrived with opening act Quintino already rocking the house the down.

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And then, 2 guys came out and stood on stage with these words flashing on the screen. LOVE.






Woot! It’s Swedish House Mafia! Well, 2/3 of the DJ powerhouse at least. Steve was sick so he had to sit this one out. The crowd didn’t seem to care though. Everyone went wild!

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The whole concert felt like one huge party! I mean look at the crowd! Fist-pumps everywhere!


Everything from the lights to the graphics to the fireworks were too cool for words!


This is what I call the money shot. LOL. They closed with the song Don’t You Worry Child. Obviously, everyone went mental! It was definitely one for the books. I still can’t believe this is their last tour as a group. Sigh.

Anyway, before I end this post, let me show you what I wore to the concert.


You didn’t think I’d end this post without an outfit post now would you?


I’ve been saving this dress for a nice event for a few months now. The print is just too pretty for an ordinary day. Doesn’t this dress say, “I’m ready to dance the night away”?


Of course, since I did dance the night away, I didn’t last the whole night in these heels. LOL. Halfway through the concert, I stopped pretending I could handle these heels and changed into flats. Tao lang! 


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SM Accessories earrings


The Lyra Shoppe rings Goody Double Wear Elastics in gold (worn as bracelets) H&M gold & yellow bracelet Wear Mauve belt cuff | Michael Kors watch Givenchy bag


Zara heels


Market HQ dress

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  1. E

    oh my gosh, it’s love at first sight on your dress! :) what a relief to know that you also couldn’t last long on high heels! tee hee! i bought these really pretty black Nine West booties from your booth (size 5 it’s your sister’s hee) at the most recent BU, wore em on a Christmas party, and couldn’t last long wearing them haha! no regrets though! tiis ganda lang! diba? appear! hahaha

  2. Lauren

    Love the pictures! It sounds like you had a great time! Really jealous, especially of your outfit, I love the dress and the design!


  3. jhay-cee

    When I first saw this outfit in loookbook, my expression is “nganga”. Amazing dress!! and you really rock it. Super hyped!!! then I read your blog. This dress really suits the events like that. :-) your amazing too Miss Cams. ;-)

  4. Maine

    “I stopped pretending I could handle these heels and changed into flats. Tao lang!”
    So cute to hear that from you. Better to change than not enjoy the party, right? :)
    Great outfit, Camille! Forever peg. ;)

  5. Patrice Aliman

    You look like a teenager here! With the hair, and the dress and those earrings.. Honestly, how old are you? Haha.

  6. Selle

    Just curious, where did you keep your flats (and the heels after changing)? You’re bag is just too pretty, I wouldn’t put shoes in there. lol :)

  7. Mark U

    Upon the hill across the blue lake,
    That’s where I had my first heartbreak.
    I still remember how it all changed.
    My father said,
    “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child.
    See heaven’s got a plan for you.
    Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now.”

  8. nelayish

    haha akala ko you wore heels for the whole night :) You brought flats paren (well being comfy is still a must!) :) by the way love the dress!

  9. judy

    Let’s party for that “wow” outfit! You looked great with your curly hair :)

  10. Reena

    Astig ka talaga Camille! You even wore those Goody elastics as bracelets! Who would have thought? You’re super creative talaga… *heads to dresser to look for colorful hair ties* ;)

    Love this outfit btw! Did you bring those flat shoes that you kinda roll up thing? Ack forgot the name! >.<

    • itscamilleco

      These Goody Double Wear elastics are really super nice! :) Thanks Reena! Nope, I didn’t. I just called my driver up to bring my flats over haha! Desperate times :)

  11. Sephie Rojas

    That dress looks like it was made for a Swedish House Mafia concert. Even the print is like something they’d flash in the background screen while everyone dances the night away, haha! :) So sad that they’re not touring as a group anymore :( Parang Pussycat Dolls and Fall Out Boy lang <///3 :'(

  12. Ohms Emocling

    haha kung di ko babasahin ang end part, iisipin ko ngang, “buti naka-sayaw ka sa heels na yan”?haha anyway I love the dress, it emphasizeD the “ready to rock-on!:)

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