Walking On Skeletons

I seem to have a lot of backlogs, don’t I? Here’s another one. I was a little lazy to comb my then copper-colored hair so I messily tied it up in a high bun. Unlike my usual donut bun, a small and super high bun like this looks effortlessly quirky and cute, at least in […]


Put The Play In Playsuit

Another one of my backlogs! Saturday night fever, I’m ready for you! With a playsuit like this, who needs disco balls? LOL. But since I had to run errands during the day and I didn’t want to blind anyone, I grabbed my favorite boyfriend blazer to cover myself up and tone down the bling. There’s […]


Caught Red-Handed

Prize for whoever can guess which blog post I wore this skirt before! What’s the prize, you ask? My love! Priceless! LOL. You see, when you love something, you don’t just wear it once. If it’s pretty, it’s pretty. If it matches your outfit, it matches. No one would judge you for wearing something more […]