Another backlog! These were taken late last year before redhead Camille happened. I was feeling a little lazy so this jumper came in handy. Sometimes, all you need is a color as shocking as this and your lazy day will automatically feel a little brighter.


Now before you go and judge me on the length of this jumper, I am actually wearing denim shorts inside. I do love that it’s long enough to seem like a sweater dress though.


For some reason, I find bulky clothes like this in super short lengths rather sexy and appealing, especially for the legs. Is it just me or do some of you think so as well? Maybe it’s because of the androgynous but effortless appeal they give. I really like it when girls wear masculine pieces. You know, like boyfriend dressing. Sigh. Maybe in my next life, if I’m born a guy, I’ll go for girls like that LOL.


And since I’m already going for a little masculine appeal, I opted to wear bulky boots instead of cutesy sneakers with this outfit. I LOVE THESE BOOTS. They’re quite pricey for Zara though. But when you love something, it doesn’t really matter what brand it’s from. I mean, when it’s a matter of life and death, you just gotta have it!


Like this cap! I love caps in this shape. What’s a cap like this called? I’d love to pretend I’m a fashion genius who knows every little fashion term and how to pronounce all those luxury brands, but truthfully speaking, I’m too lazy to Google it today. LOL. So anyone? Enlighten me, will you? Pretty please. Be my Google. (Or be my Valentine? *Wink wink*) itscamilleco.com2013021109

Romwe cap | Nail Spa By Ellabell lash extensions


SM Accessories necklace


Gifts Ahoy bracelets | H&M rings


Dickies socks ZARA boots


Romwe jumper

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150 Responses to “Jumper”
  1. Tracy

    WOW! perfect outfit for Baguio City. So cute. Are you going to Baguio City on Pinagbenga festival?

  2. Isa Reynoso

    I’m loving the grunge-y appeal of this look! Super chic and gorgeous. Not to mention, comfy! heehee :) Your boots are fierce!!!

  3. Molly

    Boyfriend dressing. I love that too. If I were a boy, I would probably chase after girls who would love to share with my closet :-P

    U nailed that outfit again,btw :)

    Camille, I’d like to ask where is your home in tagaytay? Our family is planning to buy another house;and tagaytay is one of our
    top choice-however, we haven’t found the perfect location yet. We’re eyeing for somewhere like american-vintage environment. Yours look like one. Don’t worry, I am a huge fan of yours but not a creep,stalker. Lol :-P thanks..

  4. Gladys

    Hala! ANG CUTE ng suot mo dito Miss and I love the PLACE..:)) TAGAYTAY!!!(tama ba?)
    Para ka lang naglalaro dito..

    May naalala akong incident when I was just 7 years old dahil sa post nato…I was wearing then a blouse na mukha nang dress sa akin, parang ganyan sa suot mo in this post. Nung inutusan ako ni mama na bumili, pinagtitinginan ako ng mga tao tapos may isang bata na talagang sumigaw,”Wala kang pan*y no?” Pagkatapos nun, tumakbo ako pauwi at hindi na ulit nagsuot nun…kaka.trauma!:D

    Just sharing. Hope u don’t mind miss…:D Can’t help it kasi..

    • itscamilleco

      Yup Tagaytay :) Hahaha that’s so funny! Nako, hanapin ang batang iyan! LOL :)

  5. Anj

    love your hat! about Neneng B., it’s Sam Pinto’s character in the TV show “Bubble Gang” for the “Boy Pick-Up” segment. yun lang, uber-skimpy ang mga outfit ni Neneng B. While you my dear, kahit loose at bulky sweater ang suot mo, for me mas sexy ka pa kay Neneng B. :))

  6. maebs

    I love it rocker chic vibe and talagang nakakagoodvibes kapag every day po akong nagbabasa ng blog mo :)

  7. ruth

    This is actually the most amazing outfit!
    it’s something I would so wear, if I didn’t live in a cold country >_<
    so jealous of your legs omg!

  8. Colt Nava

    oh i LOVE oversized sweaters! They’re so cute and comfy and fluffy! I saw you posted this outfit on instagram during your HK trip, correct? or was that a totally different sweater? So adorable!

  9. Tiara

    Haha!Funny because I’m going to wear the same thing this Saturday! Love your boots

  10. fatzie

    For some reason, I find bulky clothes like this in super short lengths rather sexy and appealing, especially for the legs. Is it just me or do some of you think so as well? –>> i sooo agree

    happy hearts day! =)

  11. Cazzy

    Kyaaaaaaa~ I have something similar to this sweatshirt! Awesome shocking pink-uuuuu powaaaaah! ~(◕‿◕✿~)

      • Cazzy

        Heyaaaaa~ (^3^) My super dooper idol Camille-chan, we made a blog (my friends and I) I hope you can visit it LOL it’s just 1 day old hahaha http://wimc.tumblr.com/

        I’m the one with the red sweatshirt XD

        I am eggzoyted hehehehe :) Forgot to mention I saw you at Majolica Majorca and bought black and brown (was too shy to call out your name hihihihi)


        • itscamilleco

          Aww thanks Cazzy! :) I wish you called me so that I could’ve thanked you! :)

          Love your blog layout! So clean and classy :) And cute sweater!

  12. Jessa

    you really inspire me. i hope i’ll get the chance to meet you sometimes. keep on blogging :)

  13. abby

    rocker chic! you always look pretty. I guess even if you were plain clothes, sosyal pa din ang dating! :P

  14. Unique

    Hello there, Camille – I recently started following your blog (after finding Tricia, Kryz, Laureen, and Patricia’s blogs) and I have to say that finding you guys was a God-send. I love how you are so bold and daring with your styles and colors and combining them to create amazing looks that are both comfortable, beautiful, and unique~~

    You guys are my inspiration to want to be better in both style and fashion (since I truly lack both). Little by little I am learning about fashion – what to pair together, what not to pair together, and what I truly like.

    So thank you =)

    I hope you don’t mind but you shall be hearing more from me as I follow your blog and go through your old posts to see what I have missed.

    You’re really beautiful by the way~~~ (all of you are, really)

    alright – I guess I have rambled enough, right?
    have an amazing day~~~

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you! I’m glad you’ve come to like our blogs :) And of course I don’t mind :)

  15. Christine Koay

    I think it’s called the Newsboy cap, I believe? i’m not so sure, though.. and can I be your Valentine, Ms Camille? =D hahaha.. I’m just kidding.. let’s go have lunch together!! =)

  16. Vanni Yeth

    You look like you’re up for a FLIPTOP battle! xP Pero hindi ikaw yung magfli-fliptop ikaw si Neneng B! Boooom! Impressive Ms. Caaaams! XOXO

  17. Rose Cruz

    Love how you pair your bulky boots with a cutesy socks. I also love the shape of your lips. :)

  18. Abby

    “For some reason, I find bulky clothes like this in super short lengths rather sexy and appealing, especially for the legs. Is it just me or do some of you think so as well? Maybe it’s because of the androgynous but effortless appeal they give.” – I am right with you on this! :) LOVE this sweater. And the boots!

  19. Dolly

    Very cute look! Bold colors look really great on you. :D

    The blue polka dot socks are like the cutest things ever!

  20. judy

    Pretty Cool Ms. Cams! yoh! Pretty sweater i like it! It’s next to the Ramp Sweater that i love too when you wore it to your HK trip with that cool zara boots..

  21. ish

    love the look, the shoes are amazing and adore the long sweater <3
    xx ish

  22. Corine

    I really love your knit sweaters!! <3 Btw, what site did you registered your domain name? I wanna have one too please help me!! xx

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Corine! I love knit sweaters :) I think godaddy.com or hostgator.com not too sure :)

  23. Jennifer

    I think the same way with you.. I do love the style of wearing an oversized jumper with a shorts inside them, but I haven’t find one :(
    and you look gorgeous as always.. love ya <3

  24. Lauren

    Gorgeous outfit, I love how you’ve turned the jumper into a dress, it works really well.


  25. Bianca

    Can I be your valentine? If only I were a boy. Loljk. Hahaha you’re too pretty! <3

  26. Sam

    Hi Camille! :)

    It’s called a military cap. I’ve seen it on K-pop girls like Taeyeon and Tiffany of SNSD. :)

    I really like your outfit there, it reminds me of SNSD’s I Got a Boy concept.

    HAHAH. Sorry, I love SNSD. :))

    Anyway, stay cool!


    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Thanks Sam! Military cap sounds reasonable! Military cap it is! :)

  27. elaine g.

    Hahahaha camille!!! “Be my Google. (Or be my Valentine? *Wink wink*)”.
    Wild guess (talagang “wild” kasi this is a matter of life and death. hahaha LOL jk). Is this in Tagaytay? >.<

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha shucks, my readers are seriously the funniest!!! Since life and death ‘to and baka hindi ka pa makatulog, I shall answer your question. Yes, Tagaytay :)

  28. Viona Ivy

    This outfit reminds me of snsd’s i got a boy outfit , bright colour jumper ,that romwe cap and that boots and look all swaggie !
    Love it Cams

  29. Joy Dianne

    Wow! I love the color of the sweater! PINK! It looks so girly, but it rocks! :”> @everdearestJOY

  30. Beatrice Anne

    I really love this look! You’re right, a splash of color is all we need to brighten up a day. I bet that jumper is so comfy! I wish I can have that too. :))

  31. Achi Camille

    I think it’s a messenger’s hat and when i googled it, google pretty much shows the same “style/cut” as yours but when I research more it is formally called as gatsby hat or newsboy cap… Btw, I’m digging your look… IDK but this reminds me of SNSD’s “I got a boy” :D

    • itscamilleco

      It does, although these were shot before they released I Got A Boy. I did love their new concept though. :) Change is good! Messenger’s hat? Let me google that. :) Thank you!! I don’t think it’s newsboy though

  32. Trisha

    I always wanted a jumper like that =))) I miss being a kid tuloy TEHEHE Sooooo pretty!

  33. Sephie Rojas

    “Too lazy to Google the type of hat”, I know the feeling! Someone shoud make a website for all kinds, types, and styles of fashion pieces to make life easier! Like a fashion glossary with complete image examples. Exactly why there are days I just put “hat” or “top” or “shoes” on my posts instead, hahaha! Yes, over-sized jumpers/sweater dresses are super sexy. It gives guys an impression that a girl isn’t too high maintenance when she dresses (a nice breather once in a while :P). Ooohh! I didn’t know they sold those kinds of socks in a different color too! I got a pair similar to the ones you’re wearing here, but the mine are in red-black-white ala Hello Kitty :3 ❤

    • itscamilleco

      They have tons of colors!! :) I know right? But then that website would contain a bazillion terms!

  34. Ayeen Regalado

    Isn’t that called a biker cap? Not sure as well. :) Anyway, you look lovely as always. And your boots, aaaah, how I even begin… :P


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