Crown Of Flowers


When my assistant Clariss saw my flower crown, she exclaimed, “wow, Dyosa lang!” LOL. Why did I hire this woman?! Sometimes, I find myself asking this question all too often. Anyway, jokes aside, before goddesses, fairies and nymphs come to mind, flower crowns actually remind me more of my childhood. I remember wearing a fancy beaded flower crown when I was asked to walk down the aisle as a flower girl back in the day. Sigh. I loved my flower crowns then. It made me feel like a princess. Maybe it’s the reason why I’m not opposed to wearing flower crowns now even as a grown woman. Alexa Chung, you may have contributed to this as well.


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Chanel earrings


Anagon flower crown


From Paris sheer lace tunic 


Wacoal corset


Topshop skirt


The Lyra Shoppe claw ring Thrifted flower ring | H&M pearl bracelet | Customized star bracelet 

Have you noticed the gold star bracelet I’ve been wearing these past few weeks? It’s actually a bracelet from my childhood. I wore it when I was a little girl.


Aldo heels Gel nails by Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell 



I have another option for those of you who aren’t used to wearing heels. Since I’ve already been reminiscing about my childhood, what’s more fitting than this pair of charmingly childish rabbit flats?


Tutum flats

149 Responses to “Crown Of Flowers”
  1. Maica

    Oh Ate Camille!!! You really looked like a Goddess!!! You’re so gorgeous!!! <3 Love your dress~ :)

  2. jhevy

    hi camille…i can relate to you…seeing this blog makes me nostalgic of my childhood days as well…so love this look suits your feminine and dainty feature…definitely, DYOSA!!!!

  3. John Marine

    Divinely beautiful you are, Camille. You are almost like an angel or a nymph here. Gorgeous top and skirt combination along with a lovely floral crown. The sandals are sweet to go along with everything. The rabbit flats are cute, though I’ve never hated the sandals! :) You are amazingly beautiful with this outfit.

  4. Hayley Gaylan

    oh, ate you go thrift shopping din pala? :) nice thrifted ring, I love your outfit! dyosang dyosa ang peg haha more flowar crowns please? :)

    • itscamilleco

      I mean bazaar thrift shopping haha! :) But I really want to go thrift shopping for real. When I find the time. :) Yes, more flower crowns!

  5. Gladys

    It looks like you’re wearing a dress, Miss.

    Where was this photo taken? Bagay na bagay ang pagiging dyosa mo sa lugar na yan..:)

    Matanong ko lang po, did you really wear that crown outside that ‘forest’?

  6. Molly

    I thought of a much fit title for this: “Camille in Wonderland (modernized Alice in Wonderland :p)” with that cute rabbit flats as Mr. Rabbit lol! SO cuteeeee!! :)

  7. jhay-cee

    Your assistant is right, IKAW NA, Ikaw na ang DYOSA!. :) I love that flower crown, I remember when I was a little girl I create my own flower crown made in Santan Flower. :) Lakas maka-reminisce ng post na to. Super love it.

    xoxo jhaycee

    • itscamilleco

      Haha santan! I used to pick them from our garden all the time! ohhh memories :)

  8. Chacha

    weeeee the definition of “Dyosa” nga talaga..Parang si Lady Galadriel sa Lord of the pretty ^_____^

  9. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Ohhlala like a goddess :)0 So pretty!Hmm..Ms. Cams di na ko magpapaligoyligoy pa gsto sana ko itanung.Aus lang ba na Color mint green and dress ko para sa night party like debut?Thanks :)

  10. Isa Reynoso

    I seriously thought it was one dress! Gaaah, I love it! <3 very pretty and delicate! <3 goes well with the flower crown :)

  11. Kim Capeña

    HEAVEN! :D HAHAHA! perfect lahaaaat! ang cute ng rabbit shoes :)))

  12. judy

    Are you one of the goddesses? You looked so dyosa with this lovely outfit and with the flower crown.

  13. Lois Formalejo

    hi po ms. camille co… im your fan… super ganda nyo po and ang ganda po ng outfit nyo…

  14. Jaztine

    aww this also reminds me of my childhood.. wearing flower crowns during weddings.. I’ve been eyeing those rabbit flats from tutum, sooo cute… dainty & feminine!

  15. kathleen vila

    Tutum flats!! I think I should have that pair of flats! Ü

  16. Lauren

    You look amazing! I love the dress and headpiece


  17. Trisha

    I do have to agree that you look like a goddess and you flats are soooo adorable! =)))

  18. Teya

    Such a lovely look :) You are so beautiful and look awesome with flowers.

    P.S. The flower crown is fantastic! :)))

    Greetings :)

  19. Emmrose Villasfer

    omg! i super love this look :D
    tama ung assistant mo, dyosa lang ang peg! haha. Joke :D
    from head to toe, LIKE :)
    kung pwede lang magsuot ng ganyang headpiece everyday ng hindi ka pagtitinginan ng mga tao eh, why not? :D haha

    • itscamilleco

      Haha thank you Emmrose! :) Kung pwede lang ipang-mall ang flower crown! LOL

  20. maebs

    such as sweet and romantic look :) you look superb. dyosang dyosa ang peg mo ate cams with your third photo :) ahhh! your one of my girl crush :) haha

  21. Colt Nava

    O ano masabi ni Anne Curtis dito? lol Hindi lang sya ang may karapatan na maging Diyosa noh haha.. the rabbit flats are soooooo super cutieeeee! The top, the skirt, the hair, the crown, the background, the.. the… the everything! lol is perfect <3

    • itscamilleco

      Sabi ni Anne Curtis, annebisyosa raw ako LOL kidding :) Thanks Kathleen!

  22. JaneyJane07

    Ikaw na ang Dyosa ng kagandahan Camille. Parang sweet 16 lang. :)

  23. Kay

    Hello Camille,

    On what occasion is this outfit appropriate? Love your look! so girly <3

  24. Nelayish

    Oh a cute flower fairy is coming :) You look so refreshing here Ms. Camille! Kulang na lang magic wand!

  25. Ava

    While browsing through the pictures without reading the article first, I immediately knew what to comment – parang dyosang bumaba sa lupa ang peg! :D. Then I read what your assistant said, we might have read each other’s minds, haha! But seriously, you’re like a goddess in this ensemble Ms. Camille! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Ava! Haha! It’s all because of the flower crown :)

  26. Maine

    It’s me again !! :)) Ang lakas nga naman po kasi maka Diyosa ng flower crown mo .. hahahahah I really really like the “hangin effect” on your second photo !

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Maine! One of the times the wind worked to my advantage haha!

    • itscamilleco

      At a bazaar, she was our saleslady together with other brands :)

  27. Katrin Tuaño

    I totally agree with Clariss! Dyosa lang ang peg!! But you know what? Even if you don’t wear a flower crown, you’d still be my favorite fashion goddess!! :) Lace outfit always reminds me of you. Haha Camille na Camille!! Pak na Pak!

  28. Sephie Rojas

    I wore a flower veil the one and only time I was a flower girl at my tito’s wedding before, haha! I even wanted to wear it to school, but it was against the dress code. Boo! :)) In fairness, I didn’t even notice you were wearing a nude corset till the close-up was shown. It serves its purpose well :) Aaaaand, those bunny flats are TOTALLY ADORBS!!! Even with the super delicate ensemble :3

    • itscamilleco

      It really serves its purpose well haha! I wish I kept my flower crown from before!

  29. Farah

    Wow I love how princess-y this look is :) And those Chanel earrings are the awesomest. The tutum flats!! I want it tooo :) Hehe

    Farah ♥

  30. Joyce

    I have to say, very good choice on the corset. It’s like bra and cover-up in one already. Very apt for those belles (including me) who are not comfortable wearing sheer tops with brassiere lang on the inside. La la la looove it! ❤

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! These are from a long time ago though. Thanks Aurelie!

  31. Tasha D.

    Hay nako kung mas bata bata lang ako, bet kong mag 1st communion in that outfit! choza! haha! Tapos gusto ko yung crown ko, advent wreath at dapat lit ang candles!

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