Not Your Ordinary Leopard


Here’s what I wore on a rainy day last week. Clearly, no gloomy weather can dampen my mood. No rain can stop me from wearing colorful outfits.


Rainy day dressing in Manila should always be strategic. Why? Because our weather is schizo–it’s raining hard one minute and scorching hot the next. The key to dressing for these days is layering. I’m wearing a thick bomber jacket to protect me from the cold. But once the rain stops and Mr. Sun decides to step out again, I can easily remove it and reveal my sleeveless bodycon dress underneath.


How cool is it that both my dress and jacket are in funky-colored leopard prints?


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Shop LuvB dress


Vintage belt worn as necklace 


H&M x Versace jacket


Givenchy bag


Zara boots

74 Responses to “Not Your Ordinary Leopard”
  1. apple maya

    You look amazing on heavy prints outfits, absolutely love it, I would look like a xmas tree!!! :D

  2. Colt Nava

    I don’t know why but the jacket reminds me of G-dragon :P I mean, I can totally see GD rockin this jacket [not a cropped one, of course] or have I already? hmmm… I can’t seem to point it out. You look awesome, by the way, Camille <3

  3. Reena

    When I saw the jacket I remember 2NE1’s I Love You Promotions… agh! I wanted those jackets talaga but of course, I can’t afford em… lol… Lovin’ this combo.. napansin ko you’ve been channeling a lot of kpop inspired looks and I’m not complaining! Ang ganda yata ng style nila kasi super experimental and edgy. :)

    Phew It’s been a long time since I last visited your blog but I enjoyed looking at each of the posts! Keep up the good work Cams!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Reena! :) I think it’s quite beneficial that I like both eastern and western fashion :)

  4. elaine g.

    cams, is your naturally straight? or was it rebonded or relax or something? i’m too scared to have my hair a rebond :D

  5. CC

    i love this outfit a lot, i just love the h&m x versace collection a lot :) if only it is still available now!!! really a great combination!!!! it suits your hair colour too, ahh awesome!

  6. Kristine

    Hey Camille! I love that only 1 item in this post was sponsored. lol. Though the rest of the items are all expensive. Quick question, do you ever wear cheap finds like from Greenhills or Divisoria?

  7. Simone Souza

    Hi, Camile!
    What an amazing look! You’re so outstanding!
    I’ve been following your blog since august, and I really admire your style! You can dress as a doll, chic, casual and even sometimes like a rocker, and still looks great!
    I’m a brazilian blogger and I’v been inspired by you.
    I’d be very happy if only you could just take a look at my blog and tell me what you think. ^u^~


    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Simone! :) You have cute blog! :) And we have matching bangs/fringe haha!

  8. Niña Alvia

    So I’d just like to say thank you because you inspired me to start my own blog and so there it is. c:
    Thank you :)

  9. carina

    do you earn money from being a blogger? :) i’m a blogger and i want to earn money from it, but i think 18 yrs old and above lng ang pwde mg earn :( am i right? my mom said one time when she saw me looking at your blog “palagi nlng ba yan sya nag sho-shopping? i like her style” hahaha! and my mom loves to look at your blog with me. i’ll tell her sometimes “ma! i’m looking at camille co’s blog! gusto mo tingnan?” tapos lalapit sya kaagad sa akin. haha my mommy loves you cams :”)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha yes we do :) Your mom is so cute! Thank you to both of you. Hindi naman ako lagi nagshoshopping haha!

  10. Ana Santos

    Why is it that some people don’t use any deo or don’t put anything on their underarms yet they don’t have bad odors, or sweating? I always take a bath everyday and I still have to put deo so to avoid sweating or any unwanted odors.

  11. Kyla Mae Tan

    Definitely not your ordinary leopard. You make this work so well, Ms. Camille! I love your shoes! And your dress and jacket look like they were meant to be worn together.

  12. Sephie Rojas

    Schizo weather talaga! It gets super annoying, plus it can bring sudden headaches too @_@’ Makes me wanna just stay in an airconditioned place the whole day, haha! I love the mix of colors of your jacket! It totally livens up the dreary mood of the weather :D

  13. Trisha

    Just curious and since I’m not aware; the “x” in H&M x Versace is like a partnership of brands, designers got together or just their outfits together? TEHEHE

    I love it when designers mix and match colors and patterns =))) Leopard prints are always so sexy! =))

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