Oh My Gold!


Channeling a shampoo commercial model here. LOL! The wind was relentless that day! And to think I was wearing this tiny skater skirt… IN GOLD, if I may add!


I might’ve flashed someone. Actually, I’m sure I did for a quick second or two. And since I’m wearing a flashy gold skirt, it was easy to spot me. Darn that wind! It may look calm here but we literally had just a few seconds of peace. By we, I mean my best friend and I. I pleaded with her to take a break from studying for her exams (she’s a law student) so that she can take my photos, which everyone knows is FARRRRRRRR more important. LOL! She loves me, so she couldn’t say no.


Anyway, so here are the photos we managed to take despite my love-hate relationship with the wind. Don’t worry, no granny panties in sight.


Gold is such a powerful color, even more so in a foil/lame material like this. If you’re not careful with the way you style it, it may look a little costumey. But once you hit the right spot, it’s a total knockout.


For my outfit, I opted for a safer cut and color for my top to balance off my skirt’s flashiness. White and gold always look good together, just like black and gold except the former looks younger, fresher and more suitable for daywear.


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Topshop top


Online skirt


H&M long ring Peaches On Top cross ring The Lyra Shoppe claw ring Mia Casa black/gold bracelet Wear Mauve belt cuff | Thrifted gold chain bracelet Peaches On Top black bracelet | Gel nails by Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell


Zara heels

129 Responses to “Oh My Gold!”
  1. Rosy

    I love your look, very beautiful. I have a question, for shirt that is thin material like this, can you recommend which bra can be most fit with the outfit?

  2. Didhing

    Hi Ms.camille You’re so pretty, just want to know what is contact lense color?

  3. anonymouse

    “Channeling a shampoo commercial model here. LOL!”

    And here’s another shameless plug. Not really desperate eh?

    • itscamilleco

      But then I’m already endorsing one. Stop hiding your face behind your computer why don’t you? I normally don’t answer back but you’re on a roll and I’m in a mood. :) Desperate is someone who leaves bitter and negative messages on a blog she/he clearly doesn’t like. :)

      Have a blessed Holy week. Try to reflect on yourself. :) It’ll do you good!

  4. Kaye

    Hi ms camille! You look stunning as always. Wish I could wear those clothes. May I know how much you weigh?

  5. Chinoboi23

    I wonder how your top looks like from the back. The whole styling is a beauty, minimalist and feminine. :)

  6. Isa Reynoso

    SO pretty! White and gold, super gorgeous on you! <3 Blake Lively once styled a gold skirt with a white basic top. This reminds me so much of that. Love this! <3

  7. Char

    Love your hair and that skirt is amazing! I don’t think I’d have the guts to wear it out if I owned one. Super cute :)


  8. Gladys

    Your outfit is so simple yet eye catching.
    I wonder how you manage to do that. Was it because of statement pieces? Or it’s just you?

    (Naks my english! :D)

    I really wanna be like you talaga.. SUPER!

    • itscamilleco

      Hi! I forgot where but I wore it before so it’s probably in one of my previous posts :)

  9. iam_maryrose

    you look so so so pretty here… simple-elegant-fascinating-head turner look.. :)

  10. rose

    I love the skirt and the shoes. Nice outfit… you look so young here. like 17 yrs old. haha

  11. Anna

    Why do you have to be so stunning in Gold? Date me Camille!!!! You make me sooooo Gay Hahahahahaha

  12. Colt Nava

    Ahh I always love bias-cut skirts like this because it’s flowy and young-looking, but it tends to make my hips look wider than they really are, so I steer clear from them, but you… YOU, you lucky girl you… lol [nainis na eh noh?] you can pull it off, as usual :D I’ve always been a fan of gold, and this skirt reminds me why I love gold so much! Love this look, Camille <3

  13. Bianca

    The new hair color looks good on you! Made your skin even more flawless! You’re super kinis!!!

  14. Lauren

    Gosh you are so pretty! I love this outfit, the gold skater skirt is amazing, shame that on the day you wear it the wind decides to have a bit of “fun”


  15. Maple

    Fantastic styling. :) Oh by the way, I love your (longer) necklace where is it from, if you don’t mind? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Maple! I can’t find the blog post where I wore it first. :) But I’m sure I credited it there :)

  16. Janica

    Nice legs! How do you maintain it? Wish mine was just like yours. (If you don’t mind.) :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Janica! I don’t really do anything to “maintain” it :)

  17. Mhaica Cerdeña

    Ahh sooooooooooooo stunning<3 I love the skirt Miss Camille. Bubbles do really have nice collections <3

  18. Marielle

    Hi Ms Camille! Your skirt is definitely for keeps! Super like. You really have awesome skin too! Do you go to Skin Clinics or any of the sort? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Marielle! :) It’s been so long since. :) But if ever I do go, I go to Mederm Asia for my derma needs :)

  19. pat

    I’ve been reading your blog since June 2011. And all I can say is… nagkakalaman na ang mga braso natin teh! hahaha but still you look pretty!

  20. Sephie Rojas

    White + Gold for the win! I just love the skater skirts of Ms. Tati! \:D/ But yes, I feel the pain of wearing a skater skirt when it suddenly gets windy out D: I wore one to Loyola before and thankfully no one was there to see sudden flashes of a little girl’s undies! >.<' the horror! But I love the shiny gold skirt on you :) And the simple necklaces are just perfect since they don't take much of the spotlight from the skirt

  21. Lalaine Alarcon

    AWESOMENESS! Hope I can pull off such as bright skirt like that! your such an amazing chick!

  22. maebs

    such a beautiful skirt just like you :) you really look like a teen with your outfit :)

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