I’m Summer Ready

Whenever summer rolls in, I get more and more allergic to the thought of sleeves and basically anything long. Aside from obvious reasons based on fashion trends, it’s just more comfortable and practical to wear less cloth. LOL! The heat can get  unbearable especially here in our country! The only things welcome in my summer […]


Double Denim

I enjoy taking part in shoots and editorials. It’s like you get to be a princess for a day, with professional makeup artists and hair stylists getting you all dolled up. The only thing I dislike though is when I’m asked to style myself and I have to bring so many things to the shoot. […]


Farm Girl

I remember how I used to always dress like this when I was younger. I loved wearing jumpers then. Maybe that’s why I felt like such a kid when I wore this a few weeks back. I wanted to skip and click my heels mid-air like a cartoon. LOL! As an adult though, it’s clear that […]