Pink Sparkles


Do you see them? Do you see the sparkles?


How about now? Both my top and skirt are covered entirely in sequins. But even so, I surprisingly don’t look like a giant disco ball. I no longer run the risk of blinding people. LOL! No safety hazard here!


Both my top and skirt are actually from local brand, Tomato. I really love Tomato’s clothes. They’re so on trend but affordable at the same time. And since Tomato is part of SM Mall of Asia‘s Big Summer Sale this weekend, just imagine how much more affordable Tomato’s items are now! Better yet, just imagine all the great deals you’ll find at the sale!! MAC, Bobbi Brown, Kiehl’s, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Plains & Prints, Bayo, Zara, Warehouse, CLN, Guess, Girbaud, Bench, F&H, Lacoste, Mango, Stoked…the list goes on!!!!


Okay. Breathe, Camille. Breathe. Before I get completely lost in my own thoughts just thinking about all the shopping I’m going to do at SM Mall of Asia‘s Big Summer Sale, let’s regroup. Now where was I before I went to lala-land? Oh yes, my sparkly ensemble. So since I’m already wearing a full-on sequin number, I’m sure you already know my general rule when it comes to styling this: less is more!


Keep your accessories to a minimum. I opted for a pair of statement earrings, a few arm candies and a simple pair of stiletto heels.


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SM Accessories earrings (available at SM Mall of Asia)


Tomato sequin skirt (available at SM Mall of Asia)


Celine bag | Tag Heuer watch (brand available at SM Mall of Asia)


Mango heels (brand available at SM Mall of Asia)


Tomato top (available at SM Mall of Asia)

jasmine BBS 9 x 40

Don’t miss out! The Big Summer Sale starts today until Sunday at SM Mall of Asia where selected items from participating stores are on sale for as much as 70% off!!! 


119 Responses to “Pink Sparkles”
  1. Jade

    I always wonder how you manage to walk in those stilleto heels. Really i admire you :) you show that high heels are also for us tall girls :)

  2. Gladys

    You look really nice here Miss Camille. Parang model off-duty…:)
    (Sa VS ko yata narinig ang term na ‘model off-duty’)

    Pwede po magtanong?
    Ano po ba iyong stiletto? Lahat po ba ng high heels, stiletto? or may difference sila?

    • itscamilleco

      No not all, the really thin ones are :) Thanks Gladys :)

  3. Samantha

    Really like it! I totally can’t believe the top and the skirt are tomato! I so like the skirt! its so pretty and exquisite! :) I really like your sense of style. :)

  4. Ava

    Huli man daw at magaling e huli parin! Haha! Belated Happy Birthday to the ever stunning Ms. Camille! Hope you had a blast :) BTW, I love your outfit in this post! So girly and so you! :)

  5. joysiejie

    omg,, i do love this outfit, so sparkling perfect for night out :),, i wonder if there is a tomato here in cebu. heheh,, keep blogging :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Joysiejie! You can check their website for the branches :)

  6. Cat

    Lovely! I was surprised to find out the pieces were from Tomato, haha.
    I always have trouble wearing sleeveless tops like this without cover-ups though. What should I wear underneath? Would a colorful bra do? Without sacrificing, you know, modesty lol.

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Well if you really can’t find a bra that wouldn’t show then the best solution is a colorful bra :)

  7. Katrina

    Hi! Camille! Happy birthday! :) i love your blog so much! You’re a great inspiration to everyone! Do you mind if i ask? What is the color of your Celine bag? I love it so much!

  8. ai-ai

    Early in the Morning..belated Happy Birthday Ms. Camille…oi ka age pa pala tayo..i thought u were just 22..(baby face)!!

  9. Athena

    This is one of my favorite outfits from you ever. The color of your hair and pink matches perfectly. Pretty.

  10. Vann Pacis

    Thanks for the simple styling tips Ms. Camille! :) Is it okay if we call you ”Ms. Camille”? Hehe. :) Beautiful you are.

  11. Jo

    Hi Ms Camille! Happy 25th birthday! :) Wish u more success! I’ve been your follower a long time ago na and I’m happy for everything that u r achieving.. Keep on inspiring us! :D

  12. jhay-cee

    Happy happy birthday Miss Cams. More blessings to come, stay gorgeous and humble. Thankyou for always always inspiring us. Godbless you. Love you, mwuahhh…. hehehe.

    xoxo jhaycee

    btw. love the sparkling outfit. :)

  13. grace101

    happy happy birthday!!! God bless and more power to your.. stay georgeous as ever!!!

  14. Trisha

    I absolutely loooovve everything about this look! Is Tomato available in Cebu? :)

  15. Reena Gurung

    very Very…Pretty…..And the Earrings,the shoes,the skirt…..very pretty!

  16. Kristie

    my favorite color ♥ Love this outfit!
    Happy Birthday Ms. Camille Co!!! :)

  17. Zumi Yoshida

    Happy happy birthday , Ms. Camille! May your wishes come true. Continue inspiring people as well. God bless!! :)

  18. beatrice gases

    ahaha ang funny nung sa disco ball . I have the same top :D now i’m afraid to blind people because of your joke ahaha just kidding but seriously i can’t seem to find the pair of stiletto heels in tomato in their branch in sm fairview so sad but if i will have the time I’ll probably go to MOA ang cute kasi eh tas parang ang dali nya imatch

    • itscamilleco

      Mango yung shoes ko :) The clothes are tomato though :) Thanks Beatrice!

  19. kat

    Happy Birthday to my fave blogger! I love your style..and your collection of bagssss!!!!! To die for! ♥ May God bless you more! :)

  20. Kyla Tan

    This looks really nice Ms. Camille, it’s easy to overdo and outfit like this but you always teach us how not to! It’s always perfect on you! Question, though, does an iPad fit in that bag? I’ve been eyeing it ever since, and I think I like this color the most! Advanced Happy birthday to you! God bless you always. I pray that you achieve more by teaching a new generation how to showcase their style and conquering the fashion world! Love you always!

  21. Christine Koay

    You sparkle in this look, Ms Camille!! this 2 pieces match each other perfectly! i really love the gradient effect on this top.. how i wish i’m in the Philippines now.. you make me wanna go shopping! haha..

    • Christine Koay

      and also Happy Birthday to you, Ms Camille! I didn’t know it was your birthday until I saw other people’s comment.. all the best in all you do & God bless! Keep inspire us with your blog and look gorgeous always!! <3 <3

      p/s: just wondering, are you active in Facebook?

  22. elaine g.

    Happy Birthday to the ever so charming blogger in the whimsy wonderland, Camille Co! Thank you for making your reader happy and I wish you a stunning celebration and the rest of your years :) CHEEEERS!!!

  23. Nelayish

    Happy Birthday to you Ms. Camille! :) More blessings to come! Keep on inspiring us (always :D).

  24. yenz

    another hit of outfit camille..a sparkling day for tomorrows birthday. I always love how you dress up. Keep it up and inspired us always.:)

  25. Caitlin Hao

    Happy birthday,Achi Camille :)!I wish you all the best!You are and will always be my favorite fashion blogger forever.I really love you to the bones :*!will wait for the day when you and Coco Chanel are on the same level already,because you deserve it :D.

  26. Marie Joy

    Hi Camille!
    Thanks for inspiring me :) now I posted my new blog, what can you advise for the new blogger like me.
    I’ve been viewing your blog for 8 months and it inspired me.
    Hope you’ll be my friend ;-)
    Many Thanks

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Marie! Just always blog from the heart! Enjoy it! Keep getting inspired :)

  27. Alyssa

    oh my g! When I first saw the photo at lookbook I thought your skirt was not made of sequins and when I saw the closer view I told myself “oh my g! Ang cool naman ng pagkakagawa”

  28. Y

    You seem to have gained a (super) small amount of weight but it looks GREAT!!! You’re still very thin though!

  29. Bianca

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! but it’s 12:06 already so…. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hihi I hope I can see you in BU 5, can’t wait :D

    • itscamilleco

      My birthday is tomorrow! So you’re not late yet haha! Thanks Bianca!

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