Dizzying Prints


Did my outfit make you dizzy? Well, no apologies here. I happen to love how this print on print outfit turned out. They’re two totally different prints, but somehow, they look so similar next to each other. You know what this means, right? According to print on print 101 by Camille, this means it’s a match made in heaven!


When you pair high-contrast and loud prints together, there’s a risk of looking like a total mess. There’s a fine line between eye-catching and eye-sore. To avoid the latter, make sure you balance your outfit out by keeping the rest of it simple. Don’t add too many colors as well. Stick to the existing colors you see on the print of your clothes. This way, there are less distractions. Your outfit looks more cohesive and put-together, which in my book, are always my top priorities when it comes to styling.


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She Inside top


SM Accessories necklace


BCBG Max Azria skirt 


Celine bag in butter H&M gold ring The Ramp gold/black ring


Call It Spring pumps


So where did I wear this outfit to? I wore this to the premiere of the movie Coming Soon. I was told to dress casually so like an obedient little girl, I complied.


For curious cats out there, let me tell you a little something about the movie, Coming Soon. In my opinion, it’s the first of its kind in Philippine cinema. It’s a project by first time producers Neil Arce, Ronald Singson and Boy2 Quizon.


The movie revolves around the characters played by (from left to right) Boy2 Quizon, Carla humphries, Cholo Barretto, Andi Eigenmann, Glaiza De Castro and Dominic Roco (not pictured). They’re  a group of friends brought together by their love for life and laughter. It’s your typical young barkada–always out to look for adventure and something fun to do while trying to find their place in this world. Now, before you go on thinking that this movie is all about deep and philosophical life lessons and drama, I have to burst your bubble. Before watching this film, movie producer Neil, warned us not to expect anything of this sort. Imagine watching Hangover–that type of comedy. It’s just really meant to make you laugh (and not in the way that slapstick comedies usually do). No head-scratching needed. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the movie!


The character I enjoyed watching the most was actually Carla’s character. I mean, don’t get me wrong. All 6 actors were so good. In fact, I kept telling my friends how this movie can not be more spot on when it came to the casting. They all played their characters in such a believable and natural manner, and their chemistry with each other was great. But out of all of them, I must say Carla was my favorite. She’s made for comedy!!! Her part with the ball was hilarious!!! (Okay, so you can’t relate if you haven’t seen the movie yet so you have to watch it!)


I wish I can tell you more about the movie but I’m afraid I might give too much away. All you have to know is this really: if you want to de-stress and laugh your ass off, this is the movie to watch. Drag your family and friends to the cinema to watch the movie with you! You’ll have such a good time like how my friends and I did at the premiere. Have fun spotting all the cameos made by today’s top stars too!

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  1. Dan Urmaza

    Happy Happy Birthday Camille Co!!! Keep your heels high and standards higher! May God give you more years to inspire the world! :)

  2. Matthee

    Happy birthday Camille! wishing you all the success in life! Stay fab ;)

  3. Marj

    Hi Ms. Camille! I just would like to know, where do you buy all your designer shoes and bags? You deserve all the success that you are receiving. Keep inspiring! :)

  4. CC

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE CO!!!!!!! hope u had an amazing day, you are going to be my fave blogger forever, i still do check your blog very often and srsly you have always been so awesome!!! Really, gonna wait till u appear on vogue! Will always hold on to that dream for you. Hahahaha continue to be the amazing and awesome camille co!!!!! I love u!!!!!! Looking forward to the day i’ll get to see u in real life :) and hopefully you’ll remember me when i say i’m CC haha!!!! All the best for your career!!

    • itscamilleco

      Awww forever is too long!:) Promise? LOL! Thanks CC! I will. Vogue is a long shot but thank you for believing in me!

  5. Sephie Rojas

    That skirt, I LOVE the 3 different prints on it! And that bag! Reminds me so much of buttered popcorn! :3 Such a yummy color to have, kinda reminds me of how yummy your Balenciaga bags are, haha! :)

  6. Lauren

    I love it! I like that you kept the prints and colours to a minimum, and it actually works really well! When I read that you’ve put two different prints together, I wasn’t so sure but when I saw the pictures it works so well


  7. Simone Souza

    “…When you pair high-contrast and loud prints together, there’s a risk of looking like a total mess….” YES, but you made it perfectly!!! I must confess that I wouldn’t try to make something like this, cuz I know I can’t. +_+
    Its only for cool girls! You got it!


  8. Jhanie

    Oh my! That skirt! that skirt! love it. <3 And the print of that top is hmmm how do I say… ? interesting with a classic feel. :)

  9. Christine Koay

    I’m loving this print on print look, Ms Camille! you always make it look so easy! they were really match made in heaven! can I call you Print Master? haha.. Gorgeous!

      • Christine Koay

        yeah.. or The Master of Print? but i think Print Master sounds better.. haha.. you make print on print look so good! =)

          • Christine Koay

            Haha.. sorry.. I’m bad at giving names.. will think of other name in other post.. =D

  10. ai-ai

    nakakawala ng antok nga eh…hihihi cute kasi!!
    #TambayanKoNaTongPageNaTo hahaha

  11. belle

    very like the skirt! and nice butt too!:)) hehe winner ms. camille!:)

  12. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    It should not be “Dizzying Prints” on the title it should “DAZZLING PRINTS”. :) hehehe. Its very well match…Ms.Camille and I LVE it♥

  13. JaneyJane07

    Amazing! ang galing mo talaga Cams sa combination churva nga mga damit hehe :) mapa prints,florals,plains or kahit ano paman yan. kaya nga kita idol na idol hehehe :) my day is incomplete without checking your blog :) u r indeed an inspiration sa maraming tao.

  14. ajoy

    when the fisrt i saw you personally at MOA. I ask my friend who is that beautiful woman. she told me, ” si cammile co sikat na fashion blogger. then i search you on google. its been a year ago. you know i am love fashion. ang lagi ko pa dati pinapanood pag may time ay “F T.V.”. formerly my favorite model is gemma ward. now “its CAMMILE CO”… :)

  15. ajoy

    “According to print on print 101 by Camille,this means it’s a match made in heaven!” I AGREE! :) hehehe

    ms cams…you know why i always looking early in the morning. because I am getting an idea of what will I wear. hehehe. an Inspiration

  16. Justine Fernando

    Is the movie suitable for 13 years old? I mean. because of the trailer. :) And btw love the prints! Definitely not an eye-sore. Suits you well :”>

    • itscamilleco

      There might be a few parts a 13 year old kid wouldn’t get. :) Thanks Justine!

  17. jane

    What’s your take on the way Laureen style herself? She’s so addicted to prints.. Okay, BMS daw eh lol Nice outfit and the movie looks so FUN!! ☺

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! I love her style as well! We share the same love for fashion and that’s one of the many reasons we get along so well :)

  18. Vina Guerrero

    i really want to apply but my dad won’t allow me :( will go to moa tom ’cause of the bigmoasummersale! hopw to see you there :)

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