Summer Blast

Finally! After weeks and weeks, I’m able to blog about the 3-day Palawan getaway I went on for Nivea’s Summer Blast 2013. It took me quite a while to compile my photos. Forgive me for the delay. I got my photos in a CD and for some odd reason, it’s hard to find a CD drive nowadays. #21stCenturyProblems


Anyway, before I tell you all about the fun and games we experienced, let me show you the one outfit I was able to document for my blog during our getaway. I was already on vacation mode so the idea of relaxing by the beach got me too excited I forgot all about my outfit shots! Oops!


I wore this outfit on our last day in Palawan. I wanted to wear something summery but also appropriate for Manila since I was already flying back to the city in a few hours. Florals, brights and Keds seemed like the perfect choice!


To make my outfit even more sunshiny happy, I got my latest pair of Sunpocket polarized sunnies to complete my look. You know, whenever I wear Sunpocket, I can pretend to be cool. LOL!


Sunpocket foldable sunnies (available at Terminal Inc., located at Ronac Art Center)


Kikay Matters necklace | Robinsons Department Store top


Proenza Schouler bag | Casio watch | H&M skirt


Keds sneakers


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Now that we’ve finished talking about my outfit, on to the main event–Nivea‘s Summer Blast 2013. For those of you wondering what Nivea Summer Blast is all about, it’s a fun getaway where celebrities, models, personalities and media come together and play all sorts of games under the sun. This year, Nivea chose to hold their event at the Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.


Isn’t it a beauty?


I love it that the pool is just right outside our room. Literally, it’s just a few steps away from us.


But before we go running into the pool and the beach, Nivea was thoughtful enough to give us these–weapons to protect us from the sun and chips to keep our energy high. They actually just launched the Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist here.


On our first day on the island, the first thing on our agenda was to go visit Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River National Park. to get there, we took a short boat ride from the resort.


Once we got there, we walked on this path that lead to the underground river.


A few minutes after, this is what we saw. Isn’t nature so grand? It looks so surreal–like a picture out of a book!


We then got on this little boat and had a tour guide show us the underground river. I wish I can show you all the amazing rock formations, caves and even bats that we saw but I didn’t bring my camera inside. If you’re ever going to visit Palawan, you should definitely visit this place. It used to be known as the world’s longest underground river until 2007.


After the underground river tour, we were asked who among us were game to try the Sabang Zipline just a few minutes away. In my group, the only girls who said yes were Carla Humphries and I. The rest were boys. I wasn’t able to scan our photo but just to show you how it looks like, here’s model Sanya Smith enjoying the zipline. Sabang Zipline is 800 meters long. If you get the chance to visit this place, I urge you try it! It’s not scary at all! You’ll have so much fun! Look at Sanya!


The next day was THE DAY–the highlight of our trip. All the participants were split into 4 teams that will compete against each other. The teams were blue, yellow, orange and green.


Here’s the team I’m part of–Team Yellow a.k.a best in cheer/ingay team!


The teams are ready! Let the games begin!


There were all sorts of games and activities lined up for us–all of which we did on the beach. For hours, we were under the sun–running, shouting, jumping, doing everything we can to win the games. Needless to say, the sun was scorching hot. Good thing we had a nonstop supply of Nivea sunblock and cooling mists. I didn’t get sun burnt at all! I mean you can clearly see it on my other blog posts, I’m still as white as can be!


After the fun and games, Nivea arranged these scrumptious dinners for all of us every night


They were various stations lined up–sinigang, lechon, liempo, sisig, desserts! Obviously, I ate like a pig. LOL!


There were performers who entertained us as well while we dined.


My favorite part of the program was when we were given these lanterns to light and release into the sky. It’s my first time to light a lantern so the little kid inside me was thrilled!


The party held on our last night was also our awards night. Team Yellow a.k.a. best in cheer team won 2nd place. The first place went to the Green Team. Each team was actually playing for a foundation so it’s nice that the Green Team was able to help out this adorable little girl and her friends.


I told you Nivea sunblock and cooling mists were everywhere! LOL! But seriously, they saved my skin during this trip.


Already plenty of weeks after this trip and still I’m smiling as I type this. Thank you Nivea for inviting me to this. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Definitely, one for the books!

If you want to see more of what went down during this refreshing 3-day event, watch the video below. You can catch a glimpse of Carla and I on the Sabang Zipline as well!

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  1. nica ligera

    Hi camille! Youre so cute with your summer attire..i agree that nivea sun did a great job to protect our skin..stay pretty idol..mwaah!

  2. Iamgailee

    Hi ms. Camille! :)
    Got a huge favor to ask. Can i buy this top sis? Please do reply :)

  3. Gladys

    Whooaaa! Parang ang saya naman.
    When I watched the video, I saw na ang mga ginawa ninyong activities ay iyong mga ginawa namin during team buildings..:)
    Ang saya ninyong panoorin. I didn’t realize I was smiling until natapos ang video…

  4. Teya

    Very sweet outfit, i like it! Colours are so fresh and summer and of course you’re awesome :)))

  5. jhay-cee

    I super love your skirt. :) this look is perfect for outing vacation. love it.


  6. Christine Koay

    Looking hot, Ms Camille! It’s such a beautiful place! I can see you’re having lots of fun!!

  7. ajoy

    early in the morning i always looking at your site… waiting for your comments…. :)

  8. ajoy

    nice!!! ate camille…. beautifull place + beautiful people + your cute shades… love it! :)

  9. Bryan

    As a man i obviuosly know nothing about fashion….having said that, you look amazing in these pictures. It really looks good on you.

  10. Pau

    Hi Camille, what camera are you using in this entry? and sino nag took ng mga pictures mo in this entry? P.S. Love this! :o

  11. Cesslee Parojinog

    hi Mis Camille, I really admire your good heart, imagine how you give us, your readers, so much importance, I mean, ilang comments ang binabasa mo every blog and you still reply, we’re so happy to know na hinde mo kami binabalewala. hope you had fun on your trip, and by the way where did you get the casio watch? I really want one but I dont know where to get one.

    • itscamilleco

      Aww thanks Cesslee! of course :) I got my watch from :)

  12. auggielyn

    I think sports central or illustrated covered the nivea summer blast, i saw you there miss cams and i was waiting for this post because you all looked so game with the challenges:-)

  13. Mai

    It seems like you had a lot of fun there ♥
    Love the outfit :) XOXO

  14. Sandra T.

    Ate Camille, I was wondering… How do you take care of your accessories? Especially necklaces. Someone told me to polish necklaces with colorless, but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m afraid something bad would happen. Haha. Any suggestions? :)

    • itscamilleco

      I haven’t tried that as well but just make sure you buy the right kind of polish. If your necklace is made of brass then buy something for that :)

  15. Kyla Mae Tan

    You had so much fun!!! I was scared for you on the zip line, haha! But you seemed so relaxed there! Ms. Camille you still are so white! You work so hard, it’s good that you got to take a breather from taking outfit shots for a while. Three days is okay, you didn’t forget about us naman!!

    • itscamilleco

      Awww thanks Kyla! :) I really was so relaxed! Ziplining is fine, bungee jumping–that I can’t do! Haha!

  16. Trisha

    Love this outfit! Do you ever go to these types of events alone? Like would you dare to attend even when you don’t know anyone?

    • itscamilleco

      Usually I find someone there that I know. :) It’s usually the same people naman :)

  17. Rica

    wow! what a blast! :) U don’t need to pretend your cool because You’re really are cool! :) camille rocks~! ~ :)

  18. Ava

    Such a cutey, Ms. Camille! :) para kang flashlight sa puti especially on your yellow team shirt :D

  19. jho r

    Wow, this post made me smile :)
    I really like your outfit, the skirt is very pretty.
    Your pictures and experience at the getaway seemed so amazing. You are truly lucky.

  20. judy

    So summer blast it was! I love the beautiful scenery of Palawan and by the Sheridan beach resort & spa! Totally looks so relaxing and a wonderful place to go and but of course, as always you never fails me to get wowed with your outfit, shades kung shades :) ♥

  21. Jessika

    Miss Camille may I ask, do you buy your own clothes or are they sponsored by the brands themselves? I’m now a fan of your blogs! I love all your outfits!

    • itscamilleco

      Sino? Ako? Hindi ah. But yes, it was so much fun so ang saya namin lahat :)

  22. maria fe estrella

    Finally napost na din yung Palawan trip mo Ms. Cams!hehe I love your look with the Sun Pocket sunnies. It’s freaking cool! haha. Stay pretty Ms. Cams!

  23. Zaira Awat

    This is the post the I’ve been waiting for so long! I hope you really enjoyed our place, Palawan.
    I never really thought that numerous people find Palawan a paradise because living there, I thought it is just usual.
    God Bless you Cams and may you always visit Palawan :)

  24. Tasha D.

    I see no Jon Hall hotness in this post! huhu! You should have taken at least a hundred shots of him! haha!

  25. Hazie

    Hi achi! I’m still in the deciding which platform should I use, tumblr or blogspot? In our opinion, which do you prefer? Btw, I love your outfit! It really suits you!

    • itscamilleco

      I think if you’re into the arts and photos, less words–Tumblr. :)

  26. Sephie Rojas

    I’ve always been a loyal Nivea user. Somehow, it’s like their products are made to cater to the Asian market, haha! :P Definitely getting me a bottle of Nivea sunblock when I go to the beach. Winner talaga yung hindi ka na-sun burn! Finals, move your butt so I can go to the beach na! D: Like they say, “Onting kembot nalang!” matatapos na rin yan, hahaha! Glad you had fun. And I’m soooo envious of your Lantern experience! Ever since I watched Disney’s Tangled, I’ve always wanted to try that out :)

    • itscamilleco

      Tamuuuuhhhh! Konting tiis na lang and then you’re free! :) off to the beach you go! Bring a lantern na rin so that you can experience it too! :)

  27. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    What’s the brand of your top? Sad that you forgot to have pics of your beach outfits :(

    • itscamilleco

      I forgot what brand this is but it’s from Robinsons Department Store. Maybe Liberte?

  28. Sofia

    Love the outfits! Is there H&M here? or you buy them abroad? :) and can you do some DIY stuff like tie dye shorts etc. ?? I would love your ideas! :D

  29. beatrice gases

    that’s so cute :D ahahaha you and laureen are in the same group pa ahaha :D

      • beatrice gases

        ahaha oo nga eh i have read her blog and she said na ang pressure daw kasi nung si ms. Liz ang nagcaptain eh nanalo . but anyhow its not that bad to be second at least nagenjoy at natuto .

  30. Vina Guerrero

    so sad naman you forgot to take outfit shots! the view by the beach is great pa naman! :)

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