Cream & Gold


Last month, I got invited by MAC Cosmetics to fly to Cebu for their Archie’s Girls collection launch there. I wasn’t able to attend the launch of the collection here in Manila so I was really looking forward to this one. Here’s what I wore to the launch.


It’s just a simple blouse and skater skirt combo. The launch was held at Ayala Mall so I didn’t really want to go all out. Since I’ve always been on Team Betty Cooper, I made it a point to dress all sweet and girly.


Instead of wearing something pink or light blue like how Betty usually does it, I went for cream and gold. Cream and gold always look great together. I think it’s because cream is a neutral color so it’s able to subdue the flashiness of anything gold.


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Coexist Prêt top 


SM Accessories necklace


Online skirt


SM Accessories rings Jimmy Choo bag


Sugarfree shoes


And now, presenting the main event–MAC’s Archie’s Girls! Meet our version of Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge. Don’t they bring back so many memories from your childhood?


MAC had the activity center of Ayala Mall set up  according to theme. There were hearts everywhere!



Hearts with Betty, Archie and Veronica’s faces even!


The music playing on the background was all about Archie as well–obviously The Archies’ Sugar Sugar song was on repeat the most!


There were overflowing drinks and food the entire time. All of which were inspired by Pop Tate’s shop! These ice cream sodas were the so delicious!


MAC flew in dancers to entertain visitors too! They didn’t only dance with each other, they invited guests to dance with them as well! Of course, instead of paying attention to their dance numbers, I just kept thinking how much I wanted to take the female dancers’ costumes home!!! THEIR OUTFITS ARE SO CUTE!


Trial stations were set-up for guests to try the products themselves.


You see those red pebbles? They’re actually candy!


Here’s the complete collection! I went gaga over them!!! Can you see the eye shadow palettes? They’re so me! Shades of purple and blue are the best for Asian eyes like mine. I didn’t get them though.I had to prioritize. LOL! I got the Pearlguide Intense Liners in Petrol Blue, Designer Purple and Lord It Up (brown) instead. They’re really creamy and glides on so easily!


My kind of lippies–PINK, PINK, PINK! My favorite shade from the entire collection is Betty Bright.


Here’s Ronnie’s lippies. I find the Ronnie Red lippie the most attractive out of the 3.



Time to sit on this chair and try the products out for ourselves.


Celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga and celebrity Bianca Gonzales were one of the first to try the products out. They love Betty Bright!



Meet everyone’s favorite MAC girl, Kirsten Brito. Thank you for flying us in Kirsten! I had a great time in Cebu because of you!


There you have it! I hope you’ve already gotten yourself something from the Archie’s Girls collection. My personal favorites are Cream Soda, Betty Bright and Flatter Me. What are yours? Sound off below!

To end this post, let me leave you with a photo of Archie and I. Move over Betty and Veronica!itscamilleco.com2013041646

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  1. Anna Martella Fabiana

    Hi Miss Camille! I just want to ask something :) how do you accesories? and what should be in a girls wardrobe that girls shound have? like specifically and kind. Examples colored jeans and etc… thanks :))

    • itscamilleco

      Oh of course, the perfect pair of jeans. I prefer them to be a little washed out, color-wise. The perfect white shirt. Little black dress. Stiletto pumps. :) For accessories, there’s a lot! Start by investing in gold and silver pieces first :)

  2. SAnne

    Hi Camille,

    Nice to see you in skater skirt! But im having a hard time using mine, y’know it is prone to peek-a-boo when wind chases you. waah. ANy tips please? (or am i asking a no-brainer question here hahaha)

    La lang! So pretty you camille, hope to see you in person!!! :D

    • itscamilleco

      Haha hold on to it? LOL or wear a pair of cycling shorts inside if you’re really worried. :)

  3. nikka

    Ms. Cams, ganda ng lipstick niyo dito. Can i ask what brand and the name po. I’m assuming MAC yan. What name po?

  4. Mich

    hi camille! i just want to know what’s the color of ur hair? =) so pretty!!!!!

  5. Trisha

    I saw you there! I was so happy I got a photo with you. You were super nice. <3

  6. Isa Reynoso

    Cute outfit, Camille! I super love the top! <3 and yay, I'm also team Betty ever since. Glad to know we're on the same side! HAHA :)

  7. jhay-cee

    You really love longs sleeves talaga, napansin ko kasi this past few days puro long sleeves suot mo. :) but i love it.


  8. Valerie

    Hey Camille!! Archie and friends definitely brought me great childhood memories :) living their MAC collection already! Anyways, I am actually going to attend my friend’sf 21st bday party and her theme for ladies was dress n red lips. I was wondering whether you can give any dress tips to match with the red lips? It would be a great help! Thx :)

    • itscamilleco

      Hmmm so many nice ones! I personally love blue or white with red lippies. Jewel tones and black are nice too!

  9. Kitty Young

    It was such a treat to meet you in person that day Camille! You have always been a blogger/style inspiration to me and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you walk in to the event.

  10. Christine Koay

    You look so bright with this look, Ms Camille! Maybe because of the sun! haha.. I love your heels!

  11. Sephie Rojas

    I love Archie! Kinda sad that the comics got a little more expensive than they used to :( But I’ve always been curious about who he ends up with! I know they have this special comics just for that, but it’s rare to fine a copy. I have a strong feeling it’s Betty though. And I’m lusting over the light pink lipstick in Betty’s collection already, haha! :D

  12. Trisha

    OHHHHH I love Archie! Still haven’t figure out if Archie end up with Betty or Veronica XD Btw, your skirt’s really really pretty! The texture looks sooooo soft as if it’s snake skin =)))

  13. Marie

    Cream and Gold are a great combination for this season! You are so beautiful in your outfit, thanks for sharing this!

  14. ai-ai

    u are really beautiful…love ur fashion so much…im inspired to lose weight because of u…u look so sexy and stunning!!!

  15. Leo

    Love this post! anong camera gamit mo? was planning to buy one and I want just like yours or what can you recommend? :)

  16. Chynna Veronica Lim

    Hi Ms. Camille! When was this held in Ayala? You’re so pretty talaga! As in!

  17. beatrice gases

    ansabe naman ng beauty mo nakabog pati sila betty ahaha :D
    i like the cream and gold look, it feels so elegant :D
    i also like the Betty bright

  18. ajoy

    wow… cute skirt at cute blouse… and most of all cute lipstick… :)

    • itscamilleco

      I think the existing fashion blogs all over the world are testaments that blogging isn’t for “rich white people” only. That is such a close-minded and ignorant assumption. Sorry, I’m strongly against people who think this way.

  19. Colt Nava

    Ahhhh you were right, this brings back childhood memories! I love Archie comics and my favorite was Jughead! And you look really pretty in your outfit, Camille <3

      • Colt Nava

        Did you just say “Thanks Camille”?? lol Does this mean I should reply “You’re welcome, Kathleen”? lol

        • itscamilleco

          Oh my gosh! Sorry! Haha! I was so tired!!! Sorry Kathleen!

          Actually I was just testing if you really read my replies. LOL! Just kidding!

  20. Valerie Embate

    hiii what shade is your hair? its really nice:)) super love it<3

  21. Lauren

    Wow, you loo gorgeous! I love the light colours, the skirt is amazing, and the shoes :)


  22. Stian Mauricio

    WOW this is perfect on you :D, love when you wear skirts!

  23. Alyssa

    I really love the way you dress up. I also love your skater skirt it’s very pleasing to the eyes. I really love skirts but I’m always having a hard time in dressing up with skirts because I have fat legs :(

  24. Katrin Tuaño

    I totally agree! Cream ang gold combination gives a very refreshing and natural look. You look great! Super sweet like Betty! <33 Love this post. xx

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