Black Rose


I got butterflies in my stomach when I came up with this outfit. That must be what matchmakers feel every time they find the perfect match. All three pieces are actually from different brands bought at different times. My sister has had this skirt for years, while this top has been with my mom for 2 years already. This jacket from UK’s Finders Keepers, however, I only got from online store, Rtister, recently. Who would’ve thought, right? These 3 pieces look like they were made for each other, like they’re part of a suit!


If you’re not into showing your legs off and prefer a pair of pants instead, you can still get this monochromatic look with a pair of Finders Keepers pants available at Rtister too. The monochrome trend is huge in the UK right now. It was everywhere in the SS13 shows so Rtister made sure to provide you the perfect pieces to get the look.


Here’s a little tip if you want to try this trend out. Whenever I wear monochromatic looks, I like breaking the monotony with color through my accessories like my bag and shoes. Black and white outfits can look a little serious so a little color adds a certain playfulness.


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Rtister Finders Keepers jacket


Episode top


Givenchy bag


Topshop belt


H&M skirt


Sergio Rossi heels

133 Responses to “Black Rose”
  1. Steal4Style

    Wow! Are you sure the three pieces are from differen places!! It’s amazing, you really did the perfect match. I definitely love this bag. COngratulations for achieving the perfect outfit. Wish someday I can get to a look as gorgeous as yours. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. Jeany.C

    Wow, Ms Camille, can’t believe the three pieces are from different brands,haha XDD. They really match perfectly !!!

  3. Dheya Suzuki

    aww. those pair of heels. <3 one of my faves among your tons of shoes. :)

  4. itscamilleco

    Oh it is??? I’ve been discovering a lot of Australian brands lately, makes me want to visit Australia again! :)

  5. Camille Mah

    Omg! this is like the best print on print outfit ever! I would never guess that these 3 pieces came from different brands. They’re like meant for each other!! :D

  6. Sephie Rojas

    It’s te yummy blue Givenchy bag and the yummy Sergio Rossi heels! <3 I see a lot of monochrome in Asia too! Even some Asian artists from the entertainment industry are sporting this trend in their magazine spreads and promotional ads :) So excited to try this out soon! :D

  7. Ai - ai

    parang pinagtagpo lng ng tadhana ang peg ng story ng outfit mo!!! hehehe cute..perfect match..:)))

  8. Kath

    I love the total look Camille! You’re just so gorgeous in everything that you wear, ( even in your ‘pambahay’, I still imagine you looking so glam and perf. Haha

  9. kimii

    omg the outfit does look like it came from one set! that’s really cool! oh and i also love the hair! did you have it rebonded or treated? :D

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Kim! Nope! Maybe it was just a good hair day :)

  10. Genevieve Anne Diocos

    I really love this ensemble Ate Idol! You always amaze me when you combine different brands and make it look like they were actually made for each other. I remembered your Opulence post in lookbook, one of my favorites. And this look would prolly be added. Soo cool.

  11. Lauren

    Hi Camille, just wondering-is your antigona a small or a medium? :)

    • itscamilleco

      hmmm I think it’s the medium size. I have to check! :)

  12. Anaivilo

    OMG such great findings! I get what you mean with the butterflies, sometimes I get that too, and it’s incredible indeed how these items match each other! :D Fantastic! :)

  13. Joreina Blanco


  14. Kyla Mae Tan

    Wow, wow, wow!!! This looks soooo well put together! You have such an awesomely fashionista family, Ms. Camille! This is surely one of your most memorable outfits for me!

  15. Aimee

    Perfect! Each piece is MFEO (made for each other). Haha! Always love your style, Camille! ♥

  16. Inna

    This ensemble is so nice! I love how you always look so put-together and polished but still so young and adventurous! The prints look so good together. And those shoes!!! Of course, the bag is heavenly too :D

    hihi, kind of reminds me of what Blair Waldorf would wear :D

    Stay awesome!

  17. Christine Koay

    You look chic here, Ms Camille! i really thought the jacket and the skirt were together as a pair until i look closely! you make monochromatic look easy! and this 3 pieces are indeed match made in heaven! <3

  18. Jaszel

    I am absolutely in love with the outfit Ms. Camille!Too gorgeous! Love the last picture, so adorable! Hihi! X

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  19. Gail

    yay! it’s meant to be! it’s such a cute and refreshing pair! :)

  20. ish

    love the look, the bag is amazing adore it!
    and love the print overdose really pretty
    xx ish

  21. Jeanne Frederique

    I’ve been addicted with black roses for so long and I can’t fond an outfit that I can wear that won’t look gothic or dark themed because black roses are kinda creepy. But this outfit is perf! :) Classy. Not gothic :)

  22. Angelica Manalo

    Grabe. I thought it was a dress. Haha! You already! :))))

  23. Kath

    I really love it!. Not everyone can pull off a monochromatic look. You’re so gorgeous Camille. I’ve been checking your blog everyday waiting for your next post, and here it is! :)) a random thought, you have a pretty little shoe size for your height ah. Cute lang :) heehee

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Kath! Yes, at least it’s easier for me to find shoes that fit :)

  24. Vina Guerrero

    on my first look i thought they have the same prints! haha! great mind camille :)

  25. Valerie

    They match soooo well! OMG! Really love this. It’s so pretty

  26. Tasha D.

    Anong say ni Mary Katrantzou sa pagkakamix mo ng prints dito! Galing! Lavet! Kabahan na sya! Charos. haha!

  27. kyreen96

    I love how the color of your shoes pop! Its the first thing i saw :))) i’m actually not a fan of monochromatic looks, but somehow you have managed to pull it off! Good job! :D

  28. Lyka

    I have been trying to do this kind of look. But my dad always disagrees. :(( he’s very conservative and conforming, especially concerning fashion. What to do if your dad’s the one keeping you from wearing what you want? Hahaha! But i love him very much, no doubt there. :))))

    • itscamilleco

      Why? What does he have against this? Maybe you can try to compromise :)

  29. Kay

    Hello Camille,

    I’m amazed that you borrow your mom’s clothes? is she that thin like you? you’re lucky for having same size as your mom and sister. By the way, when are you posting the Summer Solstice event? please post everyday, we missed you a lot <3

    Oh, I love your outfit as usual <3

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Kay! :) She’s not but some of her tops fit me :)

  30. Girlie Blogger

    Excellent job matching various prints. It was almost unnoticed until I saw them close together. Also, how cool are your shoes!

  31. elaine g.

    in addition to your butterflies in your stomach, i would imagine myself with a very sweet smile and tap to myself for the perfectly matched outfit.. hahaha! (and maybe some teary eyes.LOL)

  32. Dhes Borja

    wow..I thought that was just two pieces of outfit..I thought (the top and skirt) that was a dress..haha love it!

  33. Jeanne Frederique

    I’m having this addiction with black rose but I do not know how can I get a look with a touch of those without looking so gothic, but you made it possible! I love this look :) Thanks ate Camille :)

  34. Angelic Robles

    Wouldn’t have believed that these three pieces came from separate labels until I read your post! You’re right, Miss Camille! I love that your clothes colors are monochromatic but spiced with your blue accessories.

  35. jayzel

    i love your style camille.. hope you continue sharing your fashion style to us.. mwahhh

  36. Chloe

    At first I thought it was a dress LOL :D I wanted to try those matchy-matchy thing but I don’t know how to.. :(

  37. Ruki

    This look is perfect. Well, all of your looks are, so I think it’s a given already. Haha. When they’re worn by THE Camille Co, it’s a presumption that the pieces would look ten times more beautiful than how they already look! :))

    By the way, do you have Dolce & Gabbana items?

  38. Mary Pajee

    I died twice when I saw this outfit post. First is the gorg outfit then second, the Givenchy Antigona. Stunning as always Ms. Camille. :)

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