Little Monsters


Look, little monsters! I’ve got your mommy monster, Lady Gaga, on my shirt! Amazing, right? To be so famous and iconic that with just her signature hairdo, people automatically know who this drawing is supposed to be. That’s how effective Lady Gaga is. She’s one mean branding machine.


I didn’t get this shirt because I’m a little monster though. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lady Gaga! But the reason why I got this shirt is because I found it extremely cute and quirky. Even if I didn’t know who Lady Gaga was, the little  heads and shoulder pads would’ve been enough to catch my attention.


If you want to order this shirt or any thing else on Yesah, you’re in luck! You can get SGD$10 off on shipping! Just use the code, “CAMILLE10”.


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Topshop pants


SM Accessories necklace


Yesah top


Givenchy bag


FFAQ shoes

86 Responses to “Little Monsters”
  1. anne

    Hi Ate Camille, would you mind if I ask you the size of your waistline? Hihi! Kainggit! ;)

  2. Christine Koay

    You look cool here, Ms Camille! I must say that t-shirt is cute! and the shoulder pad brings out the t-shirt more! it didn’t make the t-shirt looks weird..

  3. Ghulli Ghush

    This is nice! btw, I am a lil’ monster. I want that top but it’s already sold out :( I’ve been a reader of your blogs since last year and I still love your styling skills.

  4. Yanshi

    I don’t think I can wear those pants, i don’t think it’s bagay haha :D Pero it’s you who wore it naman, kaya bagay hihihi :) I think lahat naman bagay sayo, galing galing!!! I think I said the word ‘bagay’ too much in this comment hahaha :)) Anyway, great outfit again :)

  5. Ruth

    Heehee!! Never knew shoulder pads would make a comeback.. iyan lang ang hindi ko na-miss noong 80s .. kahit na uber dami kong ganyan noon.. pero ang galing mo naman magdala ng damit eh.. Was gonna say dapat magmodel ka.. pero model ka nga.. Gr8 model!!

    Sana sumali ka sa mga modeling contest :)

    • Camille Co

      Hindi ko kaya! Haha! I’m probably too shy for those contests. :) I love shoulder pads! Bestfriend dapat ng petite girls! :)

    • Camille Co

      Awww you can still use the code to buy other stuff on the website though. :)

  6. beatrice gases

    Love the code it has my ever favorite number 10 :D <3 and off course I'M in love with the boots

  7. abby07

    Hi Ms. Cams… YOu really stand out from the rest of the bloggers I’ve been following. Iba eh. :) Iba talaga..
    You make even the simplest or weirdest outfit turn sophisticated and youthful. How i wish I could wear the same pants in the same “it” manner..:D YOu inspire many girls including me everyday. YOu’re my doll. :)

  8. Rose

    Hi Camille! I’m just wondering where you bought the cute films for the Intax mini of Patricia (the one you bought for her) I want to buy the same. thanks! Oh, btw I love your Outfit again (God. When was even the last time you wore something bad?)

  9. Angelic Robles

    I can hear the music! It’s an awesome shirt you got there, Miss Camille!

    I love how you paired it with those patterned pants! It was sweet simplicity at first glance, but I found myself being drawn to the ensemble since it had worldly wave to it. This outfit shows your fearless side: a strong go-getter in the fashion industry. I admire you all the more for it.

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Angelic! Fashion should be fun and this shirt is definitely fun! :)

  10. KatJ

    Great style! ;) May i ask what size is your Givenchy Antigona? Is it a small or medium? Thanks!

  11. Mabel

    I really love that bag!!! And you Ms. Camille. Thanks for inspiring me ^_^

  12. Vina Guerrero

    i really love your boots! that’s my favorite! :) hope you would wear pants more often! :)

  13. maebs

    Your shirt is so cute :-) I also love lady gaga. I always love her songs, sad to say maraming naiirita sa kanya even if may message naman ang songs nya. Sa school ng kapatid ko bawal kantahin ang mga songs nya kasi ipapaoffice sila pagnarinig yung songs nya. :(

  14. Ruki

    Ate Cams. Is this pair of pants the same one you wore in your “Crop It” blog post? Dun kasi, it’s from Topshop. Then here, it’s from Zara. But they look exactly the same, putting into consideration that both have zippers on both ends of each “leg”.

  15. ish

    lovely look, the printed trousers are amazing and adore the lsdy gaga top!!
    xx ish

  16. Jules

    Did you have to ask for a permit from Ayala to have your photos taken in BGC? :)

  17. Tasha D.

    LOOOVE this look! Love Gaga too! Despite her extreme fame, nagawa nyang talikuran yun at take a break from all the glitz and glamour for her family and loved ones. Notice how she’s not that visible today? She chose talaga na mag lay low muna and stay away from the media. I salute her for that! Imagine the money she could’ve made dun sa time na nagpahinga sya.

    • Camille Co

      Oh really? That’s so cool! I think that’s great! Plus, she needs a break din naman. Every artist needs a time out every now and then so that she can recharge :)

  18. jayzel

    Nice shirt Camille… Lovin the houndstooth pants… I’m your avid reader of your blog..

  19. ville

    Wow… I still remember when you wore the pants on one of your entries like the more corporate version and that made me buy the same pants (print) except that its not from Zara.. You styled it very well.. as in you are amazing… Thank you for inspiring a lot of girls and I’m one of them… :)

  20. Lukie Chu

    your shirt makes you hotter :D it’s like black and white, even though it has a touch of yellow because of lady gaga’s hair hahahaha, you look so classy here! :)) ganda mo talaga mag style, i hope you can give me some advice hehe. love it. Sang place to? ^_^

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Lukie! Fort also :) Ito na, ito na mga style tips ko. :) Just keep reading my blog :)

  21. Don Losentes

    I love your shirt Ms. Camille, so cute!! and your bag! <3

  22. Mhaica Lee Cerdeña

    So edgy Miss Camille :) Will try to make gaya of this look!!! Wieeeeeeee ♥

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