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It’s been a long time since I last made a make-up tutorial, the reason being is that I don’t really have much talent in the area. LOL! I don’t know any fancy techniques aside from the one I usually do over and over and over again. But since a lot of you have been asking for a makeup tutorial, here goes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though!


Since I’m an ambassador for UK cosmetics brand Collection and I’ve been using the brand ever since, I decided that for this makeup tutorial, I’ll show you how I do my favourite smokey eye makeup using Collection’s affordable products. To achieve this look, just follow the steps below. Don’t you worry. I’m such an amateur, practically anyone can do this! 


I have oily skin so for my foundation, I’m using Collection’s Naturally Matt foundation to keep me fresh all day. Matt makeup is the best type for oily skin. Of course, we’ve all got imperfections we want to hide, right? After applying foundation, use the Lasting Perfection concealer to remove dark spots and eye bags. I usually apply concealer under my eyes and on the sides of my nose.


Now that you’ve got your flawless skin, time for the main event–your eyes.


This is Collection’s Smokey Eyes eye shadow palette. I chose to use the cream as base then topped it off with the light eye shadow on the middle row.


Apply the cream and powder evenly on your entire eyelid. For this step, I prefer using my fingers over a brush.


After applying your base, take your brush and use it with the “dark” eye shadow on the center of this palette. If you look at the back of this eye shadow palette, it actually instructs you to use the medium eye shadows first. But since my eyes aren’t exactly the biggest, the medium shades don’t really work for my eyes.


So if your eyes are like mine or you simply want a more dramatic smokey eye makeup, use the center dark eye shadow and brush it from the outer corner of your eyelid going inward.


Always brush from the outer corners of your lid so that the darker colour fades as you brush inward.


For my smokey eye makeup’s darkest shade, I’m using the brown eye shadow of Collection’s Work The Colour Trio eye palette in Naughty n Nude.


As you can see, I’m using a more compact brush now to make the darker eye shadow more prominent. Again, brush from the outer corners of your eyelids going inward. For more impact, apply more on the bottom part of your eyelid–the part that’s closer to your lash line.


You can use the light eye shadow again to blend the colours even more. Brush it from the inner corners of your eyelids going outward and upward towards your brow bone. In a way, your fading the colours out so that they blend well with the areas that you didn’t apply eyeshadow on.


My winning weapon: the eyeliner! I’m using Collection’s Intense Colour Supersoft Kohl Pencil in black.


I always use pencil eyeliners on my lower lash line for a sexy effect. This particular pencil is so easy to work with and glides on so smoothly!


To line my eyelid or upper lash line, I always use liquid or gel liners. For this look, I’m using Collection’s Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in black.


If you have a hard time handling liquid liners, this one is for you. It’s so easy to control! It’s literally like using a marker! It dries quickly too!


I always extend the tips of my eye line.


To make my eyes look bigger, I use a flat brush and dab it into these 2 colours. Purple shades usually bring out the colour of my eyes the best so this is my favorite. It’s the darkest shade on Collection’s Work The Colour Trio eye palette in Very Berry.


I then mix that purple shade with the darkest shade of Collection’s Work The Colour Trio eye palette in Naughty n Nude–the same eye shadow I used on my eyes.


Glide your brush onto the outer corners of your lower lash line.


I usually do a final check before I finish doing my eyes. Whenever I feel like something is still missing or I just really want to make my eyes look even bigger, I add a bit of that purple shade again on the outer corners of my eyelids while my eyes are open so that I’m sure the colour won’t be hidden under my eyes’ creases or folds.


Since I’m wearing lash extensions care of Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell, I’m skipping the eyelash curlers and mascaras. But for you, I highly recommend mascaras! Pile them on like there’s no tomorrow. LOL!


For sweet rosy cheeks, I’m using Collection’s Blush in Bashful then topped it off with Shimmer Shades in Blushalicious to make my cheeks glow even more. These 2 are my favourites as well.


Smile to reveal the apples of your cheeks! It’s a must!


Smokey eye make up always looks good with light lippies so I recommend my all-time favorite Collection lippie–Volume Sensation in Satin Bow.


If you find it too pale or light, add a bit of color by dabbing (take note: DAB, not brush) another shade over it. This is Lasting Colour in Sweet Tart.

Collection lippies are already quite moisturizing but just to make your lips look even more kissable, finish your lips off with this best-seller–Collection’s Hotlights lip gloss in Star. I’m usually not into lip glosses but this is really pretty and doesn’t feel heavy at all.


Pucker up!


I’m ready for my closeup! There you have it. I hope you liked my little makeup tutorial and actually picked up a thing or two. I’m no beauty guru but hey, I tried. Haha!


Channelling my inner sexy through this smokey eye look!


To know where you can find a Collection store near you, click here. Follow Collection on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for updates and promos. In the meantime, check out my short Youtube commercial for Collection!

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  1. Cara

    do you have eyelash extensions here? If yes, where do you go for extensions?

  2. Nicole P.

    Ohhh… Love the color of the blush on your cheeks! how about a “how to line your eyes” tutorial next time… :) Cheers!


    • Camille Co

      Oooh let me think about that! I don’t even know how I do it. I’m so used to lining my eyes! :) But I’ll give this some thought :)

  3. athena

    i like it that the foundation tube isn’t brand new and not full anymore, really means you’re using it! <3 I am interested with this Collection too! Lisa eldridge uses this line! :D

  4. Raxelle

    i learned a lot..thanks Camille! :)..i will try this one as I also have chinita eyes..many said i look like i want my eyes to look big :).. but am not sure where to buy these products..meron ba sa mga SM stores?

    • Camille Co

      Yes! Click lang the link there and you’ll see the list of branches :)

  5. Carol

    Love this tutorial! I always love the way you do your makeup, it really enhances your natural beauty without seeming too much. Do you have a monolid or double lids? :)

  6. ched

    Hello Camille,

    I’ve known Collection Cosmetics brand because of you! I would really love for sure!


  7. Yanshi

    I love smokey eye make up!! I’ll definitely try this one out :) Thanks Camille! <3

  8. gabrielle

    Hi camille:) you look really classy in that look, i really liked it:)) I hope you would come up to more makeup tutorials :) are those brushes are also from the brand “Collection” ang ganda i love it!

  9. A

    Oh my goodness, that eyeliner pencil is SO dark! I need it in my life! I’ve been seeing Collection but I’ve been too chicken to try it out, but now I want to!

  10. Kiara Marzan

    Hi ate Camille! I hope you don’t mind me asking about hairstyle. I just want some tips from you for my hair. Well, to start in, I have an oval face po. And my hair is frizzy. Any suggestion for my hair po? Thank you po! :)

    • Camille Co

      Ohhh! Hmmmm I’m not really familiar with this but maybe something like a layered cut that would frame your face?

  11. Anaivilo

    You are soooo sweet in that video! I love the closeups on your eyes, they are brilliant! :D Great post, I love your makeup routine ;)

  12. Christine Koay

    Great tutorial, Ms Camille! You look stunning! and such a cute commercial! Purple really suits you!
    P/S: I found another typo.. I’m no grammar nazi but i don’t want other people coming and say mean thing.. on the 6th photo, So if your* eyes are like mine. Please don’t hate me.. T.T

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Christine! I appreciate it!!! Sometimes, I blog in such a hurry I forget to check! Thank you!

      • Christine Koay

        I’m glad that I help! No rush, Ms Camille.. we understand that you have so much thing going on.. We will be waiting for your post patiently.. =)

  13. Jam

    i’ve been waiting for a make-up tutorial from you. thank you for my answered prayer! haha.

  14. Kat Reyes

    Yehey! Finally! Thank you for this Ms. Camille! Btw, you are actually better than the other “pro” make-up artists. #justsayin’

  15. Sara Shalabi

    Cool! :) new make up line haha! Where can i find collection boutiques or stands around manila?
    Thanks ;) love lots :*

    • Camille Co

      Hi Sara! :) I placed the link for the list of branches above :) So many!

  16. Makura Santos

    You’re so pretty even w/o makeup Ms. Camille. THanks for this step by step makeup tutorial. :) I’m not really good in makeup so this one really helps. I’ll try this soon. Btw, Im a huge fan of yours, I want to meet you in person, hoping to take a pic with you.:3

  17. Vina Guerrero

    hi cams! Hindi ma nag ssmudge yung eyeliner? both the liquid and pencil.. i used to put pencil eyeliners din kasi dati but nag ssmudge siya :(

  18. Mai Pascua

    You’re very beautiful, even without make up. But me being me, I’m not very confident in either wearing make up or wearing some, it’s because somehow it’s not well done or I’m embarrassed of my face. I dunno why.

    You’re so perf. I hope you’ll continue inspiring us in the future. :D <3

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Mai! Just keep practicing! :) You’ll get the hang of it. Trust me, I had no clue I was doing at first too!

  19. Jen

    Thank you for this tutorial, Camille! I always have a hard time achieving the smoky eye look. This tutorial will really help me :)

    I love Collection’s makeup especially the 24hr extreme felt tip liner. It’s very easy to use and quick to dry, and true to its word, it stays all day long. I love that the brand is also affordable! I’m already on my second liner.

    • Camille Co

      Right???!! Collection is such an awesome brand! I’m a lipstick girl so they’re lipsticks are my favorite!

    • Camille Co

      Hi Orange! Check out the link between the last photo and video :) Listed all the branches in that link :)

  20. Lourine

    Own it. Work it. Love it. Yeah! I definitely love your commercial. You’re perfect for the girly theme. :)

  21. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    :) wow. Great! thanks for the “smokey eye” tutorial Ms.Camille. I love smokey eye’s, It is always in the red carpet events and the Hollywood glamour. Your good in doing it.. :)

  22. Tasha D.

    Do you know any treatment that will reduce the oiling of skin? Parang botox that will treat it para mabawasan? I heard kasi meron na ding parang botox din na magpeprevent ng pawis eh. Some had their underarms done tapos never na sila pinagpapawisan in that area.

    I have the same problem din kasi. I’m very oily. Do you use oil control film? What brand? When you use oil film…hindi ba nagsma-smudge yung make up mo?

    • Camille Co

      I use oil films from Sasa, HK :) The Japanese ones :) Doctors say masama yan! You have to sweat in areas you have sweat glands because that’s you body’s way of releasing toxins. As for the oil, don’t worry! At least when we get older, we won’t have as much wrinkles :)

  23. Valerie

    WHY WHY WHY CAMILLE? D’: you are going to KL with Kryz and Laureen?! All 3 of my fav bloggers are coming to my home country when I am overseas for vacation?! Man, been waiting to see all 3 of you one day, and when the day comes, I am not around! Oh why oh why oh why?! :( so sad right now. Btw love the make up there, sigh* I hope to bump into you guys one day! ( still wishing upon a star).

    • Camille Co

      Yes we are! Awwww we’re not meant to be! LOL! :) Thanks Valerie!

  24. Dannah Rafols

    I love it!!! thanks for the make-up tutorial sensei Camille… plus.. I heart your commercial!

    • Camille Co

      Haha! I don’t know as well! I’m more eye lines than eyebags :)

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