My mind has gone completely blank. I don’t know what to say about this outfit! All I can think about is how excited I am for my Access Travel-sponsored trip to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow with my blogger besties and how I should begin packing. LOL! Focus, Camille. FOCUS!

I shall, henceforth, try my best to get my mind off my trip for a few minutes and on to this outfit for now.


So what’s the inspiration behind this look? I wanted to mix casual and business attire clothes together to come up with a refreshing ensemble. Normally, when you see smart and crisp looking pants such as these, the first thing you’ll think of pairing them with are blazers and blouses. But why not stop and think for a minute–think of something unpredictable, something exciting. Fashion should be about reinvention. It should be about change. This is what makes fashion interesting!


This is the reason why I went for an edgy cage top and leopard jacket instead. I know I should be feeling all sexy in this top but when your boobs don’t fill the cups, it’s hard to feel that way. Haha!


I actually love how the lines on my pants match the straps of my cage top and the line across the wall. Or is it just me who noticed these? They’re all in theme!


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Stella McCartney pants


Chanel earrings


SNS necklace OMG cage top Pull & Bear jacket


YSL clutch SNS rings Keysas Casio watch and leopard bangle


Christian Louboutin heels

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83 Responses to “Cage”
  1. Yanshi

    “Fashion should be about reinvention. It should be about change. This is what makes fashion interesting!” -Camille Co
    Kumo-quotable quotes hahaha :D I totally agree and what you have done with these pieces is absolutely amazing! It’s out of the cage (box ata dapat haha!) Love everything about this outfit! :)))

      • apple

        Hi Camille

        You look stunning!! I fully agreed with Yanshi:) you are very creative…love it!
        Love the ysl clutch in red, may i know how to care and maintenance that lovely color?
        was it easy to maintenance ? could u pls advice me should i get the Red or Black ysl?

        Thanks x

        • Camille Co

          Both colors are great! :) Just be careful when you take it out. It’s not really that hard to maintain :)

  2. Kim Capeña

    arrgggh! SEXY! i super envy your body :((( your height, legs,skin. ate camille whyyyy??? HAHAHAHHA. chosss. hehe you’re so beautiful ^^,

  3. Leah

    I love it! SEXY!!! Ms. Camille, I always got jealous of your super hot sexy flat tummy.. Hehe

    <3 <3 <3

  4. Angelic Robles

    Smokin’! This outfit is THE BOMB, Miss Camille! A total reinvention of the ‘put-together, but still subtly sexy’ look. It’s a good twist to the very serious corporate styles that are such staples in any girl’s closet, but you took it way out of the box and breathed new life to looking ready for the fashion world!

    I’m such a fan of your pants. I think they are very mysterious looking even if it has a minimalist type of design. The crispness of their look is balanced out by the soft fabric of that particular pair.

    I love how each of your clothing choices has a focal point. I saw your ‘come hither’ look on the 6th photo of this post and my eyes were drawn to your makeup, jacket print, and the midrib hemline of your top. This is an amazing combination, Miss Camille! Hats off!

    • Camille Co

      Awww thank you Angelic! I have a come hither look?! Haha! Thank you so so much!

  5. charisse ann cortes

    hi ate camiilllle co. hihih i really love your fashion and style. indeed your one of my fashion blogger idol. you and ate kryzzieee. and the outfit above is succch a kyoooodie ;) but unfortunately i dont have an amazing tummy like yours so i really dont hav ethe guts to wear that. but indeed ’twas a great outfit :) hihi im so happy we have the same initials. hihi CC :) GOD BLESS! <3

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Charisse! You can always just substitute the cage top with a normal black tank and you’d still look great! :)

  6. Nikka Kim

    you still look sexy ate camille~ but to be honest, effortlessly sexy hahaha i really love your captions and that’s one of the reasons why i love visiting your blog *aside from your gorgeous fashion photos coz that’s given na* ehehe :D it’s my first time commenting here though.. i wish i could meet you in person soon~ and have a safe trip at KL~!!! xoxo ^3^

  7. Ericka Garcia

    Hi Miss Camille. You’re so sexy and chic! :) Miss Camille, join ka naman sa contest ng lookbook, yong winner yata aattend sa Mercedes Benz fashion week sa New York :) I think you have big chance na manalo. Who knows diba? Ganda kasi ng outfits mu eh. Pang-fashion week talaga! :)

    Ericka of

  8. Ren

    I thought your cage top was from the Lua and Romwe collab, but it isn’t. Do you also have your own creations in collaboration with Romwe?

  9. Naaj Rona

    I know exactly what you mean when you say “I know I should be feeling all sexy in this top but when your boobs don’t fill the cups, it’s hard to feel that way. Haha!

    Girl problems, i experience the same, we are sailing in the same boat. But you still look sexy and that cage bralet top. Loving the leopard print jacket, gives the formal attire a bit of sexiness and edgy look

    Naaj xx

  10. Lila

    I could never wear that edgy cage top.. my boyfriend is gonna kill me. LOL
    But you really look good in it, don’t mind the babies you still look VERY sexy ^^

  11. Frances

    Grabeh ang sexy mo! :)
    I think your edgy cage top stole the show on this one!
    I love love love your look! Although, I have to admit, I would never have the courage to wear such since I’m afraid to show my flabs on my stomach!haha!
    Keep posting dear and stay beautiful! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

  12. Camille Ann

    Pretty Ms.Camille!!! Pair that cage top with a skirt so that you’ll still feel sexy even without the boobsies. ehehe :) I still love you!

  13. Christine Koay

    Oh my, oh my! You’re coming to KL? how i wish i live in KL.. If you have any chance, do stop by Penang.. we have awesome food and of course shopping mall.. Lots of shopping mall are growing here, i don’t know why.. and of course some heritage site.. and you look sexy here, Ms Camille! Love this outfits! Such an unexpected twist.. that’s what I love about you! =)
    P/S : I think there’s a typo. Your* boobs..

    • Camille Co

      I didn’t notice that!! Thank you Christine! :) How I wish I had more time!

      • Christine Koay

        No problem!! This proves that I read every word in your post! =D Awww.. if by any chance and you have extra time, you should visit Penang.. Can I be your tour guide? LOL.. i can drive you around.. I’m just saying.. I will do my homework first so we won’t get lost.. LOL..

  14. Lourine

    Wow. Edgy yet there is this sophistication. Never mind the boobsies. You still look good ate Camille. Hehe. Be safe on your trip! :)

  15. Colt Nava

    “when you’re boobs don’t fill the cups, it’s hard to feel that way. Haha!” – I think you mean “your” instead of “you’re”, Camille, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a grammar nazi! but I’m just looking after my fave blogger :) I don’t want some newbie readers see some typos and judge this blog (masyado ko bang sineseryoso? haha.. I’m just a huge supporter, that’s all). Anyway, you look sexy and sophisticated, Camille :) Have a safe trip and enjoy KL!

  16. Vina Guerrero

    ” I know I should be feeling all sexy in this top but when your boobs don’t fill the cups, it’s hard to feel that way. Haha!” HAHA lol! i remember our chikahan about this! =)) Will definitely try the secret soon! haha!

  17. Sephie Rojas

    I find it difficult to shot for bustier tops online. You can’t be too sure if it’ll fit you just right based on the measurements they provide :))) It’s a hit or miss. On a brighter side, now that you mentione the lines, it is quite noticeable now when I looked at the photos again. Matching talaga! :)))

  18. Tasha D.

    Ang sosyaaal! Stella McCartney pants! I like the idea pero agree ako…hindi nga na-occupy ng boobam mo yung cups haha! Mas bongga sana kung mas masikip para di halata na maluwag sa boobey. Pero nevertheless, I loove this look! ;)

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha! :) I’m not blessed kasi. Hindi bale, I will have it altered! :)

  19. Dana Tolentino

    but you are sexy, Ms Cams!!! <3
    the crop top plus the crisp white pants made you look extra tall. so pretty! :D
    aaaand because I wanna wear a crop top like that, I'll need to hit the gym to achieve that smexy flat tummy huhuhu

  20. Nicole Wong

    Wow. I was very very impressed by how you mixed the concepts. I never thought it could go like that. As in! Hands down! You are forever my inspiration! :)

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