Line Them Up


When you find a dress like this, hold on to it and never, NEVER let it go–especially when you find it at a local branch of BB Dakota! Apparently, our local branch of BB Dakota only carries a few stocks of each size for all its designs. GASP! But if you think about it, maybe that’s a good thing. For one, there are less chances of running into an outfit twin. And two, you won’t end up buying the entire collection. LOL! Trust me, they have the most beautiful party dresses–YOU WILL GET TEMPTED.


Out of all the dresses there, this is my favorite. It’s another happy dress that I can add to my collection of Sunday dresses. I just love the playful color and direction of the stripes! They give such a flattering illusion, don’t you think?


For my accessories, I decided to go prim and proper all the way. Although I did sneak in a leather bracelet from Marissa del Rosario. I just couldn’t help it because I wanted to wear it right away! Marissa De Rosario is a designer based in the States who makes beautiful accessories that are truly like art. They are so beautifully made!


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Lannel Boutique Mac Tangerine Dream and OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss in Androgyne


SM Accessories necklace


Diane Von Furstenberg clutch 


Marissa Del Rosario white and gold leather cuff 


BB Dakota dress (available at SM Aura)


Sergio Rossi heels

94 Responses to “Line Them Up”
  1. Yanshi

    You look like a doll in the 6th picture :) You’re pouting eeeeee!! semi-pout haha :)) Beautiful outfit! Love that Sergio Rossi heels :) <3

  2. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    Definitely love your aura here! You really stood out with your dress! It’s simple yet unique! I like it whenever you’re in a simple outfit like this :) I can’t wait for your KL trip post! You’ve been traveling since the start of the year and this Sept you’ll be in SG again!!! My gosh! I hope you’ll be able to catch up with your backlogs! hahaha! Can’t help to feel envious with all your travels :((

    • Camille Co

      Thank you so much Kay! I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos though! :)

    • Camille Co

      Haha no! :) Coincidence! :) Yes there is, it’s the lens flare. Cute!

  3. carla

    I can’t believe you walked on that moss with that kind of shoes.hehe..blogger power extreme. :D .when you wear a happy Sunday dress like that it pops on my mind “What A Sweet 16 Camille” cute and pretty at the same time.

  4. Kiara Marzan

    How could you stand up with those heels? The heels were so thin. Emeghad. Amazing LOL! haha. Such an inspiration :”)

  5. frankie

    ooh, i love those shoes! and the dress is so adorable too. kind of conservative but still short and cute. : )

    and you’re so prettyyy!

  6. angelou

    super pretty :D cuuuteee wala na akong masabi NESEYO na po ang lehet hehe :D

  7. Christine Koay

    Reading this post cheers me up, Ms Camille! and this dress is sooo gorgeous! and you’re gorgeous as usual! Love the 6th photo where you’re looking up.. so innocent! =)

  8. Honey Lyn

    After the storm it’s nice to read your blog again. A stress-reliever after my boyfriend and I broke up. It’s very refreshing to see bright colors in your dress. Nakakahawa ng aura. Feeling redreshed na din. ;)

  9. Joann

    I love this look! It’s so vibrant!

    Can I ask… Is there already a Diane Von Furstenberg store here in the Philippines? Thank you! :)

  10. jayzel

    Such a nice dress… Keep inspiring us Ms. Camille. Always check your blog. Mwahhhh :-)

  11. Witam Seno

    Those shoes are divine. And the white and gold accessories added balance to you colorful outfit. You are really a smart dresser Ms. Camille. Im such a fan and I promised myself that my wedding gown would hopefully be made by you. Eeeek that would be so kilig

  12. Vina Guerrero

    look at the 2nd photo! There’s a heart on your head! :) hahaha so lovely cams <3

  13. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    awww such a lovely dress, the stripes were placed impecably.. and created an illusion of shape.. really nice leather bracelet too!!!

  14. Naaj Rona

    I like how you kept the accessories to minimal and let the dress do all the talking. It is such a playful dress.Fit and Flare comes to mind when i look at the dress. The shoes has got a nice peek a boo effect with the cut out detail on the front and the heels are just awesome.

    Looking gorgeous as always Camille

    Naaj xx

  15. Dhes Borja

    love it too! hope it’s affordable look gorgeous sweetie

  16. Dana Tolentino

    Ms Cams, do you take any eternal youth potion? If yes, where do you buy it? hahaha
    You look younger and younger every single day! hahaha
    The colors make me happy :)) <3

  17. xiayu

    love the heels and dress! :) also, the location reminds me of my alma mater, MCHS. :) puro puno, hihi. :)

  18. Angelic Robles

    I think it’s a great pop of color to an urban setting as well, Miss Camille. I’m so impressed with how you pulled off this particular print because if I saw it on a rack, I would be scared that it would be a bit too graphic. Turns out with the right accessories, the cut of the dress and the print of the lines will come together.

    You’ve done it again! (How? How?! I am at a loss really.)

    Those are killer stilettos, by the way. That pair is a great complement to your clutch. I like how the shoes have earthy tones on the heels, and not overall matte white.

    I confess: I thought your gold and leather cuff was a beautiful watch. I spent quite a few minutes figuring out which was the Marissa Del Rosario cuff. I like how chunky it is! It doesn’t excessorize, it enhances!

    • Camille Co

      Haha! I can see why you thought it was a watch. Thank you Angelic! I hope now you’d take a second look and maybe own a dress like this too! :)

  19. Lovelight

    Love the dress Ms. Camille.:) Just curious though, are you not afraid na madumihan yung mga precious heels mo especially the light colors.? lol. Love the DVF clutch :)))

  20. Abbyguel

    How did you do that fly away skirt effect in the 5th photo.. Haha! Cool! You look like a little kido in the 6th photo.. sooo ADORABLE :’) It seems you had a bad hair day, but who cares?! You’re still pretty :>

  21. Ren

    You look so adorable and sweet wearing this dress!! Plus I like that little peek-a-boo on your heels.

  22. Karl

    The photos in your blog are constantly getting better and better! Where did you shoot this? It’s a dream for me to take your photos in the future. <3

  23. Kristine

    very beautiful.. kahit ano namang isuot mo ate camille you will stand out! sana i can have that dress once magsawa ka na. hehehe loveyouuu :)

    • Camille Co

      Haha! Aww thanks Kristine! Nako, I will love this dress forever! :)

  24. Sephie Rojas

    The stripe print on the skirt is just too cute! I love the white and gold touches for the accessories :) It’s so sophisticated :>

  25. Georgia

    You know what? sometimes I tink that the dresses you wear are only pretty because you are the one wearing it. I can imagine myself wearing that and i can say that i totally look ugly. Like I’m just 5’1 not that white skin tone and quite chubby. do you think it will suit me? no right? I wish I can be as pretty, tall,sexy and gorg! like you! :) because anything you wear looks great on you. haist jelly me :(

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Georgia! But I’m sure there are clothes that would look good on you and wouldn’t on me. I think it’s all about looking for clothes that’ll fit your body type. This dress can actually look quite flattering on you. The vertical and diagonal lines! :)

  26. Jam

    damn it, you’re so cute here. haha. couldn’t resist smiling whilst scrolling down :))

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