My title made you sing Katy Perry’s new song, didn’t it? LOL! Since I’ve already used up a lot of tiger references in my previous blog posts, Katy Perry’s new single came in handy. ROOOOOARRR! The tiger on my shirt, however, doesn’t seem to be in the mood to do any roaring.


I hope you’re not tired of my casual outfits yet. It’s just that whenever I need to wear something comfortable, these shirts and shorts come to mind first. They’re just so easy. The need for comfort came about because I had a shoot on this day, which explains why I’m so made up despite being dressed down. I guess you can say this is my favorite type of model off-duty look.


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Emoda shorts


From Japan leather cap


Forever 21 spear necklace Custom-made “Camille” necklace


Colt Nava shirt


Céline bag SM Accessories ring and black/silver bracelet Forever 21 silver bracelets Watch Factory Casio watch


Chestbox Ph shoes


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121 Responses to “Roar”
  1. Winnie

    San outlet ng Celine available ung bag? I tried malls in QC kaso wala.
    Effortlessly amazing miss Camille.

  2. gabrielle

    hi camille can i ask you what particular size you mean smallest size is sure in canada i’m like nagpapabili kasi ako to my dad at forevr 21 so di niya alam and ako din i’m not sure what size to get pls. give like the “smallest size” na your talking about like? kasi ito yung mga damit na ipapabili ko sana pls help me ito : (the white one ) and ito pa and the last (the beige one not the pink one)

    what do you think may nega comments ba or what do you think????

  3. Jaira

    Hi Ms Camille! You look pretty (as always) Hope you don’t mind, where was this photo taken? I would love to take a picture there! :) thanks!!

  4. gabrielle

    hi camille!!! um i really need a big help kasi my father which works in canada i just wonder na tignanaa yung website ng forever 21 in the canada branch online so i would like magpapabili ako ng mga clothes and i’m skinny and short i’m 5′ 2 and i ment really skinny can you help me find the right size to get for me for tops only only for tops

  5. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    the back drop for these photos seems so fun! love your comfy look.. you make it so easy ms camille!!!

  6. JB

    Love love love this look! Super comfortable looking and stylish at the same time. God bless, Camille! :) I hope you’ll have another meet & greet session so I could finally attend and have a photo taken with you. :)

  7. zhels.

    ZOMG, when i saw the backdrop, i was like, “i do also have an outfit shot there!”happy hormones! Haha. Anways your shorts and bag really got my attenti0n. Pg ikaw nagdala, laging effortless! Parang kpop lang! ;-)

  8. Yanshi

    It did! Napa ROAAAAR ako haha :D I love your model off-duty looks, very ANTM hehe :)) You were smizing again, Tyra did teach you well :)))) Your outfit blended well with the wall art too hehe :) Cool outfit!! Beautiful as ever! <3

  9. Lady Indo

    Lovely outfit. I actually didn’t think of K. Perry when I saw your shirt. It was more like ‘D’aaaaw!- look at that tiger!’ Hah.

  10. Kim Capeña

    Hi ate camille! haha. your hair looks soooo nice and bagay. and your over-all outfit? Georgeous! hahaha! sosyal tingnan mga casual outfits mo :D you’re the one who fixed your hair dito?

  11. BookLover

    To tell you the truth, Katy Perry crossed my mind but it’s because you got that something reminding me of her. Anyhow, I like your outfit, maybe I’d wear different shoes, but besides that, like it very much.

  12. Karen Kondo

    Hi Miss Camille! You’re so pretty and sweet! Replying to all those who comments on your posts. Good thing di ka po snob :”>
    You’re one of my blogger inspirations and because of that, I created my own blog hihi ♥ please check if it’s okay. Loveyou Ate Camille!

  13. Angelic Robles

    No way am I tired of your casual outfits, Miss Camille! This one is particularly great! I got a kick out of your Katy Perry reference, and I enjoyed going through the photos of this post.

    It’s a surprise to see you in muted pastels. I admire how you put together this printed top and light blue shorts. The fabric of both pieces look very snuggly. This is comfort mixed with fashion at its finest!

    I love your choice of accessories! The cap is your leather piece of edge. I like how it puts the look together because of its black and white matte tones. Your spear necklace is a metallic way of supporting ethnic designs, and your personal name necklace is the complement to the muted pastels of your ensemble. The Celine bag is so functional, and I find it to be a classic; what with it’s very androgynous build, to its colors, and its options of carrying by the handles or by the long strap.

    Your shoes are my favorite piece here! The woven pattern looks awesome against the matte black. It really adds a dash of Filipino identity to this popular shoe type. You wear it free and proud, Miss Camille!

    • Camille Co

      I find it to be such a classic as well! My favortie! :) Thank you Angelic! :) I agree with everything you said! You can write my blog posts better than me LOL!

  14. Steph Sison

    We won’t get tired of your outfit,kahit ano pa man yang suot mo.. Kahit banana leaves,haha.. Pag ako nagsuot nyan,parang matutulog lang eh.. hehe.. Iba talaga ang charm mo Camille!

  15. Alyssa Obis

    Oh my god the i like your shoes!!!! ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR Lol joke hahahahaha from head to toe = PERFECT! ♥

  16. Tracy

    You look Amazing! Whatever you wear you’re so pretty. simple tshirt and simple shorts pero kapag ikaw ang nagsusuot nagiging bongga. I want to meet you in person. “)

  17. Philip

    Oh, even dressed so casual, a cap on your head, you still look like an elegant angel !

  18. Joreina Blanco

    The background actually reminds me of one of the scenes in Luigi D’Avola’s music video for “Back To You” which you were in! Can I just say how adorable you look in there, Ms. Camille? <3 Yayyy!

    • Camille Co

      Haha! I don’t know as well! I don’t think it looks that way though. LOL! :)

  19. Kirk

    Oh em gee! The Celine Trapeze bag that Im dying to have Ate Camille! Roar! Rawr! Hahaha. Love you. <3 :)

  20. Christine Koay

    Love this casual look, Ms Camille! And no, we’re not tired of your casual outfits! I super love casual look! Always so stylish and chic! Reading your post always inspire me to dress up more! <3 And i have to agree that the tiger on your tee are not in the mood to roar at all.. he looks kinda moody.. LOL!

  21. Lovelight

    Haha. The first thing that pop out on my mind when I saw the title “ROAR” was Katy Perry’s song. You got me there Ms Camz! I notice you always use your F21 sliver/black bracelet a lot. Well I cant blame you cause it really looks classy, yet very simple. Are the black and white part of your Celine bag leather? Love the color combination of your bag!:))

  22. Lourine

    I love that song. I think that’s also the music on your BTS on Tomato. Anyhoo, this is the place where Back To You is taken, right?

  23. Pia

    But you still look so ‘fashion’ even in casual clothes ate Camille! :D Love the background, where did you shoot these photos? :)

  24. Nikka Kim

    i really like it when you post your casual looks~! super bagay po sayo ate camille~ hihihi :D and i love your curly hair a lot~! i wish you’d curl your hair more often too~ *just saying hihi* ^o^ ♥♥♥

  25. maebs

    The last outfit post this august :-) simple yet stylish. Miranda Kerr always wear comfy clothes just like you. I always love her street style it is same as you :-)

  26. Kristina

    Ooh I love this outfit! Your blog is seriously my bible. Where did you take your outfit shots? Is this in the metro if so where. (: xx

  27. Jawie

    galling mong pumili ng I-bbackground mo sa mga outfits mo. =) I wonder where is this.. =))

  28. Sephie Rojas

    Agree on that as the best model off-duty look <3 So effortlessly chic :) How do you preserve your leather things from chaffing though? :/ I always feel bad when the heat of our country makes my leather stuff chaffe ;__; Especially good shoes! D:

    • Camille Co

      Thank you! Hmm I guess you have to let them breathe. Like take them out of the cabinet once in a while :)

  29. Mai Pascua

    I love how you keep thing simple and subtle. You are really perfect. I love you. Hihihi :)

  30. Tasha D.

    haha! True! Mukhang galit si Tiger mo! Love those shorts! The kind of shorts na kahit bumukaka ka ng all the way to the point na mapupunit na ang singit…wala paring makikita/maboboso sayo. haha! tyaka anti-ihip ng hangin sa behind yung shorts mo eh! Bet ko yan. mahirap na kasi pag the wind suddenly blows your behind… baka biglang bumaho. haha!

  31. Ren

    You’ve got the eye of a tiger. I’m LSS to that song! Casual outfit looks fashionable on you. ;)

  32. Charisse

    Missed commenting on your posts, Miss Camille! But I always have the time to read and visit your blog :) YES! The title of this entry made me play Katy Perry’s Roar track in my head lol. Couldn’t agree more though, this outfit speaks comfort and I love wearing basic tees and shorts on some “lazy days” :D Your Celine bags are some of my favorite bags, btw! :)

  33. Offie Marie Aquino

    hi cams! i like your shoes!!!!! and you looked amazing as usual!! by the way, where is this picture taken? the art in your background is just so cool!.

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