Gold Flush


This is how delayed my blog posts are. I wore this outfit to the Preview Ball last JUNE. It’s already September now! Oh how time flies when you’re busy and having fun!


The theme for the ball was “put on your dancing shoes”–quite different from the previous years’ themes. Usually, it’s always about the clothes so it’s nice to have the spotlight on our shoes this time around. You can already tell how most of the guests styled their outfits–from the shoes up! I mean I, for one, didn’t even know what outfit I was going to wear to the ball but I already knew what my shoes were going to be. I just knew I had to debut my then newly-purchased gold Zanottis there! They deserve to shine. LOL!


As for my outfit, to say that I came up with it last minute is an understatement! I’m not even exaggerating. June was such a busy month I didn’t have time to prepare for the ball at all! This outfit came so close to crunch time that my sewers had to literally sew my outfit on me. LOL! I was a living, breathing version of a body form that night with 3 sewers frantically hand-sewing my top on me. To my dear dear staff, you guys are the best! Thank you for saving the night!


Tada! My last-minute outfit–a clean and simple all-white ensemble with accents of green and gold to match my shoes.


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Make-up by Owen Sarmiento of MAC  (I LOVE HIM! One of the best make-up artists I’ve worked with.)


Yhansy turban beaded/customized by Coexist


Joyce Makitalo necklace Coexist custom-made cropped cape top


Jimmy Choo bag Joyce Makitalo ring | Nails by Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell


Coexist custom-made shorts


Giuseppe Zanotti heels


112 Responses to “Gold Flush”
  1. Cecile

    Very simple yet excellently put-together. Love love love the outfit!!!

    More power to you and your blog. :)

  2. Carmina

    Super love your outfit! U look so pretty with ur turban! May I just ask, what camera are u using on your outfit shots?

  3. Julie

    hi camille, i just have to say that im so jealous right now! your knees are like whoaw! please tell us your secret on how to keep those kind of kneew fair and smooth…love you keep posting…

  4. stephy macasaet

    I am also amazed ate camille that you came up with an outfit for the last minute before the actual preview ball, napaka creative niya! and the heels that you were wearing is one of my most eyed heels here in your blog. ang ganda!

  5. Christine Koay

    I love this cropped cape top, Ms Camille! and I’m still in disbelieve that this outfits were last minute.. it’s just too perfect! You have an awesome staff! and I love the turban too! Kinda add middle east accent to this whole look.. and I can understand why your Zanotti heels deserve to shine.. such a gorgeous heels!

  6. Izza

    My boyfriend said that you look like a goddess with that outfit, which i agree. haha. . .

  7. Lourine

    Everytime you say that you prepare on last minutes, I was like “Weh? Hindi nga?” Haha. You always look fab. You doesn’t look like in a rush. Playful yet a sophisticated look. No doubt why you were chosen as one of the best dressed :)

  8. chin cenidoza

    you always inspires me everytime I read your blogs!
    remember your post last time; the two dresses you wore on your past photoshoots.
    I’ve seen one of those. pero di naman katulad nung sayo talaga, I mean with the colors! And I was like “ay parang katulad to nung happy dress ni Camille Co”

    so i bought it! I wish you follow me on bloglovin so you can see my upcoming post! hehe.
    inspired blogger :)

    more power to you ms.Camille! :D

    • Camille Co

      Haha! That’s such a cute story! At least, you have your own version na also :)

  9. Ren

    Everything turned out to be stunning after all the limited time of preparation. When I first saw that turban, I thought of pwede ba akong magpahula goddess na ito? (haha JK!) :)

  10. Valerie Ruth

    Bonggang Backlog yan! But hey! Challenge: make the cape/cardigan detachable and transform it into a skirt you can attach to the shorts. and the result would be a white backless dress. Mukhang easy lang pala, pero nice rin. Please try it and blog about it.:)

  11. Mae Selisana

    Stunning!!!! btw, where we could see the MAC make up artists?do they have a store? :)

  12. Sephie Rojas

    You remind me of how Princess Jasmine might look like a few years after the end of the first Aladdin movie (can’t believe she’s just 15 y.o. there @_@) Applause for your staff! Ang galing! Crunch time kung crunch time :))) You look like you came riding on a magic carpet to the ball :)

  13. Angelic Robles

    I’m still profoundly amazed that this is a last minute design, Miss Camille! It’s Arabian Nights meets New York Fashion Week!
    It fits the theme of the ball in the sense that it’s free-flowing and delicate. The cape detail of your top is what nailed it the most.Great for making the dancefloor your own.

    The highlight of the entire ensemble is indeed that pair of golden stilettos. I’m pleasantly surprised that they aren’t platform heels. Your feet look rather comfy, though; a testament to your love for fashion! <3

    Your accessories didn't take the focus away from your shoes, but I just have to say I gushed about the smooth-jewel feel of your bling choices and your clutch. It's amazing, the way the sparkle transisted from the embellishments on your turban, to your necklace, to your ring, to your purse, and then the piece' de resistance: your shoes! Great job on choosing the hues!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Angelic! Although my feet died by the end of the night which means I truly enjoyed the party LOL! :)

  14. Gala

    Wow!! Galing.. so creative!! Feeling ko ikaw lang ang naiba sa lahat sa ball..

    Parang.. Darna!! YOu look like a mdoern superhero :)

  15. Trisha

    Now that is one very very fine piece of work! I love it! HAHA =))) Oh and your pretty as always! HAHA

  16. Grethel

    Its a long quite time since I saw you wearing your signature hat (what you call that?) and it still gorgeous and I love GOLD already because of you. Nice, you look beautiful always. :)

    P.S. you are my desktop wall paper and screen saver, because I want to get inspire everyday, want to see? <3 lab yah Ms. Camille.

  17. Rose Cruz

    Everything seems too perfect when you’re the one wearing it. As always, you look so great Camille! :)

  18. Anaivilo

    Omg this is such a great outfit! I looove that top, it has such a glamorous allure! :D You did a great job with that turban ;)

  19. carla

    can I call you Athena – the Goddess of Wisdom? remind me of Greek Goddesses in that outfit..the gold and white is a nice combination very Camille Co ang balance outfit.hehe..I always love seeing you in white, you do stand out I think. :) keep inspiring people with your passion for fashion. :)

  20. Philip

    OMG ! Camille, you are an oriental princess! Those shorts are soooooo sexy :-) And I love the Zanotti heels on your feet !

  21. Lyka

    So so fabulous!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! Especially the top! Where can i get another one like it?? Hahaha!

  22. Jona De Guzman

    Yey! My long wait is finally over! Been waiting for you to post this! Thanks Ms. Cams! Stunning indeed!

  23. Nestlei Chantel Baccay

    I super love this,do you have this on your shop? Is it still there in shang? Thanks.

  24. jho r

    You look so amazing! That green scarf is fabulous and I’m loving the gold.

  25. Tasha D.

    I still remember my 4 best dressed people sa Preview Ball.

    Georgina in Stella McCartney
    Kookie Buhain in Zara and Wang Gladiator heels
    Divine Lee in Alexander Wang and Jimmy Choo heels and of course
    Camille Co in CAMILLE CO! haha! Love love how your cape functions as a cover up too in the last photo! LOVE THE BOW DRAMA of your necklace sa likod!

    Just curious, headlights ba ng car yung ginamit mong lighting sa post na ‘to? chos! haha!

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha! Yes! LOL! Wala kasing ilaw! :) Thank you Tasha! :) And the cape did come in handy. It was sort of my blanket for the night LOL!

  26. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    My long wait was over, finally! Your “manghuhula” look! I really thought you’re wearing one piece dress from the previous posts in IG! It’s sexy chic! What’s your inspiration for this design? Is this a
    last minute design? I love everything in your look!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Kay! Yes, super last minute design! My inspiration? Manghuhula! LOL! Just kidding :)

  27. Yanshi

    Oh my GODDESS!! haha :))) You look like a Greek Goddess/Indian Princess hihihihi :))) This outfit is fabulous!! and those heels, my goosshhh!! Love your legs too :))))

  28. Dana Tolentino

    Love this!!! Huhu
    Everything’s perfect, Ms Camille! <3 magakano po usually nagrrange yung custom made nyo? I loooove this. As in. And yung turban ahhhhhhh. Bakit ang ganda ganda and ang galing galing mo, Ms Camille? huhuhu *u* <3

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Dana! :) Paiba-iba eh. It really depends on the design You can inquire through Coexist :)

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