Behind-The-Design: Teal & Gold Wedding

If you follow me on Instagram, then I’m sure you’ve already seen some of my designs for my clients. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t blogged about any of them for quite some time now. It’s making me miss my “Behind-The-Design” blog posts which is why I promise to set aside time for them from now on. Today, I want to show you the designs I did for one of my client’s wedding. Meet my blushing bride, Jennifer.


Jennifer first came to me last year to ask me to design her wedding gown and bridal entourage. She already had an idea of the kind of designs she wanted when we first sat down for a design session. For her wedding gown, she only had one requirement–that it’s skirt be adorned with ruffles all over. If ruffles are what the bride wants, ruffles are what the bride gets!


Because there’s already so much ruffles on the skirt of Jennifer’s wedding gown, I wanted to keep everything else simple. For Jennifer’s frame, we went with an asymmetric cut top adorned with dainty beads that trickle all the way down to her skirt’s ruffles.


For Jennifer’s entourage, she wanted the girls to be in teal gowns mixed with gold accents and the moms in rose gowns. Aside from the usual beadwork, we decided to embellish these gowns with laser cut appliques to make them even more striking.


I love designing for flower girls. They are just too adorable for words! For Jennifer’s little flower girls, I went with pearls and bows to go with their innocent charm.


It was truly a beautiful wedding. Everyone looked ravishing, especially Jennifer. She’s such a calm and polished bride. So easy to work with!


To Jennifer, thank you for trusting me and the rest of the Coexist staff. I hope we were able to make your wedding even more memorable. All the best to you, your husband and your future family!

If you would like to hire me as your designer for your wedding, debut, prom, ball or other special occasions, please contact Chiqui at or +639175302776. My personal/blog email can get a little busy so it would be best to send all design inquiries to this email and mobile number. Thank you!

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  1. Aiko Anne Mito

    Hi Camille! I love the gowns of the entourage! May I know how much it will cost? (same designs and colors)

  2. Ella

    Your gowns/designs are exquisite and unique, i sooo love them. The bridesmaids’ are stunning too. I just have a simple question, can the bridesmaid and secondary sponsors have short dresses while the maid of honor have long one? Thanks!

  3. Mj

    Ive seen all ur creations… Really love the design mostly with lace… Me and my partner are planning to get married and we want someone who will create the best suits and gown for us… And i think your the one who will make us look so stunning on our big day…
    Can you please send us your details and everything… Thankyou…

  4. athena

    My sis and i love gowns/dresses like these wherein you dont have to think what jewelry to pair with because they come with their own!

    Also the bride’s maids’ gown are beautiful without outshining the bride’s! <3 Usually they get fugly gowns just so they wont outshine the bride. haha!

    • Camille Co

      LOL! I won’t allow that! There’s always a way to make the bridesmaids’ gowns beautiful without outshining the bride’s. :)

  5. Raxelle

    wow..your designs are truly breathtaking! :) parang gusto ko magpakasal ulit and wear your designs! :)

  6. Chi Garcia

    Hi Camille! :) This design is awesome! I think every bride would love to wear your designs. Anyhow, I’m now seeking your advice. I’m attending a wedding this October and I wanna wear a lace black dress, do you think color black is appropriate? Thankssssss!! :)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Chi! :) Depends :) If it’s a Chinese wedding then maybe not. Other than that, I think black won’t be a problem!

  7. sheryll-karr

    hi ms. camille! i’m interested with your wedding gown designs. may i ask about your price range. i am a bride-to-be and my wedding will be in march 2014. how long is the lead time? thanks much!<3

  8. K

    Man, I hope you’re still in the business of designing maybe 6 or 7 years from now. Me & my boyfriend have been steady for so long but we’ve both decided not to get married until we both pass the bar exam, so, yeah. Hahaha. I’d love to wear a wedding gown by you!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you K! :) I hope so too! For sure I’m still doing this! :) Good luck with the bar! :)

  9. Anne

    I’m looking forward for you to be my designer next year, I was astonished by that one so hopefully to meet you soon, I would really like you to design my wedding gown too. Yours was truly an awesome masterpiece.
    Keep it up lovely doll (well, you look like a doll haha)

  10. Christine Koay

    This wedding gown are just so gorgeous, Ms Camille! I super love the ruffles and the beads detail are just too awesome! This gown is perfection! Just wondering, how long does is take you and your team to finish this gown? I can see all the sweat and tear you guys put in this gown (but i hope there’s no tears though).. I went awww when i see the flower girl’s dress.. SO Cute! I love the pearl and bow! and the laser cut design are pretty too! Everything is just too gorgeous!!! Do you accept inquiry from outside The Philippines? LOL.. who knows I might want to hire you to design my wedding gown.. =D (but first thing first, gotta find my Mr Right first) haha.. and oh, do post more about your design! =)

    • Camille Co

      Don’t worry, no tears so far haha! :) Yes we do accept foreign orders :) Find Mr. Right then let’s talk! Haha! It usually takes months, but we can have it rushed too. Thanks Christine!

      • Christine Koay

        That’s great! Kudos to you and your team, Ms Camille! =) YAY!!! I is a happy girl!!! hahaha.. but man this day.. Sigh.. so hard to find a good and decent man.. LOL! I’m speaking like I’m so old but I’m just 23 this year.. maybe I’m still in ‘anti-dating/anti-relationship’ mode.. LOL.. though I have been single for a year ++.. but still.. sigh.. Sorry.. let’s not talk about negative thing.. LOL.. i see.. but gorgeous gown like this are worth the wait! =D

  11. Jane

    Hi Camille,

    I love your designs. I wonder if you could give me a rough estimate for a wedding dress or a complete entourage.
    Hoping to have my future dress done by Coexist.
    Thank you! :)

  12. A

    Oh wow! I love laser-cut stuff but I’ve only seen them in accessories. This is such a great way to incorporate them into dresses! I can’t get over how beautiful these are. You (and your Coexist crew) have got talent!

  13. Sonya

    WOW. The dress is absolutely gorgeous. And the ruffles were done so tastefully and I love how they cascade down!

  14. polay

    hi ms. camille! saan po gawa ung mga applique? btw, your designs are very beautiful.

  15. Gladys

    Holy golly cowlly!!! O_O
    Pwede pala talagang iba-iba ang mga wedding gown designs. Ahhhh. Naku! Baka wala nang magandang design kapag ako na ang ikinasal! Nagawa na lahat. (Must.Get.Married.Asap!) Ngeeee. Must find groom pa pala dapat. Uh, boyfriend pa muna dapat.

    I love the beadwork and the ruffles. Gusto ko yung ano, pagiging sexy ng dating ng gown as it transitions to ruffles. It’s so smooth. Hindi pilit. And infairness, hindi bulky. Ilang oras na akong nakatingin sa mga picture. I can’t seem to get enough. You’re such a genius!

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha tama, groom muna! :) So that there’s someone to pay for your wedding also! LOL! Thank you Gladys!

  16. Monique

    this is stunning! :) i love everything. that’s why i decided to send an email to your team (coexist). i want to have my gown desinged by you. wohoo. can’t wait :)

      • Monique

        Hope to meet you too in person :) you’re such a great designer. everybody’s loving not only your design but the whole package of being Camille Co. weee. btw, iim still waiting for the response with regards to my email yesterday to the email add that you posted here.

        • Camille Co

          Thank you Monique! :) Chiqui checks that email all the time so I’ll ask her about it :)

          • Monique

            Thanks again! :) i’ll wait for their reply. I wish to see more of your designs.

  17. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    her wedding gown is so lovely!!! The beads trickling down from her waist to the ruffles look so exquisite!!! congrats ms camille!!!

  18. Nelayish

    Lakas maka-fairytale :) I love your designs. My God, it is my greatest frustration (to be a fashion designer) :) So galing Ms. Camille

  19. chesca

    I never liked ruffled gowns but this one changed my stand on it. SOBRANG GANDA. I think I found my designer. :)

  20. Anna Li

    You’re designs are just gorgeous! :) I saw this last night and I just can’t help but stare at it again! Haha @.@

  21. Yanshi

    Wooooooww!!! That bridal gowwwwnnnn!! I love the ruffles, but what I love the most–the dainty beads :)) Beautiful!!! That’s why I love your designs, because they’re different, the details are amazing!! :))

  22. Lyssa Jane

    I totally exclaimed when i saw the bride’s dress! It’s so…pretty is an understatement. It makes me want to day dream about my wedding with prince charming in the future. If that time comes, i would really want to hire you Miss Camille! I’m sure you made the bride’s day more than memorable because if there is one thing that is most important for a girl to be wed, next to the groom and the ring, it’s the wedding dress. You’ll only wear it once so you might as well savor every moment that you are wearing it.

  23. mel

    so beautiful. great job! I especially like the flower girls’ dresses. it really shows your creativity in designing and styling

  24. Donna Silao

    Love the wedding dress! and the cutout things too! haha..You do amazing work :)

  25. Rose Cruz

    Simplicity and elegance in one gown. All of the gowns are perfectly made. Sana pag kinasal ako makapag-padesign din ako sayo. Good job to you and your staff, Ms. Camille! :)

  26. Cherie

    Ahhhhhhhhmmmmmmmaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing gown…..simple yet super elegant…..:)

  27. Eileen Leizel

    Wow!!! Ang gaganda ng designs! Love the big bow on the Flower girl’s dresses. ^___^

  28. Jo

    Wow! That has to be one of my favorite wedding dress I’ve ever seen! It is so elegant! And not too simple, not to much. Also, when I read ruffles, those weren’t the kinds I expected which is great ! You did an amazing job!

  29. shandie

    i love the designs! sana pag ikakasal na ko afford ko na pra sayo ako magpapagawa. hehe :>

  30. Alyssa Martinez

    Beautiful dresses!! I especially love those laser cut details on the entourage dresses. Very unique! Please post more blogs about your designs :)

  31. Sephie Rojas

    I always fall in love with your designs! They’re all masterpieces! And every detail totally shows your personality and design aesthetics, you already have a signature for your designs! When I get married (years and years from now, lolz), I definitely wanna be a Camille Co bride :”)

  32. Alyssa Obis

    Upon seeing all your designs that you’re posting, i keep on imagining and asking myself if you’re getting married, how will the whole entourage goes by? Seriously, I’m so excited seeing you, wearing your own design of a wedding gown. Hahahaha Haven’t you asked yourself the same thing too? or Have you ever imagined that too? I think you’ll be loveliest bride ever!

    • Camille Co

      I’ve imagined it of course :) I’d love to dress my friends up on my big day :)

  33. Mai Pascua

    Waaaaw! You really have the golden hands, or the golden mind. It’s amazing how the beads worked their way down the ruffles intricately and not abruptly. I want you to design mine but I shall find someone to marry first. Hahaha. Maybe on my prom, but I don’t want to burden my parents because we don’t have enough money for that. Hahaha. Anyway, you really are perf. Keep inspiring us. Thank you very much. :D <3

  34. Chloe

    OMG! That is such a beautiful wedding gown! The bride’s beauty really radiated. And her entourage looks amazing as well. Great job Cams! ^_^

  35. charisse ann cortes

    awwwweee, suuuch a kyuuutiieee designs! hope you can also have time to do some designs for my future wedding too! :))))) lol jk. <3

  36. Tasha D.

    I really love how you did the ruffles SO NEATLY! Parang may tendency kasi maging bulky yung skirt pag ruffles pero in this case, ang ayos at super hindi bulky at all! I can only imagine your fulfillment after seeing your work of art on her!

    • Camille Co

      Yes it was very rewarding :) I couldn’t go too wild on the ruffles because Jennifer is petite :)

  37. kathleen vila

    Hi miss camille.. I just wanna say, “You’re so great! talented! and I love you!!” I really love all you’re designs here and they all looked beautiful especially for the bride… I’m just wondering, Have you already designed a gown for the star magic ball? if yes, who? :D

  38. maebs

    You have a great designs. Those design are worth to have for. Simple, elegant, and sophisticated :-) ang cute ng flower girl, she’s a charmer. :-)

  39. Cazzy

    First of all: AWESOME DESIGNING SKILLS. Level = Camille Co

    I was starstruck yesterday, given that you remembered me and my comments here at your blog. “This is it! Peace!” Yeah. That’ll last a lifetime <3

    I love the details that you've incorporated here Ate Camille! The beads, the color, the design on their gowns! Awesooome!

    I hope that I can afford one of your designed gowns if I'll get married. (Someday soon, hopefully!)

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Cazzy! Of course I did! :) And I do hope I will be your designer soon!

  40. Anne

    You are a great designer Cams. Can you be my wedding designer someday? But first I must find prince charming. hahaha. Pero seriously, ang ganda nung gown! I love the beads that trickled down the ruffles. Tapos yung sa mga bridesmaids/ entourage I loved the laser cut appliques. I especially adored the ones that cover the neck up to the back. They look like accessories but better. Ahh! I’m rambling. Oops. I just loved everything! Jennifer was blessed to have you.

  41. Anaivilo

    Oh goodness, that is such a beautiful wedding gown! I looove it, sophisticated and just glamorous! Love the bridesmaid dresses too! Those details are stunning;)

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