Can You Find My Heart


Somewhere on this geometric print dress is a tiny tiny heart. Can you see it? I found it so random that I just had to share it with you. How very “Where’s Wally” of the designer of this dress. LOL!


These photos were actually taken a long long time ago which is why my hair is shorter here. I remember when I first tried this dress on. I thought it kinda looked like a scuba-inspired dress. It fits so snug! Not that I’m complaining. I actually like the way it fits. It makes the print on this dress look all the more appealing.


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Chanel earrings


OASAP bodycon dress


Charlie sunnies Celine bag


Zara shoes

59 Responses to “Can You Find My Heart”
  1. Christine Koay

    When i first saw the title and i look at your dress, I was like ‘heart? what heart? is there a heart?’.. and then after a few look more closer, ‘oh.. there’s the heart’.. LOL.. my glasses need to replace soon.. can’t see thing properly sometimes.. haha.. and this dress fits you nicely.. though the long sleeve looks a lil too tight for my liking.. and i love your sunnies and ring!

  2. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    Hello SEXY!! you look so sexy here ms camille!! and i found the heart.. so cool..

  3. Yanshi

    Oh hello there sexy!! :))) I found the heart!!! hahahaha :D The first three pics are sooo top modelisssh :)))) The 2nd one is my fave, so F.I.E.R.C.E!!! Love it! You look amazing here :))

  4. Angelic Robles

    Hello, Miss Camille! I found the tiny heart on your dress! <3 It was a 'Where's Wally' search indeed, but I did see that tiny design. :-D

    I must admit the optical illusion of the white print is very contouring. It doesn't give off an uncomfortable sense since the fabric is accommodating to the design. I particularly like how there are also shapes and not just vertical lines. This dress makes you look taller! I took a look at those photos without the view of your shoes and I was all, "Yep. She pulled it off. She looks very willowy."

  5. Grethel

    Yes i found it! in your heart and in my Heart. Lab yah Ms. Camille <3.
    P.S. I will forever be your fan. :)

  6. Lydia

    Wow such a gorgeous dress! If you don’t mind me asking, what type of intimates do you wear when wearing such dresses? Cause I have a body con dress I wanna wear myself but I can’t seem to find the right type of underwear (you know so there will be no VPLs LOL) Hope you don’t mind me asking such a personal question! x

  7. mikayluarca

    Grabe,you’re so payat…why not share your secret diet? ;) #thinspiration

  8. Ren

    I saw the heart it’s in in the middle of the triangle, now I already find you heart. Haha, geometric prints gives more appeal and gorgeous-ness (is there even a word?) into the body, isn’t it?

  9. maebs

    Cool geometric prints. I found that tiny tiny heart, hinanap ko po talaga siya :) you look fierce in your last photo.

  10. Sephie Rojas

    Back-blog. Still awesome as always :) The fit of the dress is really flattering on your body, I envy! :)) Are you still coloring your hair red? Or has it faded off to a dark brown-ish?

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