Sweet Spencer


If you’ve read my SM Mall Of Asia (MOA) blog giveaway, then I guess you already know that their BIG! BIG! SALE is happening next weekend, September 13-15. Now if the words “BIG” and “SALE” in all caps and the exclamation points weren’t able to catch your attention, then this outfit post just might do the trick.


I’m sure you all know I’m such an avid supporter of MOA’s sale events. And like the previous seasons’ sales, I got a few insider information on this season’s sale as well. Trust me, you’ll love the list of participating stores even more this time around! They’re all great brands that will surely satisfy your fashion needs. I even had such a hard time choosing the outfits I’ll feature here. They were just too many good options!


This is the first outfit I put together–something for the prim and proper ladies, very much like Pretty Little Liars’ character, Spencer. She’s not always in girly prints and colors like these but preppy pleats and blazers are definitely her. If you’re looking for something to wear to school, go Spencer-style and try this! For the working girls, you can still wear an outfit like this but maybe change the skirt to something more business-appropriate. Iora and Espada, the stores that I got these clothes from, both carry plenty of pants and midi skirts that are perfect for work, and not to mention, play as well. I actually found a lot of smart and casual clothes in these stores so if you’re looking to update your school/work wardrobe, you’re in luck! Iora and Espada are just two of the many participating stores of SM Mall Of Asia’s BIG! BIG! Sale where you can enjoy up to 70% off on selected items!


Actually, all the brands I’m wearing here are part of MOA’s BIG! BIG! Sale, even the stores where I got my shoes and accessories!


[button link=”http://lookbook.nu/look/5323652-Skirt-Espada-Iora-Blazer-Shoe-Salon-Flats” bg_color=”#e5b3b9″ window=”yes”]Hype this look at Lookbook.nu here[/button]


Iora blazer 


Chanel earrings


Espada top


Espada rings Plains & Prints letter cuff


Espada skirt


Shoe Salon flats


So are you ready to raid SM Mall Of Asia’s BIG! BIG! Sale? Before you do, make sure you’re equipped with my sale shopping tips! Watch the video below and listen carefully to what I have to say. Sales can get a little crazy. You don’t want to miss out on the best deals! Let me share my personal tips with you to help you make the most out of SM Mall Of Asia’s sale.

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  1. Angel Mary

    Well, I really appreciate this kind of design. It’s so feminine. I like the flats with the floral dress and a corporate blazer. So simple yet elegant!

  2. Christine Koay

    I’m not a fan of Pretty little liar, but I love your look here, Ms Camille! Such a sweet but proper look! I really love your skirt! And I’m really surprised that you have such a sweet voice! You are serious when it comes to choosing clothes! No funny business here.. LOL..

  3. nica

    Hi Camille ! I will go to Mall of Asia Sale tomorrow and I will buy this look. If I will wear it with pants what color do you recommend??? Jeans or Slacks? Btw, You’re my fashion inspiration and I always love your looks. :)))

  4. Kay

    Hello Camille,

    I got thrilled whenever you’re in a video! I hope your closet tour naman, soon! hahaha! Are you going to post all your items you’ve brought from the said shops in the video? just like what you did last year for the SM MOA Sale? Lastly, what’s the brand of your black dress in the video? you look so cute on it! :)

  5. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    thanks for sharing these tips ms camille!!!! you have such a cute voice!

  6. Gladys

    Ang galeeng. Those flats, I always see girls wearing the same. Sayang hindi ako makakapagsuot ng ganyan. Ampanget-panget PANGEEET kasi ng mga paa ko, eh! Kainis. Palagi ko nalang tuloy tinatago. >.<

    I've seen almost all your videos na nagsa-shopping ka. And always, you look really engrossed with your shopping, browsing through racks and all. Parang hindi mo na pansin na may camera. I love that. And your voice, soo tiny! ^_^

    I love your outfit! I never thought blazer could still make one look young and sweet and cute. Ang seryoso kasi ng dating ng blazer sa akin eh. :D

    • Camille Co

      Talagang all caps? Parang may galit ka sa feet mo! :) Hahaha! Yes shopping is serious stuff for me! LOL! Just kidding. :)

  7. Erika

    I actually thought it was Spencer when I saw your outfit on Lookbook! Spencer’s style looks good on you :)

  8. beLLurz

    wow, you do watch PLL too??? waaa i really love Spencer as well..hihi uhm i can see her wearing that outfit but not the shoes i guess… she’s more into boots… wohooo but nice one Camille… :)


  9. April

    When I saw the title, si spencer nga ng Pretty Little Liars ang naisip ko agad. Woa! Nanunuod ka pala ms. camille ng Pll. i love the blazer and skirt. <3

  10. Kim Capeña

    super yummy tingnan ng outfit! hehehe! the shoes is too cute. :> so bad wala yan dito sa cebu :(((

  11. Yanshi

    I love PLL! Love Spencer too <3 This is what you said earlier at your meet & greet, about print on print :))) I was listening when you were giving styling tips to the Style Challenge winners :)) Thank you for all the tips!! :)) I'm soooo happy and kilig, i finally got to talk to you :)) Can't believe we talked about Kpop haha, but I like Woo Young too :)) I hope you still remember me, haha and the Korean expressions I taught you. I'll teach you more next time, BU6 maybe hihi :) You're so nice talaga, that's why you're my ultimate blogger idol :)) You looked so fab earlier and sexy witwiiw haha :P can't wait to see you and talk to you again, I hope you'll remember me haha :)) Ok, enough of my drama haha :P Lovely outfit, and you beautiful as ever :))

    P.S. tagged you on twitter with our picture :)) https://twitter.com/yanshiimnida/status/376320695132647425/photo/1

  12. maebs

    Lovely Spencer inspired look. Pag ganyan po ang damit ko my friends teases me na “uy nagdadalaga na sya”. Haha :-) btw, ate cams do you have a doctorate degree on prints on prints? lol. :-)

  13. charleen

    Excuse me while I go fangirl because Camille Co and Spencer Hastings in one blogpost. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HAHAHAHA. You look so lovely. :D

  14. Genevieve Anne

    Ooooh I knew you were going to talk about Spencer of PLL as soon as I spotted your ensemble. I love her. She’s actually my fave among the liars. Anyway, I super love your outfit Idol! The warm colors worked so well. Especially the fact that you put your hair in a bun. Thumbs up!

  15. mikayluarca

    So pretty! I love everything that you’re wearing…and the shoes seems like very comfy.

  16. Angelic Robles

    Hey, Miss Camille! Saw your meet and greet photos, and I’m really regretting the fact that I couldn’t make it. :-( I do apologize.

    Anyway, I’m giving you two thumbs up for this particular outfit post. It was really cool to see you choose pieces that exude a very Spencer Hastings vibe in fun and bright colors. I love how your skirt and top are complementing hues of the same pink palette, but not the same print. The yellow blazer makes your skin tone more flushed and dainty- like a rush of sunshine on a beautiful day. You look like a million bucks!

    I had a hard time picking out a favorite from your choices of bling. The pastels plus muted golds and whites look good enough to eat! :-D As for your shoes, (are these jelly shoes? I’m not certain if that’s the right term…) I wish I had a pair of them too. The caramel color is rather earthy but not downtoned. I’m tickled pink about the sparkly detail!

    • Camille Co

      Yes they are jelly! :) The easiest pair of shoes to maintain! :) Thank you Angelic! Not to worry, I’m sure there will be a next time :)

  17. fiel

    can i wear this in a construction site? hehe.. i wish i could!
    look pretty here.. love it.

  18. Lourine

    So pretty and sweet looking. :) I just wonder, how do you maintain your bangs po? When do you get it trimmed? Hehe.

    • Camille Co

      I get it trimmed after a few weeks :) I don’t like it when they become too long :)

      • Lourine

        Thanks! I’m planning to have bangs too. It’s my looong time plan pa. Hehe. I always end with the side bangs. Hope to try the full bangs soon. Hehe.

  19. Grethel

    I love the way you dressed, Now I know whats next to wear. :)

    P.S. love yah, I’m Forever be your fan. <3

  20. Jazz Del Rosario

    Very Spencer Hastings! I love it Ms.Camille! just perfect.. :) Btw, she’s actually my fave out of the 4. ;)

  21. Naaj Rona

    Love the prints on your top and the skirt and the colours are such a delight and will definitely brighten up anybody’s day.
    the crisp blazer brings the whole outfit together and thus giving the title “The Lady Camille”

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  22. Tasha D.

    Love how you didn’t wear necklaces and kept your other accessories to a minimum! The print on print action did all the “accessorizing”! Sayang lang you didn’t carry a bag in this post! haha! Your white Celine purse will go perfectly with this outfit!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Tasha! I thought I’d just show you MOA stuff for now. :) To get you more excited for the sale!

  23. Dee

    Gaaaaaaaasp, love the outfit!!! Love Spencer too. She’s my fave character in PLL

  24. judy

    Lovely like the sun, the best po talaga kayo! I really admire you. Love the colors and prints!

    • Camille Co

      Hmmmm I’m having a hard time remembering! My memory is failing me on this!

  25. Angeli

    Gorgeous!!!! I love everything in the outfit. The colors are just so girly and it makes me happy inside and I don’t know why…

  26. Roscille

    At first glance, I thought you’re wearing a dress. It looks like a one-piece. Haha I love it, Spencer-inspired look FTW!

  27. Sephie Rojas

    PLL! I don’t get to watch the series, but I LOVE the books. Have you read them? They’re even better than the tv show :)) Although I love Hannah’s style and Aria’s style more, your Spencer rendition’s pretty awesome too :> I love the bright and fresh feel the colors and print give off. Pang college thesis defense lang, lolz!

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Sephie! No I haven’t but because I love spoilers, I read the synopsis. LOL! :)

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