My Meet & Greet

Hey hey! I’m back in Manila which also means, I’m back to the daily grind. I apologize for not being able to blog for a few days. You know what happens when I come back from a trip abroad, works get piled up and I just can’t find the time to squeeze in a blog post. But finally, a new blog entry is here! And it is packed!


Tada! I’m wearing Camille Co For Tomato! It still sounds so weird to refer to myself in the third person. LOL! I wore this during my meet and greet 2 weeks ago at Tomato’s Glorietta branch. It was raining real hard and the wind was so strong! Look at my hair getting blown away! Good thing I was wearing my jacket to protect my tummy from getting chills.


I really made it a point to have at least one jacket in my collection in preparation for the -ber months’ weather. It’s still lightweight though because let’s face it, we’re living in a tropical country, the fabric can’t be too thick. I want you to be able to wear this jacket as many times as possible! Of course, my favorite way of wearing it is matching it with these shorts. Suit up!


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Camille Co For Tomato jacket 


Chanel bag


SM Accessories necklace Topshop cropped top


Camille Co For Tomato shorts


Nicholas Kirkwood heels


If you’re wondering what happened during the meet & greet, here’s a few photos from the event. I was really nervous it wouldn’t be a success but because I have the best readers, I had such a wonderful time!


It’s always a pleasure to meet all of you! Nicole, right? I hope I remembered your name correctly! I’m really trying my best to memorize everyone’s names. Thank you for the yummy gift and for bringing your cutie little brother too who is such a sweetie pie!


This reader right here is going to become a military nurse! WOW!


This fashionable twosome took the opportunity to interview me for their school project and even gave me red velvet cupcakes too! My favorite! I hope you guys were able to get even just a few decent answers from me. LOL!


Readers were able to shop my collection at 20% off for one day only!


Woohoo! Many took advantage on the one-day only sale and went home with Camille Co For Tomato items. Thank you so so much for buying!


I had a styling challenge as well for the 4 contestants that Tomato picked from hundreds of applicants online. Here they are scrambling to style away the perfect outfit to win a Camille Co For Tomato outfit of their choice.


And here are the results! My four contestants Vina, Madel, Steph and Lia (I hope I spelled your names correctly) in their style challenge outfits. Don’t they look awesome?


You can see my confusion clearly here. I had such a hard time picking the winner!!!


After choosing the winner/s, I got to bond with them a bit as well and talked about a few styling tips.


Whew! After hours of mingling and styling with you guys, my makeup by Collection cosmetics is still looking fresh!


Thank you to all my readers who came. You made my day! And to the hardworking Tomato crew in the photo above, thank you as well! You guys rock!

If you’re sad you missed out on this super fun event, don’t you worry! We’re having one LAST meet & greet for my capsule collection this Saturday at Tomato’s Trinoma branch! To everyone living up North, this is it!

Meet and Greet_TRI2

For one day only, my capsule collection will be on 20% off at the Trinoma branch. Everyone who purchases a Camille Co For Tomato item will also get a free limited edition Camille Co For Tomato pendant (which on normal days, you can only get if you purchase P1500 worth of Camille Co For Tomato items). We’re having a styling challenge again too! Similar to the styling challenge we did before, just message your name, email address and contact number to Tomato though their Facebook fanpage on or before 8pm of September 5 to join. Lucky contestants will be chosen by Tomato on September 6, 1pm and these contestants will get the chance to be mentored by me plus win 1 outfit set of his/her choice from my collection during the meet and greet this Saturday. Exciting!!!! See you there!

P.S. We’ve added branches that carry my capsule collection! Aside from Tomato branches in Glorietta, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia and SM San Lazaro, my collection is now available at SM North Edsa, SM Southmall, SM Fairview and Robinsons Ermita as well! If you still can’t make it to these branches or live abroad, don’t you worry! Just order online. Shipping is free for domestic orders. International orders are accepted.

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  1. Christine Koay

    Pardon me for my lack of attendance again.. I hope you have fun in KL, Ms Camille! I must say this meet & greet looks fun! How i wish I was there! :( I love what you’re wearing here! <3

  2. ched

    Hi Camille,

    May I know what kind of Collection Cosmetics Foundation did you use during your Tomato Meet & Greet Event? I would really want to try this out if this really works for me.


  3. Kalet

    Miss Camille I asked my boyfriend to go to Tomato Trinoma last Saturday to get me an autograph. He didn’t have a camera kaya hindi siya nakapicture. Sana maalala mo siya and I really hope napicture mo siya na nagpapapirma…Akala pa niya manonosebleed siya buti daw tinagalog mo po.. hehe.. Dito po kasi ako sa Baguio kaya I wasn’t able to come :(

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha! Yes I remember him! I said pa, “ay long distance relationship?” So sweet of him to do that for you! I wasn’t able to take photos though because I didn’t bring my camera with me :(

      • Kalet

        I was there Sept. 5. Hindi ko po kasi nakita agad iyong post niyo about sa meet and greet. I should’ve stayed :(
        Anyway, I really hope you’ll have one soon. Thank you Miss Camille! He said you’re so nice daw and beautiful ^_^

  4. Cherie

    Saw this jacket yesterday while watching Sunday All Stars!!! Damn gorgeous! :)


    You are super cute together with your blogger besties on Luigi D’Avola’s music video! Saw it a million times na on MYX..(okay, I’m exaggerating…hahaha…can’t help but wait for the moment that the camera would be focusing on you…) Ikaw na talaga! :)

  5. Emily Pascua

    Glad that you loved the cupcakes! :) Thanks again for letting us interrupt your meet and greet (Haha!) It was really very helpful and yeah, the reporting went nice :) I know it was too sudden but you still allowed us. Nice meeting you Camille :)

  6. Grethel

    I’m afraid I wasn’t able to come today’s meet and greet at 1pm b’coz of my conflict schedule. I will really miss this :(

  7. Pat Hernandez

    I am still so sad that I wasn’t able to come :( I still can’t go to Trinoma, I have schoolwork to do tomorrow. #priorities but my sadness was somehow lessened when you liked not one, but two(!!!!) photos I posted on Instagram! you don’t know how kilig I was that week, and even up to now! thank you for making me so happy! I’ll always be a fan! I love you, Miss Camille! :)

    • Camille Co

      Awww that’s so sad. But yes, studies must come first :) Maybe next time! :) IG for now!

  8. sara

    Hi Camille you’re such an inspiration for me and i wish you were my stylist haha just kidding ;) you look sooo tall and i am wondering about your real height, thanks.

  9. Joanna Ysabelle S. Yap

    Hi Ms.Camille :) Who won the styling the perfect outfit?you love red velvet cupcakes?i also love red velevet..i tasted a red velevet cake also..both cupcakes and cake are yummy!! :))

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Paola! I’m trying. :) I still forget quite a lot of names, but faces I remember :)

  10. maebs

    Beautiful :-) ack! May meet and greet naman pero di pa rin kita makikita. :( someday I will be meet you din :-) btw, ate cams I’ve read the your article in philippine daily inquier for #camillecofortomato. :-) beautiful. :-)

  11. Camille A.

    Kamatch ng heels mo sa collection mo nice!! :D Always pretty Ms. Camille! Missed reading your blog :)

  12. karen

    and I was like “Ok. I’ll check it later. Let me sleep first.” when my sister woke me up just to let me know that she saw me on your blog! :) and I checked it right away. And there you go. Your soon to be Military Nurse here. Thought it was just a joke that my sister delivered. I’m really glad that my time and the weather still permitted me to meet you. Waiting in a long queue to meet you was worth it. Thank you so much for your time Camille taht you have spent chit chatting with me. My friend who is one of your fan said that I am lucky. And I really am. Looking forward to see you again personally. :)

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Karen! I really hope you’ll be able to sort everything out! Kawawa naman si boyfriend! :)

      • karen

        You’re most welcome, Camille! It’s really my dream. I know there will still be the other side of me who’s blogging random things even when already in service for military. Boyfriend will understand it anyway. And I know will get through it. You take care always, Camille. :)

  13. Gladys


    Wala bang Meet and Greet dito sa Cebu? Hindi ako bibili kahit GUSTUNG-GUSTUNG-GUSTO (caps lock para intense) ko, wala akong pera, eh. Magpapa-picture lang ako at magpapa-autograph at makikigulo. Manila readers are just too lucky.

    Your shoes matches your jacket and shorts. KEWL!

  14. Lovelight

    Hi Miss Camz. Ngayon ko lng narealize how tall you really are. haha. Whats ur height btw? Love love love ur heels. The color and the design. URGGGG!!! Did you bought that online or in store???

  15. A

    I love Tomato in general (fashionable, AND affordable!) but your collection I think really ups their standards! I’d love to apply for the styling challenge but I don’t think I’m stylish enough. I’ll definitely be there for the meet and greet though! :)

  16. R.A. Cruz

    Hello Camille! Looks like it was quite a lot of fun! Sad that I didn’t get to attend that one. hopefully though I can drop by the next event in trinoma. I really really want to see you! Kahit na super layo nyan sa amin, I’ll try my best to be there. :-D would like to know what time ka pupunta so I can adjust my schedule :-P


  17. kar

    I love your designs Camille!!! I hope you will also make dainty and classic outfits with tomato! – I am looking forward to that!
    btw, who won the styling challenge?

  18. Krystal Cordero

    How about naman po kung dito sa Batangas? Possible po ba? I really want to see you. :(

  19. Vina Guerrero

    yaaay! i’ve been waiting for this post haha! <3 memories!! see you soon! :)

  20. Nestlei Chantel Baccay

    So excited, sure ill be there had an emergency last time during you meet and greet.. Too bad i didn’t get a chance to meet you and chat with.Make sure that on your meet and greet in trinoma ill be there na!! I want also to join the challenge. lol

  21. Lovella

    im such a huge fan! I’ll be in Manila on Sep 21. Will you be having a Meet and Greet by any chance? :D

  22. Jam

    thank God for this! i was sooo envious of all the others who were able to make it last time. i have a class by 4pm but i’ll surely be there! ..sporting my corporate school uniform. haha. i’m so excited to meet you. and oh, welcome back! :D

  23. Cazzy

    My second freaking chance!!! T______________T Thanks!!! T___________T Yun nalang talaga masasabi ko… Thanks Ate Camille!!! FINALLY!

  24. Carrizza

    Camille!! even it’s my birthday on Sept 7 I would still go to Trinoma! Malakas ka sakin eh :) Hope to see you! #birthdaygifttomyself :D

    • Camille Co

      Aww thank you Carrizza! One big happy birthday to you! Let’s celebrate there!

  25. Ren

    I’m so happy your back! (feeling relieved haha) I’ve been visiting your blog everyday to check for new posts cause there’s something lacking into my day when I can’t visit and it feels like a routine to me already that I should read your blog. Well onto your outfit, at first I thought the shoes was from Tomato but when I read the label below it isn’t because it really matches to the outfits you’ve worn most especially the color and the prints. Gahhhh! Lucky for those people who were able to meet you in person. I hope I can meet you someday too. (really hoping) ;)

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Ren! :)Finally I’m back! :) Awww someday, I’m sure it’ll happen!

  26. Kiara Marzan

    Hi ate Camille! You really look gorgeous out there. :”) huhu. The sad part is, Camille Co for Tomato is not available in Market Market (Taguig) huehue. So sad :( I wanna buy something from your collection :))) ✨

  27. Colt Nava

    The 1 wearing a hat is my chosen winner! (as if naman may makukuha syang price from me, lol) wow your ankle booties blend so well with your jacket and shorts, kala ko nga Camille Co for Tomato booties ang caption mo eh haha..

  28. Tasha D.

    I love how you didn’t change into flats! Those Kirkwoods are to die for! How do you pack your heels na ganyang katataas when flying abroad? Parang they would occupy kasi too much space sa luggage eh.

    Yung pagkaka-style nung Madel (the girl on your right) yung pinakagusto ko. haha! Siya ba yung nanalo?

    • Camille Co

      Always in my handcarried luggage. I’m kinda paranoid already and avoid putting branded stuff inside my checked-in luggage. Baka mawala! Haha! :)

  29. Yanshi

    I still feel sad whenever I remember I didn’t go to your meet & greet :((( But, I’ll make sure I’ll be there on Saturday :))) I can’t wait to see you again and I hope I can talk to you :)) Waaahh buzzin!!! :D :D :D You looked great btw, well that’s given na hihihi <3 See youuuuuuu babe!!! ;)

  30. Abi

    hi Camille! I hope Tomato has plans of having the same event for us here in down South! Madami din kami dito na gusto ka maka meet-and-greet. :)

  31. Sephie Rojas

    Whoo! Such a success! I’m so proud of you! \\:D// Omg when I saw your ootd (from the photos above), I remember you wore those shoes to your Preview shoot last year, heehee! Made for your collection talaga! You should design footwear in the future too! :D Have fun with your Trinoma meet-and-greet! Hope it’ll rock just as hard as your Glorietta one :3

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