New Arrivals

As I read through my earlier posts, I just realized I no longer post product shots of all the random things I’m currently loving or testing out. I kind of miss posts like those–I call them breather posts. They give you guys a break from my usual outfit posts. Since today is a Sunday, I’m bringing them back! Here’s a brand spanking new breather post for you!


Make Art Personal canvas photo print

I still have no idea where I want to put this canvas photo of me. When Make Art Personal made this for me, I died! It’s just so beautiful! I might just start having my travel photos printed to decorate around my room. Make Art Personal does prints on not just canvas, but acrylic, wood and aluminum too!


The Body Shop lip and cheek stain and lipstick in Colour Crush

I really love lip and cheek stains! I prefer using stains whenever I’m traveling. Instead of having to bring a lipstick and blush for touch ups, one stain is enough! Not that you’ll need touch ups. Stains stay on for so long!


Nippon makeup tools

These Nippon make up tools made in Japan are so useful for clumsy people like me. I always make mistakes whenever I put make up on so these tools definitely make my life easier.


Lannel BoutiqueSilk Ice Mask

I’ve been trying out face masks for quite some time now. All these Korean shows make me want to try them all the time. LOL! This face mask from Lannel Boutique is my latest discovery. I’ve already used it a couple times, before applying my makeup and I must say, I love it! It feels really cool and refreshing on my skin and makes it so supple and glowing. It not only moisturizes and rejuvenates skin, but it also tightens pores, dries pimples, whitens and provides sterilization and antibacterial effects. When you use it before applying makeup, it even helps make your makeup stay longer too!


Lannel BoutiqueLip Tar

You know me, I’m obsessed with long-wearing lippies. I hate having to retouch all the time. Good thing I can get these OCC Lip Tars from Lannel Boutique as well! They sell MAC, Lime Crime and Ben Nye, YSL, Nars and Naturactor products too!


Lannel BoutiqueBen Nye Cameo Luxury Powder

Truthfully, I haven’t tried this. But everytime I have shoots and events, I always see this brand in makeup artists’ kits. ALWAYS. It’s a setting powder you can use before and after makeup. I’ve only heard amazing things about it!


Collection Lock N Hold Lip Gloss and Colour Pout Lip Stain

More long wearing lippies! I like using Collection’s Colour Pout Lip Stain in pink and then applying this lip gloss on top of it. Out of all my lip stains, Collection’s is the easiest to apply. It’s literally like a marker!

Alexander Wang heels

They finally arrived! I ordered this online through my friend who lives in the States. Originally, I was supposed to wait for her to arrive this December but through USA2Everywhere (which I blogged about here) I was able to have my friend ship them! Woot!

51 Responses to “New Arrivals”
  1. Anne

    Camille! I remember your blog post about your new office months ago (i think)…. Thought you’re going to blog about it. Still waiting & looking forward to it. So excited to see your Heima furnitures. Hope you’ll blog about it when you have time.

  2. gabrielle

    HI camille but can you really help like you know somebrands like TOPSHOP, cotton-on, thirstytough and!!! CO-EXIST! pls help i would really be honnred to get your opinion i would be loving to have a fashion blog name from you r option pls. help he :((( :)))

    • Camille Co

      Haha! Gosh! Just think abut what your blog is going to be about and throw in your personality :)

  3. Christine Koay

    I love love that canvas photo print! You look stunning, Ms Camille! Such a great idea for home deco in my own home.. and that Alexander Wang red heels is LOVE! Can’t wait to see you wear them! <3
    And i wanted to show you one of the dress I bought last month.. LOL.. its the exact same piece i saw in Romwe.. this is the link..
    and if I convert to my currency, the one i bought are cheaper compared to the website.. this is one of the reason why i'm still not willing to shop online.. LOL.. any styling tips besides wearing it with heels?

  4. Yanshi

    That canvas photo of you is amazing! Beautiful piece of art naks! :))) The lippies and the shoes! Oh my!! I sooo envy you haahahahha :D

  5. maebs

    I want to try those OCC lip tar :) those alexander wang heels are to die for. Beautiful heels! My eyes are drooling because of your heels :-)

  6. lovella cabusca

    i super like your shoes… you really have a good taste in everything. i can’t pass a day w/o looking to your blog…. hope to meet you meet one of these days…

  7. Philip

    Can’t wait to see you wear those beautiful Alexander Wang heels ! I think they will suit you in a most lovely way, Camille !

  8. gabrielle

    hi camille well right now i’m actually starting to make a blog and what i’m planing is i’m also gonnan make a online shop for my created designe clothes can you give any option for the brand nam e:)

    • Camille Co

      Oh gosh, it has to come from you :) Something that would stand out and means something to you :)

  9. Naaj Rona

    Those Alexander Wang shoes are so beautiful. The ankle straps are so this season. I like your review of Ice mask. Having problems with breaksouts for some reason and this time its pretty bad. M?ay be i should try this masks ans see if it helps

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  10. Trish

    Hi Camille! I’d like to read more about the beauty products and make up you use. Hehe.
    Btw, what’s the shade of the 2nd and 4th OCC Liptar in the picture? :)

    More power to your blog! :>

  11. Tasha D.

    Oh those Wangs! Such a classic! I can’t wait to see those beauties on you! I’m also super in love with the Alexander Wang Fabiana heels! Goes with anything! diba? Such a beauty! There’s really beauty in simplicity! I love everything he makes! Sana he’ll do couture na din!

    • Camille Co

      So true! He can make the simplest things look so sexy right? Even with those chunky heels!

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