Rocking My Tee

Forever 21 is throwing another contest for all of you fashionistas! And this time, it’s bigger and better! Get the chance to be one of the 21 winners to get Forever 21 gift certificates, a shoot with me to be published on Meg Magazine and if you’re the most creative, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch!

Threebies My Way Contest Page

All you have to do is register and log in to and submit a photo of entry of yourself doing the “Threebies, My Way.” So what’s this exactly? Basically, we want you to show us just how creative and stylish you are by choosing one key piece from Forever 21, and styling it in THREE different ways like how I did it the poster above. Aside from your chosen Forever 21 key piece, your photo entry must contain at least two more Forever 21 items for a total of three Forever 21 items in one photo entry. Tag and label the Forever 21 items you wore and add a caption that best describes why you love your favorite Forever 21 fashion piece and the three looks that you created. You can submit as many entries as you want as long as each photo entry contains full body shots of your 3 outfits. For the full mechanics and photo requirements, read them here. (This is of utmost importance. You don’t want to get disqualified just because you weren’t able to follow the rules!)

All photo entries will be reviewed and judged by Forever 21’s marketing team and myself. We’ll be basing your points on creativity (35%), originality (35%), caption (20%) and votes (10%). Everyone is qualified to vote. Just register on the website, log into your profile then click the “style hits” button of the entry you like. You can vote for as many entries you like. Cut-off period for voting is on October 6, 2013, which is also the deadline for submission of photo entries.


To inspire you to join this awesome contest (not that you need it), here’s my first set of “Threebies, My Way” outfits. (3 more sets coming in the next few weeks.)


I chose this rocker muscle tee as my key piece. I thought I’d style it in a rock boho way and mix it with flowers and lace instead of the usual leather and cut-offs.


This first look is my favorite because it’s the most unexpected of the 3. Who would’ve thought a dainty lace dress like this can look so edgy? I can definitely see this on free-spirited girls–the true bohos and indies.


[button link=”” size=”small” bg_color=”#e5b3b9″ window=”yes”]Hype this look at here[/button]


For my second look, I paired my rocker tee with floral jeans and gladiator heels. This look is for girls who are feminine yet know how to rock out.


This is actually the reason why I chose this tee to be my key piece. Don’t you just love the shredded design on it?


Make sure to accessorize your look! This is one powerful styling tool you’ll want to utilize so that you can differentiate your looks even more.


For my third and last look, I wanted to show how the sweet girl next door would style a rocker tee. It’s still in keeping with the floral theme but this time, it’s more polished than the 2 previous looks I showed. I hope you can see how the right fabric, cut, print and accessories can change your look dramatically. That’s what I want to see in your photo entries. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

Good luck, everyone!


***All clothes, accessories, bags and shoes are from Forever 21***

74 Responses to “Rocking My Tee”
  1. Camille

    Hi Camille! I just wanna ask, is there a problem with the f21 website? I submitted my photo entry last Sunday at around 1 am but until now, it isn’t published yet :( I feel so sad…. :(

  2. Kat

    Hi Camille! This is Kat :) We met at your Meet and Greet in Tomato Glorietta, I’m the wannabe Production Designer :) Is this contest going to happen again? I really really really love to join but it’s finals week and I can’t find time :((

  3. farheen

    I wanna be a fashion blogger just like you Camille Co.. I’m a big fan of yours.. I always have your pictures as my phone wallpapers :)

  4. Abby Gonzales

    Hi Ms. Camille! It’s been ages since I read your blog. Super busy ang graduating! Anyway, I love all your looks! When I first joined in lookbook, ikaw agad yung naging favorite ko and up to now I still look up to you as my fashion icon! Hope to see you again in the next BU2 or sa shoot ng Meg, hope I’ll win, the biggest prize is to be featured on a mag next to you! God speed!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Abby! Good thing you still find the time to visit my blog :) Good luck!

    • Camille Co

      As long as it’s clear but of course, if you use DLSR to take your photos, it would be much more appealing visually :)

  5. Christine Koay

    Love all 3 looks, Ms Camille! But my favourite goes to your third look.. maybe that’s because i love the floral shorts.. and the first look are quite unique.. love the lace maxi skirt… and i love the floral jeans as well.. =)

  6. Gladys

    Whole day lang akong nakatingin sa page nato. I imagined myself wearing your first outfit. At hindi kinaya ng powers ko ang na imagine ko. Kakasuka! Ampangeet ko sa imaignation ko. HAHAHAHA.

    How do you manage to look effortlessly beautiful in everything you wear? You could pull off everything. Kasalanan yun. :D

    Nagpunta ako sa branch ng F21 sa SM Cebu last weekend. Yung feeling na naalangan kang pumasok sa sosyal na store, aba’y damang-dama ko atiiiI! Sayang hindi ko nakita ang tee na yan. Willing akong mag-diet ng bongga! :D

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha don’t be too harsh on yourself naman! :) Yan ang kasalanan! :) Just go for it!

  7. Yanshi

    Great combinationsss!!! Wow! The first one is my fave too :)) I love how you paired two very different piece of clothing! So edgy, cool but still very girly coz of the lace dress. Superb!!! Love the other two as well :))

  8. Ajoy

    i love that shirt!!!! last time i browse on the clozette i saw a shirt somewhat like that… but i’m worrying to order online… can you give some tips how can i buy online?

  9. Kelly Kee Lee

    hi ms camille!

    u have a really nice ua! baby soft and smooth :) where did u have yours lasered? :) do you recommend it? :) will it give my ua the white soft and baby smooth effect too? thanks and more power!

  10. Mai Pascua

    Hi Ate Camille (hehe, maka-ate. Sorry po kung feeling close. hahaha), just wondering po kung yung skirt eh available in any branch. I fell in love with it. I super want–scratch that–need it badly po. I love the way you show your style po: different yet still the Camille Co. You’re the best among the rest! Hihihihi <3

  11. angelica

    ate camille .. yiieeee why so pretty? i love your outfit ,
    sana maging successful fashion blogger din ako
    pero nagsisimula palang ako .

  12. Ritz

    Does it have to be one piece of clothing (key piece) plus two other fashion pieces such as shoes, accessories, bags? Or we can also use three pieces of clothing from forever21 in a photo?

    • Camille Co

      Basta you have to have one fey piece from F21 in all three outfits then at least 2 more F21 items. So it can be key piece + F21 shoes in outift 1, then key piece + F21 pants in outfit 2 then key piece + other brands in outfit 3. Or you can opt to wear all F21. Doesn’t matter as long as there are at least 3 F21 items in total.

  13. maebs

    I always love feminine yet rocker chick outfit. Love that tee so beautiful and versatile ang tee. :)

  14. Carina

    hi ate cams! it has been WEEKS since i haven’t visited your site bc of school projects & quizzes. but then i promised to my self yesterday while finishing my project, to really visit your site even if i have to go back to your resent posts. hehe i just feel empty when i dont visit your blog, that’s how much i adore your ate cams! <3 hihi nice outfits i love how you kept the balance in your outfits :D visit davao soon, please! :* love xx

    • Camille Co

      Thank you for making time for me, Carina! :) I hope I can visit Davao again soon. Good luck with all your exams! :)

  15. Camiller

    Hi! I love the looks! If I may ask, do I need to post one entry with the three looks? Or three separate entries with one look each? Thanks a lot! :)

    • Camille Co

      No need for a model body! Anyone can join! Show how you style yourself, no matter what body size! :) You just have to be fashionable :)

  16. Tasha D.

    Your shirt reminds me of those Balenciaga ones! The one that says “Join a Weird Trip” and has a Sphinx printed on it! haha!
    Love your mala-Chanel backpack! Sana makita ko pa sya pagpunta kong Forever! haha!

  17. Manon

    Are you secretly working for Kenzo, Camille? I notice there are a lot of tiger themed T-Shirts and jumpers on your blog lately ehehe :p

    • Camille Co

      LOL! I wish I was hahaha! Then I’d have lots of free Kenzo clothes haha! :)

  18. ELLE

    Hello there Miss sexy back! o__0
    I love your rocker tee with floral jeans and gladiator heels.. soft rock..

    • Camille Co

      Philippines only since you’d have to fly in for the shoot and the GCs are for F21 Philippines only :)

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