Street Floral

It’s time for another “Threebies, My Way” outfit post! Just to refresh your memory, “Threebies, My Way” is Forever 21’s latest promo which I am part of. All you have to do is submit a photo entry of yourself wearing a Forever 21 item in 3 ways. For the full mechanics, read my blog entry here or visit! Deadline for entries is on October 6. From there, I, together with the F21 team, will be choosing 21 winners who will join me in a feature on Meg Magazine. They will also get F21 GCs. Plus, the most creative gets Samsung gadgets too! If you haven’t submitted a photo entry yet, I hope you get inspired to submit one after seeing this post.


Since the theme for my “Threebies, My Way” outfit today is street floral, I chose this beautiful floral chiffon blouse as my key piece.


Here’s my first take on floral street wear–a print on print outfit mixed with masculine elements. It’s my favorite among the 3 outfits here because it’s so unexpected. Who would’ve thought a feminine and dainty top like this can match androgynous and edgy styles so well?


The jacket and beanie I’m wearing here are actually from Forever 21 Men. I like shopping at the men’s section!


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Forever 21 jacket


Forever 21 necklace


Forever 21 bag 


Forever 21 accessories


Forever 21 skirt


Forever 21 boots


Forever 21 beanie


For my second look, how about some leather? It’s edgy but girly and sweet as well.


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Forever 21 skirt


Forever 21 hat


Forever 21 accessories


Forever 21 heels


You know when it comes to florals, I just can’t resist doing an all out floral print-on-print look. But to keep it street still, I incorporated denim and leather into my outfit.


Forever 21 jacket and accessories


Forever 21 shorts


There you have it! Another “Threebies, My Way” outfit post for you. I’m excited to see your own version on! Remember, you can submit as many photo entries as you want! Good luck, fashionistas!


81 Responses to “Street Floral”
  1. Yen

    Hi Camille!

    Your first outfit is so out of the box, never in a million years i will think of putting floral, demin and stripes together.
    Your second outfit is so chic, a perfect combi of sweet and punk look.
    Your third outfit is so “CAMILLE CO”. putting prints on prints is your trademark.
    Love your blog and keep it up girl!

  2. Yanshi

    I fell in love with the 1st look!!! The hoodie got me hihihi <3 Diggin' the girly but edgy look, love it!!! And you're the queen of print-on-print i must say! Awesome outfits once again! :))) <3

  3. beLLurz

    hi camille….does it really necessary to add three items for each post??? or just a piece of forever 21 will do??? like the accessories and shoes are not really from f21… teehee! :D

    • Camille Co

      Your shoes and accessories don’t have to be from F21 but you have to wear at least 2 more items from F21, anything from F21 :)

  4. Christine Koay

    I love all of your look, Ms Camille! But my favourite in sequence would be 2,3,1.. I don’t think the denim jacket would look good on me.. I think i will sink in it.. i’m too short~ haha..

  5. Angge

    How did you manage your underarm ? I mean what products do you use in it to maintain it’s whiteness and smoothness?

  6. Sarah

    ..You really know best how to pull-off an outfit..It’s crazy..super-duper L♥ve you..YOU R♥CK..

  7. O.J

    Hello Camille,
    I love the way you combine your looks. I sent you an email. Please kindly let me know what you think.

  8. Abbyguel

    OMG Kinakabahan ako sa entries baka hindi ako manalo hahahah. I LOVE THE 3 OUTFITS! <3

  9. maebs

    Those outfit are really beautiful :-) sana po sa sunod na threebies my way outfit mo po pang school type naman :)

  10. karen

    at BGC again. I hope I get the chance to spot you there during your shoot. or it would be lovlier if you’d be inviting me on one of your shoot. :) hihihi. I so admire you Camille. :) and my sister too! :D

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha! Kawawang wallet but at least you and your closet are happy! LOL!

  11. char

    This is an awesome post.You’re beautiful as always!

    I really love the first and second look. And that beanie suddenly got me excited since it’s fall on my side of the world. Definitely the perfect weather for it :)


    • Camille Co

      Thanks Evelio! Sometimes my driver or my assistant or my friends :)

  12. Tasha D.

    Your bag is reminiscent of the Chanel Boy Bag! Do you own one na ba? It’s so nice! Go get one to add to your Chanel collection! I especially love the chains that Chanel uses for that line of bag!

    • Camille Co

      I love that style too! :) I’ve been looking for a color I like so hopefully, I find one soon! :)

  13. Shaina

    lovely! aren’t you bothered when other bloggers imitate intentionally or not your title post? for example, laureen also had her FUN FORMAL post the same as yours.

    • Camille Co

      It’s not naman imitating. It just so happens that we think about the same things unintentionally :)

  14. Redji Rejano

    Always love, love,love your look. The best in the fashion blog in the Philippines.

  15. Lourine

    I am really amazed when people can pull-off a girly yet edgy look. I’ve only seen few and you’re one of them :)

  16. Sephie Rojas

    Sometimes I get so envious of how awesome the men’s section is in stores. They have really cool stuff there that I wish I could buy (sometimes even more so than in the ladies’ department). I love the first look out of all :> It’s just so inexpected!

    • Camille Co

      You CAN buy!! I bought these haha! :) Doesn’t stop me from wearing menswear :) Thank you Sephie!

        • Camille Co

          Me? It is though! She said she wish she could buy stuff from the Mens section so I said she can! :)

  17. Mai Pascua

    Hi Ate Camille! The way you look at the lens is enchanting. You’re really beautiful. Hihihi. I really wanna join the contest but, unfortunately, I don’t own any F21 items because there’s no F21 shops here or near our place. It seems to be limited in the capital. Anyway po, I love the jacket po. And the black ‘school-type’ heels. :)

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