Closer Than Ever At Malaysia

A few weeks back, I escaped to Malaysia with my blogger besties care of Access Travel & Tours. Angely of Access Travel arranged our flights and accommodations so it was such a stress-free vacation for all of us! Thank you Angely!


Now before I go on about my adventures with my blogger besties in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, let me show you my first outfit post for this trip. As usual, I dressed comfortably but still fashionably. It’s not quite the outfit you’d expect to wear to Malaysia’s Genting Highlands but it was good enough. At least, I was in shorts so I was able to enjoy the rides at their amusement park well.


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Zara shorts


Colt Nava top


Forever 21 necklace


Chanel bag


Luxury Mall gladiator sandals


My blogger besties and I are huge suckers for amusement parks. Aside from hanging out at the beach, shopping and dining together, going to amusement parks is one of our favorite things to do abroad. What can I say? We’re kids at heart and this is one of the many ways we get closer to each other!


Can you feel the love? This is the most easy-going, fun-loving and carefree group of girls ever! If you’ve got a group of girlfriends like this, I urge you to travel together. These experiences will bring you closer than ever!


Like our shared experience of almost freezing to death in Genting Highlands. LOL! Look at that fog! We had no idea Genting was so cold!


And our shared experience of riding this awesome roller coaster together! I felt like I was superman! I never knew you can ride a roller coaster this way!


Of course, in order to enjoy each other’s company even better, nothing should ever hold you back. And that includes your breath! Us four, we’re all Closeup girls, so needless to say, we’re not afraid to get as close as we want to each other! We’re such clingy friends! LOL!


And when we’re together, it’s a riot! Need proof? Here’s another travel video from us! This time we chose one of our all-time favorite girl anthems, Spice Girls’ Wannabe, to sing and dance too! No judging!

More about my trip in my next posts!

70 Responses to “Closer Than Ever At Malaysia”
  1. Gladys

    Whoaaaa! Ilang beses kong inulit ang video. You guys are sooooo kulit. When I look at you in photos, iba impression ko sa’yo. And when I see you move and speak, iba again. But of course, not negative. It’s nice to know na hindi talaga kayo stiff na magka-kaibigan. Aba, pinagtitinginan kayo hah, and you don’t seem to mind. Galeeeng lang.
    Can I download this vid? And other vids mo po? Pampa good vibes lang sa mga nakakairitang araw.

    Iyan yung bag na sinadya mo pa talaga ng hongkong noh? So cute, it matches your sandals’ color.

    • Camille Co

      Yes this is the bag. :) Thanks Gladys! Makukulit talaga kami. :) Syempre sa photos, prim and proper! :)

  2. Diva In Me

    Looks like you girls had so much fun! LOL! I really enjoyed watching the video of you spiced-up girls =D
    I guess I missed you in Malaysia but I hope you enjoyed your stay here =)

  3. Yanshi

    Watched that video many times already! Di ako magsasawa to watch it hihihi :)) Traveling with my girlfriends is one of the many things I want to do hihi :) It’s always fun and exciting when you’re with your girlfriends, right? :))
    For your outfit, well, nothing much to say, you look great as always! Love the skorts, the top and of course the gladiator sandals!! :))))

  4. maebs

    The video was great :) do you love extreme adventures? Just like sky diving? Just curious lang po. :)

    • Camille Co

      Oh dear! I’m a scaredy cat! I can only ride roller coasters! That’s the most extreme I can go :)

  5. jhay-cee

    I love the video. you guys are so gorgeous. maybe nexy time with particia and tricia na para mas masaya . :)
    btw. love the outfit . :)))

  6. Danna Cuba

    Your gladiator sandals are a stunner! I love them! Did they hurt?

  7. Jade

    I love your life! Very lucky to have a lavish & luxury life! Youcan travel in different places, eat on a fancy restaurants, wear branded clothes, etc. Now I think I need to study harder to be like you! Hope I can meet you soon. :)

  8. Philip

    Wow Camille, you look soooo great ! These gladiator sandals are awesome ! Nice choice of color for your toe nails , it matches so good with that beautiful top you wear !
    And I love your necklace !

    Once again, you’re a princess ! :-)


  9. phoebe

    hahaha.. You are all so cute! I had fun watching the video. Though I’ve already seen it on Kryz’s Blog, I still laughed as much as I watched it the first time..hahaha.. CRAZY! Hope I could meet you someday with the rest of your besties. *fingers crossed*

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Ollyvia! :) I like how you described my blog as genuine :) So flattered!

  10. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    I love your gladiator but is it comfortable esp for long walks? is it too flat? Totally agree with you that traveling makes a family and friends even closer. Proven and tested! that’s why I like to travel as much as possible with my love ones. Is it true that Genting Highlands will be closed? until when? I got excited about the roller coaster! I super want to ride it! How far is Genting from KL? Can’t wait for your next post ^^

    PS: Your too adorable with your tbt baby pic with your sister! When I saw it last night, I want to pinch your chubby cheeks! hahaha! kawawang-kawa ang peg mo doon :))

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Kay! Yes, it’s closed indefinitely. I think they’re renovating :) Haha! And yes, I was a cute chubby kid. LOL!

  11. Kristine Lopez

    Ang dami kong tawa dun sa video, mga 13. XD Ang galing. :D I’m a fan and I always read your blogs (you 4), hindi ko inakala na may super kulit side kayong 4. XD Sana may susunod pang mga video. :)))

  12. Naaj Rona

    You guys had loads of fun especially the video, you guys killed spice girls :P
    Those moves, especially infront of the crowd, I would have been embarrassed, but hey, girls just wanna have fun.

    I love amusement parks but the rides just scare the hell out of me, I’m patrified of hose rollercoaster rides.

    You girls rock.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Naaj! I love rollercoasters! :) When you have such a game group of friends, you won’t feel embarrassed! :)

      • Naaj Rona

        That is true I guess when u are you are in a group where everybody’s enjoying and having fun, you don’t really care if people are watching or what they are thinking.

  13. Christine Koay

    Glad you had fun during your trip to KL! Such a random video, Ms Camille! You guys are so cute! I didn’t know you guys were going to Genting.. i thought you guys will just be in KL shopping.. LOL.. or else, I would have tell you should layer more in Genting.. cuz it’s freaking coldddd~ I actually drank Starbucks cold beverage when i was there and i was shivering.. hahaha.. I love your outfits here! Love your Zara shorts and gladiator sandals! Any tips for short girl who want to try gladiator sandals? LOL.. i’m always asking question.. And I can really feel the love! I’m so envy of your friendship! =)

  14. Rehana

    such a great adventure together! you girls are my favorite <3
    i'm curious who's take the video at 0:45
    haha..always love ur style, Camille!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Rehana! :) Whenever all four of us are in the video, we just set the phone on top of something haha! :)

  15. Tasha D.

    Oh God. Lavet! Can’t wait for you to wear those shoes again and match them with another outfit! So nice!

  16. Colt Nava

    I love everything! From your top (of course ;P) to your gladiator sandals! So comfy yet so fashionable at the same time :) I first thought the top would be super huge on you because the sleeves are kinda oversized pero syempre it looks absolutely flawless! Lovely! <3

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