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Less than 3 days left for you to join Forever 21’s “Threebies, My Way” contest! I’ve already explained what this contest is all about in my previous blog posts (read all about it here). If you haven’t joined, what are you waiting for? Submit a photo entry or even multiple entries to get the chance to be one of the 21 winners to be awarded F21 GCs, a shoot with me to be published on Meg Magazine and if you’re the most creative, you can even win Samsung gadgets too! I’ve already showed you 3 of my own “Threebies, My Way” outfits (here, here and here) to help you out and give you some ideas for your entries, but just to give you one last push, here’s another set of “Threebies, My Way” outfits from yours truly.


As stated in the rules, you have to choose one Forever 21 key piece to style in 3 different ways. For this set, I chose this sexy halter cut crop top as my key piece.


This first outfit is for the more mature and sophisticated ladies. Instead of pairing my top with trendy and funky pieces, I chose to match it with the classics–midi pencil skirt, sexy stiletto heels and a simple black shoulder bag.


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Forever 21 necklace


Forever 21 bag and accessories


Forever 21 heels


Forever 21 skirt


If you’re into younger-looking styles, then this next one is for you–an all-blue ensemble that you can easily wear on a casual day out with your friends.



See how a skater skirt, denim vest, a pair of polarized sunnies and edgy heels were able to transform my look from classic to trendy?


Forever 21 vest and skirt


Forever 21 necklace


Forever 21 accessories


Forever 21 sunnies and bag


Forever 21 heels




And last but not the least, here’s something for those whose style falls between the 2 previous looks I showed.


Isn’t this skirt just lovely? Its layers and slits are so dramatic!


Forever 21 necklace


Forever 21 accessories


Forever 21 bag


Forever 21 skirt


Forever 21 heels


Remember, you have until October 6 to submit your photo entries at! I’ve been monitoring the entries and I must say, there are already quite a lot that have caught my eye. I can tell I’ll be having a hard time picking the lucky winners! Just a friendly reminder, please make sure to read the full mechanics before you submit your entry. You don’t want to get disqualified just because you forgot a step or 2!

Good luck, everyone!



70 Responses to “Fun And Flirty”
  1. Yuleen

    Hi Camille! =) How do you deal with visible panty lines? Your first outfit surely hides it. =)

  2. Gladys

    Waaah! I love the skirt on the last outfit. Sooo love. But first love ko sa threebies entries mo yung ‘rocking my tee’. I love it sooo much. I tried tying my tee once dahil sa post na yun and I really dunno how to tie. Kainis. (facepalm)

    I also love your heels. Extend muna ng ilang taon ang envy sa heels. Papayaman muna ako. Anghirap makipag-habulan ng jeep kapag naka-heels. Kakatakot sumemplang. :D

  3. Kim

    Hi Camille! What brand and shade of lipstick did you use here? I’m loving how it compliments natural fair skin like yours! I’ve been looking for this exact shade for weeks now. Thank you! :)

  4. Yanshi

    OH MYY!! I can’t choose! I love all of the looks, like equally hahaha! How about you? I think you didn’t mention which one is your favorite hehe :) You couldn’t choose too? haha! I’ll choose my favorite F21 piece na lang haha! There are 2 actually, the flowy skirt and the nude heels! I fell in love with those two!! <3 You did an amazing job once again! This is probably my fave "Threebies, My Way" that you've done :))

    • Camille Co

      I couldn’t choose! :) Thank you Yanshi! My fave is still the plaid set :)

  5. maebs

    Best dressed as always and most influential blogger at all times :) love all the outfits! :)

  6. Vina Guerrero

    OMG cams, i really love your style!!! and your body too! i can’t wear bandage skirts/ pencil skirts without a jacket or fitted top because of my skinny body. huhu i wish i have the same waist, hips, and butt as yours!! :)

    • Camille Co

      LOL! My butt can get problematic too you know haha! Thanks Vina! :)

  7. Ronna

    Hi Ms Camille. I love all the looks, especially the last one.
    If you don’t mind, i’d like to ask what shade of lipstick yoh used here. Thank you!

  8. Izza

    i always wonder who made your site. did you hire a web programmer to do this for you ms camille? thanks. :)

      • Izza

        oh! i see. it is simple yet sophisticated. just like you and your outfits. And i just wanna say that i know how to build websites like this. maybe you can hire me? so that i can work for you and see you everyday? :D

        • Camille Co

          Thanks Izza! :) I don’t have any websites to build as of now but thank you for the offer :)

      • nestlei chantel

        can i ask your friend karla, to make a blog site for me as well?

  9. Zai Mae

    You have a great body not to mention your hips and your butt haha that is why whatever you wear compliments you!
    May insecurities ka pa ba? Hahah :)))
    Great job, as always! :)

  10. Kristina

    It’s unbelievable that you’re wearing head to toe XXI. You make forever 21 look stunning and expensive even though it’s not. I love your key piece. Definitely going to have to buy it the next time I spot in store. (:

  11. Kristine Lopez

    Spell pretty? Okay. That’s C-A-M-I-L-L-E-C-O! Right? Right? :) I super duper mega love you Ms. Camille! Hihi. ^__^

  12. phoebe

    Hi camille whats ur shade and brand of hair color?? It really looks pretty in your photos

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Phoebe! I’m not sure but if it helps, I go to Park Jun Salon :)

  13. Denise

    3 outfits at one post and everything looks so good on you! Thumbs up, ‘Ate’ Camille!! :)

  14. Philip

    What an amazing skirt that is ! And what a fantastic combination with the Forever 21 heels ! The beautiful jewelry adds lots of class as well….You look so gorgeous, Camille ! :-)
    But I felt a bit worried about your pinky toe in the Forever 21 heels: it seemed a little bit stressed? Hope your pinky toe did not hurt ?


  15. Angelic Robles

    Bring on the cameras, Miss Camille! This is one AWESOME post. I’m very much loving the third ensemble because of the elements you chose: body-hugging plus free and flowing. It was such an eye-catcher! The skirt has a sweet hue of mint green, it looks like gelato!

    The first outfit is very stylista. I can totally see you with your clients, talking about different fashion designs and dress cuts. You work it like a BOSS! I love how the blue contrasts your skirt’s deep matte.

    As for the second outfit, my congratulations for pulling off a very Parisian damsel look! I got a kick out of the vest detail since it’s in a neutral hue. Who would’ve thought it could be so edgy? I can see that outfit shot on a printed canvas hung in a fashion gallery. The pastel-colored sunnies are a great add-on. The photo of you with your sunglasses reflecting white light was brilliantly done!

  16. Kes Sacmar

    i really love your style and the way you dressed up is like “wow” :D
    ate camille can you give some piece of advice and motivation,bcoz i’m just starting as a fashion blogger. Thanks :)

  17. Tiarra

    Hi Camille! I love love love your post!!!! It’s very versitile and fun!!!! You are very creative and stylish! Keep up the good work! :D

  18. Khayrin

    I just can’t help not to say that your sexiness were all showed for the three outfit. Bravo! And that dramatic skirt–what a perfect color! Tis are loves.

  19. Christine Koay

    I love love love this look the most, Ms Camille! You never fails to surprised me everytime!! <3 <3 Hands down.. I love all the 3 looks! But look 3 would be more me if I had to choose.. <3 <3 <3 =)

  20. erika

    i hate it how most of your images take forever to load :( ndi nman ganun dati

    • Camille Co

      Really? They load fine here though :( I didn’t change anything. :(

      • Erika Enriquez

        other blogs like kryz’s and laureen’s load fine :O just yours doesnt :(

        • Camille Co

          Weird. You’re the first person to raise this issue though. Please try clearing your cache :)

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