Boy Girl

Have you joined Forever 21’s Threebies, My Way contest? If you still have no idea what this is all about, then you must’ve missed my blog post about it here. Awesome prizes await the 21 winners of this contest! Join and get a chance to win Forever 21 gift certificates, a shoot with me to be published on Meg Magazine and if you’re the most creative, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch! I’ve already showed you my first set of “Threebies, My Way” looks. Here’s another one to inspire you with your photo entry/entries!


The theme for this set is called “pops of tomboy”. To execute this trend, I chose Forever 21’s plaid shirt as my key piece for all three looks.


This first look is my favorite. It’s just so easy-going and comfortable. Perfect for the gloomy weather!


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Forever 21 plaid shirt


Forever 21 dress


Forever 21 bonnet


Forever 21 necklaces


Forever 21 rings and bracelets


Forever 21 boots


For my second outfit, I wore even more boyish clothes to show a tougher look. I feel so punk rock in my leather jacket, houndstooth jeans and muscle tee.


Instead of wearing my plaid shirt as a jacket, this time, I just tied it around my waist to add a pop of color to my outfit. It matches my muscle tee’s no drugs sign well, don’t you think?


Notice that aside from my plaid shirt, I reused a lot of my accessories as well from my previous look. You see, you don’t have to switch everything up all the time to create an entirely different look. It’s all about the overall appeal.



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Forever 21 leather jacket


Forever 21 muscle tee


Forever 21 accessories


Forever 21 pants


Forever 21 boots



For my third and final look of this set, here’s something a bit more polished and feminine. See! Plaid shirts aren’t just for grunge or rock and roll! It can be for the more serious dressers too.


Serious, but still a little bit of fun as well.


Forever 21 necklace


Forever 21 bag


Forever 21 skirt


Forever 21 rings and bracelets


Forever 21 heels


I hope you were able to get a few ideas from my second Threebies, My Way look. You can still join and submit your own Threebies, My Way photo entry at www.forever until October 6, 2013. Submit as many photo entries as you want as long as you abide by the rules. (I can not stress enough how important it is to read the contest rules. You don’t want to get disqualified so please spare a little of your time to read them here.) I’ve been seeing a lot of stylish entries already. Keep them coming! Get creative!

81 Responses to “Boy Girl”
  1. athena

    i have the same plaid long sleeves! Now i got an idea what to wear later for the praising event! haha!

  2. Christine Koay

    I must say I love this set better than the first one.. but still you are awesome, Ms Camille! If I put it in sequence, my favourite look would be 2nd, 3rd and 1st look.. I just love the houndstooth pants.. just so amazing! and i love the checkered skirt.. reminds me of chess.. LOL.. might go to my local F21 and see if it’s available.. =)

  3. kitkat

    Love the second look~ I hope you can do a set on fall fashion without looking weird (since we do live in a tropical country) or looks that are also good on plus size girls~ :))

  4. Julie May Empig

    As always, lovely looks <3 i super like the skirt :) my fave look among the three was the last one :)))

  5. Angelic Robles

    Hello, Miss Camille! I’m back from an imposed World Wide Web hiatus. I missed reading your blog so much! Imagine the pops of color I saw on your latest outfit posts. I was thinking, ‘Yep. I missed a LOT!’ Yet, here I am!

    I enjoyed seeing all the looks for your Threebies choices. You even incorporated the current weather into your styles.
    I have to say you turned gloomy into DREAMY! The grays only add up ante to your color palette of choice.

    The statement tee of NO DRUGS really stood out to me. It’s wonderful to see you rock this piece along with a message for this generation. The double whammy on your jacket and the plaid shirt combo roars out gutsy. It’s a step away from your usual picks, and I definitely give you a thumbs-up for this one!

    I also admire the checkered print-on-print effect of your third look. The red and white don’t fuse, they don’t blend, they amp a pattern all their own!

    • Camille Co

      Oh why did you go on a hiatus? Anyway, welcome back! :) Yes, the weather matched my outfits when I shot these :) And I agree, I love No Drugs shirt. It’s a statement I strongly believe in! :)

  6. Charisse

    Lovin’ all the looks, Miss Camille! <3 I love Forever21 to the bones! These outfits are totally wearable and give that "bad-ass" effect :)

  7. Abbyguel

    For me, the plaid shirt and the checkered skirt look impossible to be together. But kapag ikaw na yung nagsuot, HASHTAG BOOM!! IKAW NA! Ang galing galing :O Hahaha!

  8. Yanshi

    Waaaahhh! I can’t pick which one’s my fave! I’m diggin all the looks! I want to have that plaid shirt waaahhhh akin na lang hihihi :)) In exchange ng Korean lessons hahaha :D Amazing job!! Great combinations again :)) Idol talaga hihihi <3

  9. yenz

    A very versatile camille, as always. You never fail us everytime we look and scroll away with your blog. clap clap clap!!!!!

  10. chen

    Hi Ms. Camille! I really love your style. You inspire me a lot :) Plus I think you’re the most down to earth blogger ever as you persistently reply on the comments on your followers. God bless you more! mwah

  11. barbie

    hi miss camille! great looks, as always :) this comment is so cliche already!! you’re just so CAM-azing! (harhar, i hope you got that ^_^) anyway about this contest, when we post an entry, should the three looks be in one picture? i’m confused with that part

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Barbie! The 3 looks should be in one photo like the poster of the contest :)

  12. Carina

    one word. FLAWLESS <3 nakaka self-conscious! hahahaha!
    can i pretty pleaaaase have your legs? ugggh! haha! nasayo na ang lahat ate cams, legs nlng sa akin please. haha!

  13. Ren

    Indeed! the best ang first look. Sa sobrang taas mo na, tumaas ka pa lalo sa look mo na yan.(Intense ha!) Pwede bang ligawan ang tomboy look na yan? Haha ;)

  14. Vina Guerrero

    omg i love all the three!!! <3 Will join the contest! Hope to win this time! :) But i think compared to your looks here, the outfits that i prepared is very simple :(

  15. Tasha D.

    I am in looove with all the looks you came up with! But I gotta say, the 3rd one is the best! So Jak and Jil worthy! I love how you juxtaposed the plaid shirt with the girly/corporate vibe of your pencil skirt!

    Were these photos taken long ago? Your hair looks different here eh.

  16. Sephie Rojas

    When I saw that black and white pencil skirt in SM Makati, I had a feeling you’d be owning one already, haha! It’s a first for me to see someone style the lumberjack plaid of red and black in a more sophisticated manner other than the 90’s way of tying it around the waist. Such styling powers you have talaga! :D

  17. Hong

    I love how you created with one single main piece three utterly different looks with very different styles in them!
    My favourite one would be the second one. I’m just more for the tougher thing for looks – so it’s just my personal preference.
    Of course all of them look great. I admire you for such a great sense of combining and styling. I just love every single detail and love the silvery accessoires you used here.

    much loves,

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